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Backspace Screenshot

This game is an experiment with using content that belongs to the player to create relevant experiences within the game. Backspace is a simple typing game that uses your MSN chat logs. You feed it a chat log, it reads it and splits it up into levels. Each level you have to type out a set number of messages before time runs out. You score points based on how fast you type each message. High scores are kept for each file.

The point of this game is to use it on your chat logs with someone significant in your life. My objective with this game is to give players a renewed appreciation of how their relationship with someone developed. Hopefully, looking back on your shared history with someone helps you rediscover something about that relationship. Myself, I've already set off quite a few memories - some good, some bad, some just plain messed up - with this game. It's the end of the year, a good time to reflect on your past before looking ahead to the new year.

I hope you find this game interesting, I can't guarantee that you'll have a positive experience with this game, but if you use the right chat log, I'm sure that this game will have an effect on you.


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