Chrono Disfunglement

Chrono Disfunglement

3d puzzle platformer with Time Rewind features. Players are given the unique ability to rewind individual objects in time, in addition to being able to rewind the whole world. IGF 2013 Student Showcase Honorable Mention

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My current project. I was responsible for developing the base engine architecture (game state management, game object handling), time rewind technology and graphics engine. The engine is a component based system with game object handles and a simple event system to make the engine as easy to use as possible. Time Rewind technology supports the ability to rewind individual objects in time and space, a feature not seen in any other game. The graphics engine is built using OpenGL 2.0 with GLSL shaders. Response to the game has been excellent so far and the game has been submitted to for IGF2013.

Battleships Forever

Deflector Formation

Real Time Strategy game that was an IGF 2008 Game Design Innovation Award Finalist. Featured in PC Gamer and other game media.

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My first major project, Battleships Forever was done over a period of two years. The custom ship maker for Battleships Forever spawned an active community that creates and shares their own custom ships. Battleships Forever is a fully-featured RTS game. One of my objectives in doing the game was to personally design and implement a large range of features that we take for granted in a modern RTS game.

Pixi (ProjectFUN)


Casual action-arcade game that was an IGF 2012 Student Showcase Winner. Also an IGFChina 2011 Excellent Student Winner.

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My freshman year game project at DigiPen Singapore. Made using DigiPen's ProjectFUN engine in C++. Pixi was designed to evoke a more primitive, child-like sense of fun. In Pixi, players guide flocks of tiny particles by drawing arrows on the screen. These arrows push the Pixi in the direction that they are pointing. In short, players manipulate a flowfield to control where these particles move. Players kill enemies (called Boxi) by ramming the Pixi into them. I lead the programming and also did the game design, art and sound work for this project.

Pixi 2


Casual action-arcade game developed for multi-platform deployment. Runs on Windows and iOS devices.

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We developed our own multi-platform 2d game engine to improve upon the previous IGF-winning version of Pixi (developed using DigiPen's ProjectFUN engine). The new engine allowed us to significantly improve the visuals of the game and port the game to run on iOS devices. I did game design, gameplay programming and graphics programming for this project. Working on the graphics engine, I learned to work with OpenGLES and how to write code that works on multiple platforms and compilers.


Abductroids Screenshot
Abductroids Screenshot Abductroids Screenshot Abductroids Screenshot

A flashy, fast and fun shooter game. Chain enemies together for great big explosions! You are Nanz. The Hunams! They need defending!

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Abductroids is an addictive shooter game that is designed to get players hooked on a simple chaining system where each enemy you destroy creates more bullets that will destroy other enemies. Players can build long chains of enemy explosions by lining them up correctly before shooting.

Abductroids debuted at #5 daily on Newgrounds.com for 31 - 08 - 2010
Abductroids was also a featured game on Newgrounds.com

Carpe Universum

Carpe Universum Screenshot
Carpe Universum Screenshot Carpe Universum Screenshot Carpe Universum Screenshot Carpe Universum Screenshot

Carpe Universum is an intense Shoot 'em Up (SHMUP) game that features a music driven spawning system.

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Features music synchronisation, metaball and 2d distortion mesh graphic effects. Designed as an intense shooter that immerses players fully into the game.


NUD Screenshot

Tower Defence game that features a full undo/checkpoint system that allows you to seamlessly go back and correct mistakes without interupting gameplay. Adjacency bonus system was designed as an elegant, simple, yet potentially deep game mechanic.

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qrp Screenshot
An experiment in communicating abstract feelings through game mechanics. qrp is a game about daydreaming about girls. Done in two days.

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backspace Screenshot
Typing game that parses your MSN chat history for material to use. Designed to explore the concept of seeing a chat conversation from the other person's point of view

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B.S.C. in Computer Science in Real Time Interatice Simulation, DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore
Expected date of completion: August 2013

Diploma in Communcations and Media Management, Temasek Polytechnic

Core Skills

C/C++ Programming: Familiar and competent with advanced features of C/C++. Good understanding of low level computing.

Game/Level Design: Well versed in a very wide variety of games in every genre. Studied most major academic texts on the subject of game design. Fluent with many models and theories on game design that I regularly put into practice when making my own games.

Prototyping: Capable of rapidly prototyping new game concepts. Independent and self-contained; requires only minimal direction to produce a prototype.

Learns Quickly: Quickly Learns.

Work Experience

Mikoishi Pte Ltd - 2008 to 2010 - R&D Engineer
Spent the first year doing prototypes for new game concepts that were pitched to potential clients. In the second year I took on the role of associate producer and lead designer for the company's PC Online title, Dark Grounds.

Other Skills

Video Editing: Proficient in the use of Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress.

Web Administration: Capable of maintaining websites and forums.

-Sean "th15" Chan
th15 [(at)] wyrdysm.com