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The Tul'tharian Galactic Empire

The Tul'tharian Galactic Empire is a relatively new one. Its beginnings were heralded when a derelict Scinfaxi ship crashed into the Tul'tharian homeworld of Tul'thare. The nation it landed in claimed sovereignty over the rest of the planet, and formed a fragile planetary government, the TGE.
The delicate balance known as the TGE was suddenly pulled tighter together when a formerly peaceful minority, the Preservers, switched to terrorism to try to get their message through and take their fate into their own hands. This common enemy was all that was needed to hold the TGE together long enough for it to solidify.
Barely more than a decade after leaving their planet, the TGE finally met the Scinfaxi, and became allies with the Treaty of Aldrekt. Finally able to pursue other goals, the TGE declared the design and construction of the Imperial Tul'tharian Navy, to expand their territory, and defend it from the Preservers, and others.

Last updated year 13
Capital: Tul'thare
Current Leader: Emperor Tevalsh Itoston
Homeworld: Tul'thare
Population: ~12,043,000,000
Territory Size:
Claimed Star Systems: 27
Colonized Worlds: 34
Diplomatic Relations:
Scinfaxi - Allies.
Preservers - At war.
IVL - Neutral, negotiations proceeding.

Race and Culture
-- Yet to be written --

-- Yet to be written --

All fleet data can be found here.

Note: All dates are expressed relative to the start of the First Era, starting at 0.

Pre-First Era: Years ??-0
Iss'engir Incident: Year -5
Five years prior to the First Era, a derelict alien capital ship crashed in the Tul'thurian nation of Iss'engir. Several conflicts arose over claims of ownership of the vessel, but none lasted long, due to the new firepower Iss'engir obtained through reverse engineering of the ship. In only two years, the entire world of Tul'thare was united under the flag of the Tul'tharian Galactic Empire, and in another three, the first TGE expeditionary fleet was launched.

First Era: Years 0-8
The First Era is marked as a period of rapid development and wide experimentation with ship design. It lasted from when the first fleet was launched, until the introduction of much more powerful engines in year 8. First Era ship design was characterized by very utilitarian looks, slow and clumsy movement, and a wide, flat prow to absorb incoming shots.

Major Events
Dar'denen Heist: Year 2
The Preservers are a small demographic that believes that the crashed ship was a failed invasion attempt, and that the Tul'tharians should be trying to seek out its creators to kill them, instead of seeking them out as potential allies. They had been largely ignored by the Tul'tharian ruling body, until 72 ships were suddenly stolen from the station complex in orbit of Dar'denen IV. The ships were newly contructed, and waiting in dock for crews to arrive from Tul'thare. This elevated the Preservers from a peaceful minority to a major threat, and a large task force was immediately sent out to retrieve the ships, but they were completely unsuccessful.

Battle of Tel'vren: Year 6
A small TGE taskforce passing through the Tel'vren system was suddenly ambushed by a sizeable Preserver fleet. Clearly intentioned as another ship-grab, the Preservers closed in quickly to get boarding crews in action. However, they underestimated the new TGE frigates, and were pushed back by sudden, heavy firepower. Successfully seizing the first strike, the TGE taskforce quickly forced the Preservers into retreat, and destroyed a large portion of their fleet.

Second Era: Years 8-13
The shortest era, the Second Era lasted from the development of the impulse engine until first contact with the constructors of the alien ship a mere 5 years later. Tul'tharian ship and territory size grew drastically, and the Preservers were pushed back into non-TGE territory.
Battle of Kalostin: Year 10
-- Coming Soon --

Battle of Dynerril: Year 11
-- Coming Soon --

Preservers Make First Contact: Year 13
-- Coming Soon --

Third Era: Years 13-??
Finally having encountered the Scinfaxi, the TGE made peace with them, and began to build a large navy to support their new allies, and to secure their own territory. No Third Era ships were ever stolen by the Preservers, who instead used the abundance of older ships they had stolen, and their own designs.
Treaty of Aldrekt: Year 13
Negotiations with the Scinfaxi proved very successful, with the signing of the Treaty of Al'drekt. The main terms as agreed upon in the final draft are as follows:
1 - Open trade of resources and technology between the two nations.
2 - Formation of embassies on both homeworlds, to make communication between the two empires as effective as possible.
3 - Formation of an official border between the TGE and the Scinfaxi, with the Scinfaxi ceding all territorial claims within 35ly of current TGE boundaries.
4 - Mutual promises of military support in times of need, in exchange for TGE loyalty and increased armament to fulfill its role.
5 - Scinfaxi recognition of the TGE as a sovereign nation.
6 - TGE will pay reparations for the damages caused by Preserver attacks prior to the signing of this treaty.

-- Yet to be written --

Ships of the Imperial Tul'tharian Navy.
Minifleet Project.

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