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 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:26 pm 
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Session Log 5

<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> PREVIOUSLY ON EXALTED: "Oh hai I'm a big scary demon." "NOW YOU'RE MY BITCH, SON!" "Oh god pain pain argh I am dead" "lol i has a new gauntlet" "Fuck you, Mother of Sorrow." "ur just jelly" "Oh hai, I'm a robot." "QQ don't kill autobots D:"
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> And now we resume.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> So, the fancy robotic suit of armor continues sitting on the altar in front of you all, staring at Chroma with eyes that glow green, essence whisping from them like smoke.
* Chroma holds her hand up to forestall the others. "You are to be relocated for your immediate task. Your 'overall task' is not to be accomplished at this time. What is your designation?"
* Isaac` is helpfully trying to avoid confusing the thing by not saying anything else!
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "I have only one task." The suit of armor informed her, as if it couldn't even fathom having another, "I was given the designation 'Resolution'."
* Solenn simply stands near the door, keeping an eye on the room outside.
<Leona> Leona also holds her tongue, not wanting to add to the confusing noise going around
* Mother_of_Sorrow get at the back of the group, letting Chroma defuse the situation SHE caused.
<Chroma> "Your task is complex. At the moment you are to be relocated, but you are not to do anything I haven't authorized, for not all elements in the overall plan are in place." Chroma felt rather nervous, but every Champion is taught how to give orders.
<Leona> Leona casually reaches out and yanks Mother's ear towards her, preventing her from worming out of her mess.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution went perfectly still for a moment, its glowing green eyes locked on Chroma, and she could almost see the complicated workings of its 'brain', ticking and sending signals back and forth, before it responded, "Your statement is false. You are not authorised to give me orders. Seeking authorised personnel." It rose to its feet and started to walk towards the door.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Then who or what is 'authorised personnel'?"
* Chroma spins towards Mother, whispering 'Delay it!', before slinking slowly around the mechanoid.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "Emissaries of the Neverborn." Resolution replied, continuing to stride forward purposefully, straight towards the door and potentially right through the party.
<Leona> Leona attempted to call out in her loudest ordering voice "HALT MACHINE."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution ignored Leona and continued to step forward, slow but determined.
<Chroma> Lenses fold over Chroma's eyes, highlighting the probable structure of the machine, as she walks around it, glancing it up and down
<Leona> She raised a eyebrow "hrmm... need to work on that." she grumbled to herself quietly, unsheathing her sword in case this was going to turn nasty
<Leona> She looked to Chroma "... Tell me if you need me to strike somewhere..." she said quietly
* Mother_of_Sorrow reveal her caste mark at the machine. "I am Mother of Sorrow and Torments, a deathknight and...servant...of the Neverborn."
* Mother_of_Sorrow glance at the others subtly, to indicate she's going to try to buy them some time.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution halted, staring at Mother Of Sorrow for a moment, "You speak for the Neverborn?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Yes."
* Mother_of_Sorrow glance at the others again.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution stared intently at Mother Of Sorrow, "Is it time to carry out my objective? Or was I woken early?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Your awakening was an unfortunate mistake."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution considered that for a moment, then nodded, starting to walk back to the Altar, "Please reset the mechanism so I can be awoken at the appropriate time to complete my objective, then." It informed them.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Is it possible to change your objective?"
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution didn't respond to that question, sitting on the Altar again.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Answer me."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "Negative." It stated flatly.
* Mother_of_Sorrow turn to Chroma. "Can you reset its mechanism? I'm aware why you would prefer an alternative, but right now it is the only option we have."
* Chroma raised a hand, which segmented into hundreds of little pieces and formed into various tools for fingers. "I'd prefer to reset more than that."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Do as please, just ensure it awaken as late as possible."
<Leona> "Just don't piss it off Chroma, I'd rather keep my legs so I can go examine that 3rd tomb." she said, watching cautiously
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution's eyes faded, the glowing green dulling down to nothing as it went into its equivalent of 'sleep mode'.
<Chroma> Taking a deep breath, Spark walks over to the mechanoid, and starts trying to open up an access panel in the chest, cutting it open if needed.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution remained still and silent. There was no obvious method to opening it, and Chroma found that there were several safety mechanisms that fortunately she didn't trigger when she started to cut it open.
* Isaac` sighs with relief as the thing dropped into sleep mode, watching as Chroma starts poking at it. "...this is going to end well."
* Chroma looks at it carefully, examining ways to disarm it.
<Leona> Leona stood a bit nerviously "... so what do you intend to do with this thing if you can shut it off?" she asked
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Resolution was quite possibly one of the most powerful and advanced pieces of magitech that even Chroma had ever seen, and even fathoming some parts of its construction proved impossible, but she saw several methods which she thought might permanently put it out of comission. All of them would take several hours to complete, however.
<Chroma> Getting back to her feet, she walked to the others, her hand continually shifting the tools in her fingers in frustration. "I can break it. But it'll take me hours. I don't know what you all want to do." Her voice is rather flat and quiet, but a soft buzzing comes from her body, sounding rather irritated.
<Leona> She blinked "Um... well can you do it by yourself down here?" she asked "or are you going to need me to stand guard?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I would like to remind there is still a third tomb to explore."
* Isaac` nods. "If we try and move it, it'll probably wake up again. We should have time for you to work on it before that guy makes it back to Thorns, but I wouldn't trust him either. We could split up and check the other place out while you work, I guess?"
<Leona> "I am aware" she said flatly to Mother of sorrow
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> It took a little more looking, but Chroma quickly realised two things. Resolution had many defense mechanisms and failsafes, and any of the methods she attempted might alert it to her tinkering. And there was another method, which wouldn't permanently disable it, but would put it in a feedback loop, leaving it in standby mode indefinitely. She could probably do that in a minute.
* Solenn turns his head towards Chroma, his face still unreadable from behind his mask of stone. "Do what you must." He steps just outside the doorway, resting his hammer on his shoulder and watching the stairs.
* Chroma looks from person to person, slowly smiling. "I...appreciate it. Thank you, all of you."
<Leona> Leona shrugged "No problem, I can understand how it must feel to have your ... patron threatened... I'm assuming mine is too if that symbol on the last tomb is any indication." she said
* Chroma nods. "Good luck."
* Isaac` shrugs lightly and starts for the stairs. "Come on, we don't have forever."
<Leona> Leona nodded "Likewise, if it sets off, don't do anything stupid, just run and get the rest of us unless you can handle it..." she said, then jogged off and up the stairs, glancing to solenn before walking over to the 3rd tomb, looking it over
* Solenn looks back into the room, rocking for a moment, before walking after Leona and Isaac
<Leona> (Did he air guitar with his hammer?)
<Solenn> (Yes, yes he did)
* Mother_of_Sorrow follow along at the back of the group.
<Solenn> As Solenn finally arrives at the other tomb, he looks at the rest of the party, before again pushing on the doors of this one.
<Leona> Leona helped him start to push the door out of the way.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Chroma didn't have too much difficulty putting Resolution into that feedback loop, infact it took her less time than expected. Meanwhile, the tomb with the Black Sun waited for the others, and to Solenn and Leona's surprise, the large door slid open easily. Very, very easily.
<Solenn> "That was far too easy" Solenn grumbles, stepping through the door.
<Leona> She blinked "... that was easier then last time... that's worrying" she murmured, peering carefully into the door, looking for traps at the very begining
* Isaac` watches as the two push the door open much more easily than before. "Should I keep watch out here while you guys check it out?"
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Unlike the other tombs, this one was completely dark, the steps and walls smooth, black-grey stone with little exceptional about it.
<Leona> "... probably, with that cut on your chest that'd probably be the best idea, I think Solenn and I can handle this." she said, following Solenn down cautiously and looking around, blinking at it's uninteresting'ness "Solenn can you see in this or am I ging to have to light up?"
* Solenn is currently glowing like a torch for the others to see. "Darkness is no issue for me." he sets off down the stairs cautiously.
<Leona> "Hopefully... I guess this is some kinda neverborn irony... tomb for the unconqured sun... dark as the hour before dawn" she said, following after him, also cautiously
* Mother_of_Sorrow laugh loudly at the joke.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> As they make their way down the stairs, they see an old, dried bloodstain, and further down, a blackened skeleton, and when they reach the bottom of the stairs, they stepped into a round room with one door opposite them, and an orichalcum plate in the shape of a sun in the center. The door is open, the plate is motionless.
<Leona> She blinked "... looks like some other poor fool tried to get in before us... looks like he was burned to death or somthing." she said stepping cautiously forward
<Solenn> "That does not bode well." Solenn looks back at the others, motioning them behind him as he advances towards the open door.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Beyond the open door, there was nothing except an Altar with nothing sitting upon it and a few very old, dried up bloodstains. This part of the tomb was as old as everything else. There was a recessed portion of the Altar in which a large sword had once rested, but it was empty now.
<Leona> She blinked "... oh hell, someone already took it... goddamnit!" she yelled before taking a deep breath and sighing, looking around to see if it was completly absent or if the dead fool had carried it before dying
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> It was nowhere to be seen. A few swords and daiklaves and bodies littered the floor, but whoever had been here before them had come some time ago, and was long since gone.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "It seems we aren't the first here."
<Leona> She sighed again "... shit... that's... this is bad." she murmured, crouching down to examine the discarded daiklaves, at least they might not leave empty handed
* Solenn looks at the items littering the floor "Anything on the bodies showing who they are?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I'm looking into it as we speak."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Between Leona and Mother working together, they're able to determine from the bodies that there were likely two factions actually involved in the seizing of this sword, along with its guardian. One group was obviously Wyld Hunt, and the other was likely the forces of one of the Deathlords. Possibly The First And Forsaken Lion, based on an insignia found on one body. Sadly, there was no way to determine which group ultimately took the sword.
<Leona> She bit her lip sighing again and shaking her head "I don't know who this other group is but ... wyld hunt is bad news... not the first group I want to cross swords with... godsdamnit..." she said frustratedly
* Solenn steps over to the Red Jade weapon, before picking it up and inspecting it. Plates of rock separate around his waist as he shoves it in his belt, before closing up around it. He turns to the others "I don't think theres anything to learn here, lets get back to Chroma and see how she is progressing."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "The First and Forsaken Lion, it seems." Mother of Sorrows take a deep breath. "This mean the weapon may still be in the clutches of a Deathlord, not that the alternative is much better."
* Solenn starts to walk back out of the tomb.
<Leona> "... the wyld hunt at least isn't interested in plunging the world into destruction. I'd rather it be in their hands for now..." she said aggrivatedly "Yeah I guess we should... at least she gets to protect her patron... guess I got to make a few trips." she said, following after Solenn
<Solenn> As Solenn leaves the tomb, he walks over to Isaac "Someone has beaten us to this one it seems, either the Wyld Hunt or the First and Forsaken Lion... Definately not a good sign. I'm going to head back down where Chroma is" He looks down at himself "I'm not the most subtle person at the moment."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Removing the black core of the robot proved the most difficult part. There were many failsafes, and it appeared to be designed to either detonate or activate - she wasn't sure which - if it were forcefully removed. However, Chroma's fingers are so dexterous that she's able to remove it very carefully but without killing everything.
<Leona> Leona turned towards the village, pondering before walking over to the village, looking for someone who looked like they might know somthing or know someone who knew somthing, or were in charge
* Isaac` appears to have been lost in thought when the others return. He frowns at the news. "That's... not good. For once, I hope the Wyld Hunt got their hands on it. Maybe."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> It was really more of a town than a village, and they were still technically in it, though the tombs were far from the rest of the buildings.
* Mother_of_Sorrow silently follow behind Leona, like some creepy stalker. Maybe.
<Solenn> "Lets just hope it isnt a weapon that the Realm can abuse." Solenn mutters to Isaac, before turning towards the other tomb.
<Leona> She turned and looked back to mother of sorrow "we're going to find someone in charge or someone who looks like they know somthing interesting and we're going to ask some questions" she said before turning her gaze back to the front, heading away from the tombs and into town
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I figured as much. You and I both want this weapon out of anyone's hand. For different reasons, I'll agree, but we have a common goal."
<Leona> "I'm sure" she said flatly and perhaps a bit sarcasticly "Do you know where to go here?" she asked
* Solenn as Solenn walks away, he turns to Isaac "Are you going to stay up here?"
* Isaac` nods. "For now... I could head back to the ship and make sure we're ready to leave by the time the rest of you get back though?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow hand over her cloak to Leona. "Here."
<Leona> She blinked "... I'm not your coat rack, sling it over your arm." she responded, looking for inns, town halls probably weren't the best place to barge into
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Thats not what I meant, I just want to avoid making the same mistake twice."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> There was only one Inn. It was a pretty large one, and seemed to be doing plenty of business right now.
<Solenn> "I don't know if it is wise to head off on your own, it is hard to tell when it is safe to cross the boundary." He nods, before walking off.
<Leona> "... i don't know what the hell you mean but fine." she took the cloak, heading for the inn then
* Mother_of_Sorrow walks in, Leona following behind.
<Leona> She looked around as she stepped inside
* Isaac` siiighs. "I guess." So much for that plan. Might as well stick outside and make sure nobody interrupts the delicate work downstairs then.
<Leona> Leona put on the cloak before stepping inside
* Mother_of_Sorrow take a glance at Leona. "You'll stand out less."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Inside, the Inn was doing brisk business, though the atmosphere was subdued. The atmosphere in the Underworld was usually subdued. There wasn't really much to be happy about. Mostly, people sat around at tables, quietly talking and drinking, a general air of if not gloom, than at least crushed acceptance filled the room. Except for at the bar, where one person stood out. Flayer Of Hope was instantly recognisable, and apparently thoroughly drunk, laughing and banging his fist on the table, "Oh man, and then... and then... I cut her face off! It was hilarious!" He appeared to be half-way through a story, which the bartender was listening to in silence.
<Leona> She blinked and approached Flayer, grimmacing as she heard a bit of his story "Hi there, got a minute?" she asked flatly
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Flay looked up, grinning toothily, his features unmistakable. It was hard to forget a guy with no skin, "Sure. Always time for a... pretty lady." He said, somehow managing to sound lecherous and terrifying at the same time.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Then how about two ladies?"
<Leona> "I imagine, but here's probably not the best place to talk about the subjects I wish to, is there a more private place?" she asked
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "Well, then it's a party, ain't it?" He said it Mother of Sorrow, grinning and nodding to Leona, "I've got a room upstairs." He said, idly tossing something to the bartender and getting up, his cloak of stitched together faces swirling around him as he gestured for them to follow him upstairs.
* Mother_of_Sorrow follow along.
<Leona> She cringed a bit more as she saw his cloak of faces up close but followed as directed, her cloak held tightly around her
* Mother_of_Sorrow chuckle and give Leona a slap in the back.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> He lead them into a private room, moving to sit down at a table there, indicating for them to close the door behind them. His cheerful, happy demeanor faded into a look of irritation, "So, what are you interrupting my fun for? You know how pissed Winters is going to be about how much I'm delaying as it is?"
<Leona> "I was hoping you'd know why the tomb of the black sun was empty before we got inside it, looks like the realm and ... who was that you said the other group belonged to Mother of Sorrow?" she asked, looking to her ... companion deathknight
<Leona> Mothers attempt to slap Leona on the back probably hurt her hand, on the account of Leona's hardness and her armor
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "First and Forsaken Lion, I believe."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "... What." Flay said flatly, staring at Leona, then at Mother, "It was empty? It had been raided by... by the Realm AND by The Lion's people?" He asked in disbelief, "Oh my. Boss will definitely want to know that."
<Leona> "They killed eachother but someone made off with the blade inside... that blade is... very much of my interest... so you wouldn't know who made off with it then?" she asked
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "The tombs where likely important, so someone MUST know something about it."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "And what about the other tombs? I assume you lot raided them both?" Flay asked, then shook his head slightly at Leona's question, "No idea. I don't think anyone here knows. If they did, someone would have reported it. They must have been very sneaky about it... how long ago did it happen? Could you tell?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "We didn't look into them."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "Bullshit. I saw you open the one with the Black Dragon. That's the one you came for." Flay replied, frowning, "Hey, I'm trying to work with you guys here. Be honest with me."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "We found each tomb guarded by traps and where unable to proceed any further."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Flay stared at her, seeming a little dazed for a moment as he was hit by that charm, then he nodded his head slowly, "Alright... yeah, that makes sense." He mumbled, looking to Leona and Mother, "I'll let the boss know about the Black Sun tomb, then... and since you guys didn't touch the others, I guess I can forget about it... so, how long ago was the Black Sun tomb raided?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Each tomb is a complex network of traps, each one more deliciously devious and insane than the next. We tried another one, the one with the black sun on it. When we reached the bottom, out of sheer luck, we found that the place had been turned into a battlefield and its content missing."
<Leona> "It looked like awhile ago, the blood was very dry." she added "All the fires had long since died down, all the ashes scattered..."
<Leona> she sighed irratatedly
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Whoever came in did so long before any of us did. Now, clearly your boss didn't notice."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "Clearly..." Flay murmured, nodding, "Thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry I can't help either of you. The Mask Of Winters is going to be most displeased with The Lion."
<Leona> "No problem, thanks for being cooperative on the matter yourself, I imagine he won't be... I guess theres no point in asking anyone else if the mask doesn't know about it already."
<Leona> she sighed aggravatedly again
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Leona, what do you know of Realm's activity in this...lovely corner of creation?"
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "Mmhmm. My apologies." Flay said, rising to his feet, "I should go. No time to delay at all. The Mask will want to know about this. It's been a pleasure meeting you lovely ladies. I hope to see you again soon." He said with a toothy grin, before moving to leave, "Help yourselves out."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Charming fellow."
<Leona> "Errr likewise." she said, watching him leave, stepping outside afterward and leaning against the wall "... yeah I guess you could say somthing like that."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I say we should leave at once."
<Leona> "Yeah... sounds like a good idea." she responded, nodding and moving downstairs and outside unless interrupted
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "We have two leads on where this weapon went. Either is a good start, I suppose. Certainly better than nothing."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Alright then. After everything is done, the group got back together again and headed out of the Underworld and back to the airship. It was a long walk, but they managed it without any difficulties or encountering any problems, and the airship was still waiting for them when they arrived.
<Leona> Leona sighed and looked for her men's quarters, she figured they'd want to know she was okay and what happened
<Solenn> "Shall we head back to Innerosia straight away then?"
<Chroma> Spark merely shook her head as she got on bored, going to a secure part of the ship. She sealed the black sphere along with the scraps of magical materials she found in a vault, and wearily made her way to the bridge. "Sapphire, what's new?"
* Isaac` nods. "The sooner the better." He seems to have almost completely recovered from the earlier scuffle, too. "He may not have known about the other vaults, but he'll probably not like hearing one of the other devices is missing."
* Mother_of_Sorrow is nowhere to be seen.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> Leona's men were waiting for her, and seemed fine, if irritable that they didn't get to come. Jalen saluted her and smiled, "Glad to have you back, Veronde." He murmured fondly. Sapphire turned to Spark, whirling brilliantly, an orichalcum core with glowing blue essence in the center, "Very little, fortunately. I was concerned, being so close to a Shadowland."
<Leona> "Glad... very glad to be back and out of that place... it seems my decision was a correct one though... lets just say some business went down back there..." she said, sighing and dropping into a chair "And it looks like I have more leads to chase after."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "Leads?" Jalen asked, dismissing the other men and moving to sit next to Leona, resting a hand on top of hers.
<Leona> She blinked and blushed a little at him touching her but said nothing of it "well there were 3 tombs... apprently all 3 contained devices to kill various... powerful figures... one was for the ebon dragon... the second for ... chroma refered to him as the great maker, and the last was for... the unconquered sun."
<Leona> "We disabled the one meant for the maker, stole the one for the dragon... but someone took the sword meant for our patron before we even got here... it was either the wyld hunt, one of the many deathlord's minions... or a 3rd party..."
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> "That... sounds bad." Jalen murmured, looking concerned, "Come on... lets have a drink and relax, huh? Spending that long in the Underworld can't be good for you." He said, getting up and smiling at her.
<Anna|CardgamesOnWarstriders> And end.

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 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:40 pm 
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Session Log 5.5a (Chroma chats with Isaac and Leona)

* Chroma enters a fairly large room near the bridge, with a sizeable table covered in maps and charts. It presumably was the navigation room, but it served as a conferense room well enough. She had asked Sapphire to broadcast a message to the other exalts to please meet her in the navigation room, and the appointed time was nearing. Brilliant Chromatic Spark took a seat more or less at random.
<Leona> Leona arrived early, dressed up well though sans armor "... I was called? What's this about?" she asked
<Chroma> "Nothing urgent," Spark reassured her. "It's just...well, please wait a minute, I'd like any stragglers to arrive."
* Isaac` ambles in a few minutes after Leona, likewise minus his armour, though still wearing his bracers. "Oh good, I'm not the first for once," he remarks to nobody in particular and takes a seat, lounging in it.
<Leona> She blinked "Oh well okay then..." she murmured, moving to go take a seat at the table, folding her hands atop it
<Chroma> After about 3 minutes past the appointed time - not much leeway, really - Brilliant Chromatic Spark shrugged and smiled at the two others. "Leona and Isaac, thank you very much for coming. You see, I realize I don't exactly... fit in, but I am deeply thankful to you and the others for helping me take apart that wretched construction we found in the tomb. It would have destroyed my homeland at some point in the future, but now it will do no such thing. I feel indebted to you both, and I'd like to... be less mysterious, I suppose; but you're all so different I don't know where to start." Spark smiled again.
<Leona> Leona blinked "Oh... well you're welcome though I hardly did anything about it, as you probably noticed I'm less ... intelligent when it comes to machines like that, I just know how to operate some of them, usually the ones meant for destruction..." she responded "It's too bad that sword was already taken..." that last part she mumbled under her breath, seeming a bit stressed
* Chroma waves that objection aside. "I would never have found it if I wasn't travelling with all of you, nor would I have managed to get to it had I found it."
* Isaac` leans back a little more and puts his feet up. "It's not just about you saving your boss. I have to think about the safety of Creation. If putting that thing out of action takes out a potential threat, then you've helped me do my job, so I'd say we're about even."
<Leona> Leona raised her eyebrow in perhaps a slightly disapproving manner at Isaac calling Chroma's patrion "boss" so plainly, but she said nothing more concerning it, pulling a knife out of her belt and idly using it to pick at her fingernails
<Anna> Mirage stepped into and moved to casually drape himself on a seat, kicking his feet up onto the the table and grinning, looking to the three other Exalts, "So, how's things?"
<Leona> Leona casually shoved Mirage's feet off the table before resuming picking at her nails, not even looking at him through the whole thing "Don't scuff the nice table."
<Anna> Mirage turned his pitch black eyes to Leona, then kicked his feet back up there again pointedly, as if daring her to try and shove his feet off again.
<Chroma> "By boss you mean supervisor...? I'm not sure that's the term I'd use," Spark says to Isaac, giving Mirage a brief smile as he entered.
* Isaac` pays no attention to Leona, glares at Mirage, then quickly corrects his previous statement. "Uh, I meant... Autochthon, was it? Sorry."
<Anna> Mirage returned Chroma's smile, leaning back in the chair, "Gosh, so many harsh looks. So, I'm given to understand you all found something interesting in your trip to the Underworld. Do tell. Share the juicy details."
<Leona> "I believe that's one title she refered to him as, another was the great maker... I believe he was a premordial? One of the ones before the incarnae?" she asked Chroma, looking up
<Chroma> "Y..yes, I believe so. We don't have a great deal of information about the time before we left, most of what's left talked about the erratic sun-kings ruling Creation...oops, I don't mean to insult you, Leona." Spark looks uncomfortable at Mirage's question, obviously not very eager to share with him so freely.
<Leona> She blinked "Erratic? ... I'm not sure what you mean by that but I guess it could apply to some of us, we're hardly unified after all..."
<Anna> Mirage furrowed his brows at Chroma's hesitance, glancing to the other two, "Oh. So that's how it is." He murmured, slipping from the chair and straightening his collar, "I'll leave you three to your obviously lively discussion which you were having before I intruded, then." He said, tipping his (non-existant) hat to them and moving to leave the room.
<Chroma> "It's...said that the Great Maker rescued the first Autochthonians from the tyranny of the sun-powered men and women." Chroma carefully avoids eye contact with Leona. "We were rather surprised at this land when we came back."
* Isaac` watches Mirage as he leaves, then turns back to Spark. "Things kinda went to shit a while after Autochthon left, but you probably realised that by now." He offers, with a shrug. "That's a long story though."
<Chroma> "I've heard pieces."
<Leona> She frowned "... Tyranny?" she asked, putting the knife away. She then glanced to Isacc "... what the hell ar you two talking about? I've heard nothing of this."
<Leona> Obviously the training camps wouldn't tell them that they all went batshit back in that age
<Chroma> "I don't know much, honestly. The first settlers were too busy trying to not die inside the Great Maker to write down their life history."
* Isaac` raises an eyebrow at Leona. Admittedly, the Lunar side of things was pretty skewed too. "...I see."
<Leona> She frowned "... I see... of course different points of view in a conflict can be biased towards one end or the other I suppose..." she said, though still seeming a bit bothered by that little bit she heard
* Isaac` sighs. "Alright, this is only what I know, but... long story short, eventually the Solars went mad with power, or something to that effect. The Dragonblooded rose up as one, and with the help of the Sidereals, imprisoned them for pretty much the last few centuries. The Lunars were went into self-imposed exile. Somehow the Solars busted out again and have been popping up all over for
* Isaac` the last few years. That's about all I've been able to verify properly."
<Leona> She blinked and stared at Isaac "... what? Solars went mad with power? That sounds like Immaculate bullshit to me, and who the hell are the siderals?" she asked, seeming quite ignorant of what was really going on.
<Chroma> "Sidereals are the type of Chosen Innerosia wishes to duplicate, yes? I hadn't heard of them until then."
* Isaac` laughs. "Like I said, it's all I've been able to verify properly. The Sidereals are the Chosen of the Maidens, and they were supposed to be advisors to the Solar Exalted."
* Chroma smiles. "Sounds rather like the Whispers."
<Leona> She rubbed her forehead, seeming like she was getting a headache "... normally I'd tell you that you're full of it but somthing tells me that there's some truth in there..." she murmured
<Leona> Thoughts flashed into her head, her previous fears of mistreating or outright being destructive to every mortal she cared about came to the front, now further amplified by the possibility of her going mad
* Isaac` shrugs to Leona. "Trust me, to get this much I had to sort through mountains of propoganda from... various sources. A couple of them were there when the Solars got usurped, so I guess they're at least partially right. That's a brief history of Creation for you anyway."
<Chroma> "When did this happen? The Tome of the Great Maker says that we left almost 5000 years ago."
* Isaac` concentrates, trying to remember and quickly running over numbers in his head (and very faintly under his breath). "...well the Realm was founded about 800 years ago, give or take a decade, I think. The Usurpation was a good thousand years before that? My sources weren't exactly reliable."
<Leona> "ugh... can ... we stop talking about this please, this is too much for me to hear right now." she said, rubbing her forehead
<Chroma> "I-I'm sorry," Spark said, "It's just rather astounding. Since 1991 DA, our society has changed very little overall."
* Isaac` nods to Leona. "I'm still putting bits and pieces together myself." He turns to Chroma, sitting up again. "Personally I'd like to know more about Autochthon and the stance of his people towards Creation, but share whatever you feel is appropriate, I guess? I haven't got any particular questions myself."
<Leona> She looked to Chroma "How did you even know I was a solar to begin with, I never actually said anything about it and I never fired my anima off back there."
<Chroma> "I didn't, but I thought you were, as it's said the Chosen of the Sun used weapons of blazing gold - though it's been generally agreed upon in the theomacracy that the weapons were probably Orichalcum. I appreciate the confirmation, though." Chroma smiled sweetly at Leona.
<Leona> She blinked "oh... yeah I forgot I flashed those around more then a few times around you... I see..." she murmured, looking back at the table
<Isaac`> "I'm guessing I don't need to explain what I am, then, since I'm sure you both saw the lance back in the first tomb."
<Chroma> Brilliant Chromatic Spark's porcelain cheeks were tinged slightly silver. "I don't suppose you'd humor me and explain anyway?"
* Isaac` rolls his eyes and leans back in his seat, feet on the table again. "Lunar Exalted, Full Moon caste. When diplomacy and deception fail, we get stuck with the clean-up."
<Leona> "...Zenith caste here, the priests, rablerousers, performists and often the shields of the Solars." she said after Isaac
* Chroma nods after a moment. "Useful. I'm almost never in a full combat loadout, not since the end of the Elemental War. I am a Plot Weaver, or of the Starmetal caste, and I'm mostly a social engineer. But my actual function depends on what Yugash requires."
<Leona> She blinked "Useful?" she asked, then listened as Chroma explained what her 'function' was "interesting... so you're one of those sneaky plotting types... at least you don't seem to be a overly malicious kind though but looks can be deceiving."
* Isaac` nods to Leona, then raises a brow. "I'm a bit more of a finesse fighter compared to some of the others of my caste, but anyway... Yugash? I'm guessing that's a city or nation?"
<Leona> "I myself seem most adept at taking hits, as you could see during that fight. But I'm practicing offensive styles and tactics too... I'm also experianced with commanding various sized groups... I currently have 5 people under my command."
<Chroma> Smiling sweetly to Leona, Chroma merely said, "Since I couldn't possibly imagine any of you acting in a way that threatens my duties, it's a good thing you won't have to find out if my machinations are harmful or not, isn't it?" To Isaac, she nodded. "Yugash is the nation that built me, and whom I serve. One of 8 nations in Autochthonia."
<Leona> She blinked, then shrugged "Well you're not planning on harming creation are you? seems like it'd be benefical for us to not step on eachother's toes then. Can I ask why you're here though? ... and what do you mean by social engineering?"
* Isaac` looks intrigued. "I see. So you're all created, unlike Leona here, or myself..." he raises a brow at Leo. "...that's a hell of a loaded question with me sitting here. I'm sworn to protect Creation from outside threats, whatever shapes they might take."
<Chroma> "Social engineering. The art of getting people to convince themselves that they should be doing whatever they should be doing. Yugash has opened the seal seperating Autochthonia from this land in order to fix a few problems. We're in the middle of feasibility testing, but you actually have room in Creation! It's fantastic!"
<Leona> She frowned at Chroma "... I'm not sure what you just said but for some strange reason I'm picking up the vibe that you're ... planning some kind of incursion or invasion. Probably based on that comment about room." She said, staring flatly at her.
* Chroma shakes her head. "We have no plans for a military invasion at this time. We're more interested in fresh water, nutrients, oils, and metals. We're still examining the situation, but there are increasingly short supplies in Autochthonia."
<Isaac`> "Hey, there is plenty of room to go around. Besides, if we need more we can just go beat up the Fair Folk, that's always good fun." He looks Chroma up and down at the 'no plans' part. "It had best stay that way, for everyone's sake."
<Leona> "Oh well I suppose that's fine so long as you leave some for the rest of us, especially me... I'm going to be needing those materials for myself eventually if I live long enough to see my plans take root." she said, murmuing that last part quietly
<Chroma> "It is possible that there are some nations that may need to be dealt with," Chroma presses, in spite of Isaac's objection.
<Leona> "Such as?" Leona asked flatly again, a bit concerned about what was ticking away in that brain of chroma's
* Isaac` isn't objecting so much as warning. "'Dealt with'?" He sighs. "The Eight Nations don't exactly get along with each other, hm?"
<Leona> Leona looked to isaac then "by the way... I have a question of a different topic to ask you about later if you don't mind, about fair folk."
<Chroma> "Such as any group who would dare building that insulting tomb!" she snapped. "No. The Octet doesn't completely get along, but there's a loose alliance at the moment. Autochthonian politics would probably confuse you, so I won't get into them."
<Leona> "I don't think anyone here save for the deathknights would object to you wanting to destroy the deathlords and their masters... actually even the deathknights might want a piece of that action. I noticed they're not very fond of their masters at all, at leas the two we have with us now."
<Leona> "I myself would certainly love to see them scourged from creation for good, though that seems a very daunting task indeed."
* Isaac` raises his brows. "Ah, yes. I thought you meant..." he shrugs lightly and leans back in his chair, nodding to Leona, "...duly noted." Back to Spark. "My apologies, I thought you might have been suggesting certain nations would be more interested in diplomatic solutions, and others in war. Although that sounds like it might be the case anyway."
<Leona> She also blinked a bit as Chroma snapping "That suit thing really got under your skin didn't it? You don't strike me as the easily angered type... hell you're far to cute for a machinegirl... thing... what is it with cute girls getting turned into dangerious exalted?" she muttered to herself
* Chroma became a tad defensive. Maybe even too defensive. "It's not that I'm cute, it's that I believe I can best serve the Populat and Triptirate by understanding them! I would never maintain my form out of vanity!"
* Isaac` suppresses a grin as Chroma gets defensive. "Ladies, ladies, let's not start fighting over this."
<Leona> "I wasn't suggesting you were being vain, just making a observation, calm down sparky." she teased, smiling and wrapping a arm around her shoulders, pulling her in and giving her a light friendly noogie.
* Chroma sighs. "Sorry. I didn't mean to get excited."
<Leona> Leona laughed a little "It's fine, don't worry about it." she then released her "So I guess that's about all you can tell us about your purposes and motivation here then?"
<Chroma> "I'd prefer to leave it there. Yes."
* Isaac` sits up again. "Anything else to discuss, then?"
<Leona> "Well alright then... anything else either of you want to... yeah that."
* Chroma shakes her head.
* Isaac` turns to Leona. "I have nothing, so... your question about the Fair Folk, then?"
<Leona> "Okay so... Isaac... have you ever seen a Fae eat... flesh before?" she asked
<Isaac`> "I, uh..." he looks mildly puzzled by that, "...no, but then I haven't had many dealings with them at all."
<Leona> "huh... there's a bit of a mystery I'm trying to solve... I ... encountered a shapeshifter once who ate the flesh of those it assumed the identity of..."
* Isaac` raises a brow. "The Fair Folk don't like to spend time away from the Wyld. Sounds a bit too messy for another Lunar too. Could be a demon of some kind?"
<Leona> "Eh... could've been but I don't think so... no ichor or anything for starters... and it went crunch real hard after I Exalted in front of it... seemed to get more powerful the more it ate."
* Isaac` shrugs, then stands up and stretches. "No idea. Well, if that's everything, I have some things I'd like to get back to."
* Chroma nods. "Thank you."
<Leona> "Alrighty..." she murmured, still remaining seated for the moment
* Chroma looks at Leona. "Is there something else?"
* Isaac` nods to Spark, "This has been very informative for all of us, I think." With that, he turns and leaves, walking out at a brisk pace.
<Leona> She shook her head and stood up then "No I guess not."

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Session Log 5.5b (Mother of Sorrow and Torment creates a zombie daughter and chats with Alacor)

<Anna> Okay, so for a full day while Mother of Sorrow is working in her workshop, the ship is full of weird, ghostly and unsettling visions, mirrors lacking reflections, spectral figures wandering the halls, chill winds as Mother is racked by the torments of the Abyss, the Neverborn punishing her for her disobedience. The human crew is rather unnerved by it, and the few of them Mother seems appear anxious around her.
<Anna> Now, Mother is in the middle of crafting some DREAD CREATURE. Describe your creation, Mother.
* Mother_of_Sorrow check and re-check her notes; old musty tomes filled with lessons of anatomy and sciences best left undescribed. And a single onion soup recipe. Tidbits collected here and there, as well as knowledge going back to before her exaltation as well as her training the science of the dead. Tidying up the last few parts on her creation once more time, she pause to take a look at the creature. Anyone expecting a horrifying monstruosity would be in for the letdown of their lives, as the creature is in a fact a seemingly normal, if pale little girl.
<Anna> The first two weeks of its construction were fairly uneventful. She didn't completely ruin her design, but she wasn't able to complete it, either.
<Anna> The second two weeks were a resounding success, however. With the addition of a Craft Excellency, Mother was able to finish stitching and binding flesh and bone and sinew together, adding all the finishing touches, until she had a pale, lifeless-looking little girl sitting in front of her. All she had left to do was animate it.
* Mother_of_Sorrow proceed to call upon her necromantic knowledge to animate the lifeless body in front of her. As she cast the spell, she know what she'll call the creature.
<Anna> The lifeless girl's eyes open and it stares at Mother, blank and expressionless. It wasn't intelligent in any real sense. It could perform simple actions requested of it, and engage in combat (though it wasn't designed for that purpose), but otherwise was still just an animated doll made of dead flesh.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I'll call you Firstborn Daughter of Sorrow." she says to her mindless doll. "Like me, you have no need for a name."
<Anna> The doll tilted its head slightly, intelligent enough to recognise that it was being given a 'name', and that is should respond to that, if Mother speaks to it. It isn't completely mindless, just... mostly.
* Mother_of_Sorrow pat her creation on the head. "You'll have to stay in the laboratory when I'm not here. If you see someone who isn't me, just hide until I come back."
<Anna> Firstborn Daughter gave a short nod of her head, her straight, lifeless black hair bobbing slightly. The instruction to stay in one place and to hide was something she understood.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Well it seems you are a resounding success." she says to her creature, not caring that it won't reply. Mother of Sorrow flip trough her books, full of possible future designs for her creations. Lightweight soldiers with armor and skin made of bones, giant snakes, grotesque brutes made for manual labor and so forth. "This familly will only grow bigger and and bigger. I have so many designs to improve and test."
<Anna> "How cute." Mother heard Alacor's voice inside her head, "Making a lifeless little daughter. Does that fill some hole in you, Mother? Does it provide you a sense of warmth to create a 'family' for yourself?" The demon laughed, "The Neverborn weren't very picky, apparently."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Silence."
<Anna> Alacor laughed even louder, "Oh, how adorable. The little Deathknight is giving me orders. Really, we're stuck together for now, Mother. You'd best get used to having me in your head."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Like you said, its my head. I'd like to be able to think. Unfortunately, I can't when you endlessly chatter like this."
<Anna> "Yes, yes. Certainly." Alacor said dismissively, "But these creations you intend to make... they fascinate me, I must say. I have some ideas of my own for something you could create. Something that would allow you to use my power more readily. Perhaps we should discuss it, sometime."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I'm all ears for any improvement in my designs." she pause "Don't think this creature I made mean anything to me. She was just an experiment in perfecting my mummifaction process."
<Anna> "Of course. I'm sure she's just an entirely professional experiment and that there's no sentimental attachment. So you might as well break her down again to reuse her for parts, hm?" Alacor replied, and Mother could practically see the smirk he was wearing, even though he was disembodied and bound to the gauntlet she wore, "As for improvements, it wasn't so much that as an idea I had of my own, for a unique design. Perhaps I shall share it with you, later."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "That is up to you."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Of course, if its something that would allow me to make better use of your powers, I am certain you would that I build it. For what its worth, that would be mutually beneficial."
<Anna> "Well... I was thinking perhaps of a... suit. A suit of flesh and bone and metal that you could wear as a second skin, which would enhance your physical abilities which are somewhat... lacking." Alacor suggested, "With that, you wouldn't be so dependant upon drawing upon my powers to enhance your strength, and could save your energy."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "This could be worth it. Strange, I would expect you to be eager to have me draw more and more upoin your power. Are...." she chuckle "Concerned about my well-beign? Oh, what am I thinking. Its the gauntlet you want safe."
<Anna> "Trust me, having you pestering me and tapping into my power any time you need something done isn't something that thrills and excites me." Alacor said blandly, "No, when I tap into you, that's when the fun will really start..."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Whatever you intend to do, odds are we will agree without you having to force me."
<Anna> Alacor chuckled, "We'll see."
* Mother_of_Sorrow proceeds to dress Firstborn Daughter up. Just because she's dead doesn't mean she doesn't need modesty. After all, what kind of sick deranged bastard would leave a young girl naked.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "We have no reasons to be in a disagreement. If you ever become too much of a pain, I swear I will simply remove you like I remove a defective part."
<Anna> Firstborn Daughter complies with being dressed, moving her limbs to make dressing her easier. "Remove me? How do you plan to do that? Really, I find your protests to be delicious. You're stuck with me. You're not getting rid of me any time soon." Alacor asked, still amused.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I'm not stuck with you. YOU are stuck with me."
<Anna> "I must admit, you wouldn't have been my first choice. That Solar woman, she seems deliciously corruptable. How I wish it had been she that had donned this gauntlet. With her body and my mind, we could have done wonderful things together." Alacor said with a wistful sigh, "But so be it, I'm stuck with the stringy little Deathknight tinkerer. I shall make do." He was quite blatantly mocking her.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "She can still be yours to corrupt. Through me. If this is all it take to buy some form of loyalty or obedience from you, I will comply. Like I said, our relationship should be symbiotic."
<Anna> "Tempting..." Alacor mused, "We'll see how things go."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "What is it that you truly desire?"
<Anna> "The breaking of all bonds, the spread of betrayal and hatred between those closest to each other. To turn mother against child, king against his people, wife against husband... you know... the normal things that everyone wants." Alacor replied cheerfully. It was hard to tell if he was entirely serious.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Well aren't you charming."
<Anna> "I'm glad you think so."
<Anna> Mini End.

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