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 Post subject: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:30 pm 
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It's that time again. I'm gonna run another game of Exalted. I figure I probably won't get any new players here and only people who've been involved in previous campaigns will sign up, but that's okay, because most of you probably already know the rules and still have the rulebooks handy. :lol: So whatever. Switching things up a bit this time. Making them more interesting.

If you want to know what Exalted is, check out this thread. If you're interested in joining, make a post here expressing your interest, and hang around #Exalted on irc.rizon.net

Rulebooks will be provided to those who need them.


Character types I will allow: Solars, Lunars and Dragon-Blooded
Character types I may allow: Abyssals and Infernal, if you can make one that the rest of the group would tolerate and not kill instantly. Heroic Humans (Including demi-gods and other creatures included in the Scroll of Heroes), Ghosts (I doubt any of you will pick this or humans anyway), Alchemicals (If you can explain how they might have gotten to Creation and make them interesting), Sidereals (If you can make me not hate them.)
Character types that are absolutely out of the question: Fair-Folk.

Check out the Wiki, if you're interested, lemme know, leave a post here, and maybe give me an idea of what kind of character interests you.


House Rules
Pretty much everything listed here is true and valid, with the exception of the change to the Twilight anima banner effect: http://alopex.li/wiki/Exalted/Notes

Other house rules as of this moment: Merits and Flaws from the Scroll of Heroes are allowed. Other house rules will be added if I think of them.

Players and Characters:

Image - Kirigasa Solenn, Earth Aspect Dragon-Blooded - Played by Cynsye

Image - Isaac Kessler, Full-Moon Caste Lunar - Played by Arcalane

Image - Brilliant Chromatic Spark, Starmetal Caste Alchemical - Played by Latooni

Image - Leona Veronde, Zenith Caste Solar - Played by Lizzie

Image - Mother Of Sorrow And Torment, Daybreak Caste Abyssal - Played by Skritz

Image - ?, Eclipse Caste Solar - Played by Aralonia, assuming I get anything from him UNRELIABLE SHITCOCK.

Important NPCs:

Image - Innerosia, God, former Incarnae - NPC

Image - The Gentleman With Midnight Eyes And One Thousand Fangs, Deathlord - NPC - Pic

Image - Mirage, Corrupted Changing-Moon Caste Lunar - NPC

Image - Julanos Jutran, Count of Juatra, Heretical Exalted - NPC

Banned from Participation:

- Anyone who picks the Sterile flaw

Session Logs:
  • -

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 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:09 pm 
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Qzoldar Rutworthingsley, Eclipse Caste.

The only thing irrational about him is his name.

DPUO wrote:
<+AirHippo> Funnily enough, folks who abide by the law and try to make something of their lives don't appreciate the rich kids of rich parents getting away with murder and skimming through life.

 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:33 pm 
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Full Moon Lunar: Isaac Kessler, Black Wolf of the East.

Spoiler: show
Isaac stands just a hair under 5'11" in human form (a little over 8' in his warform) with an athletic build, short black hair, and silverish eyes. He has a distinctive scar over his left eye, angled slightly. His spirit form is a large black wolf.

His Tell is an odd sort of mix of effects. In human form, he possesses a wolf's tail and ears. In all his other false forms, his silver eyes and scar are his main distinguishing marks. Some forms may exhibit additional similarities to his spirit shape.

As his Anima flares to the iconic level, thunder rumbles in the distance as the normally calm, shining aura takes on an electrical edge, crackling and coursing over his artifacts. A purely visual effect of course.

Isaac wears mainly dark colours, smart black leather gloves and boots, with grey and slate tones for other material. When travelling, he wears a long black cloak with a hood he can use to keep away the rain and cold. He wears a black headband with thin silver stripes to conceal his caste mark (see history) and keep his hair out of his eyes. He carries a very well made steel spear for maintaining his appearance as a mortal in his travels.

His warform is a little more graceful and slightly less savage than most Lunar warforms, with short, sharp claws and fangs for Lethal unarmed attacks. It has a thick coat of black fur that softens heavy blows and turns away blades (+2 L/B soak), while the tail helps provide excellent balance (+2 to Athletics pools for balance). Keen eyes pick out things others might not notice (+2 to Awareness pools for Sight), and function almost as well at night as they do during the day (Night Vision).

Spoiler: show
Danger Sense, 2pt: You don't survive long in his line of work without a sixth sense for danger. +2 to Awareness rolls to detect ambushes, traps or other hidden dangers; +2 to Join Battle pool.
Luck, 1pt: Provides a pool of "luck points" (equal to the number of points in this merit) that can be used to reroll any failed or botched roll. Botched rolls cannot be rerolled if they were caused by the Eclipse Caste anima power or similar effects. Spent points return at a rate of 1 per week.

Enemy, 3pt: Isaac's exploits have gained him a potentially powerful enemy in the form of relatives of a Terrestrial Exalt he assassinated. They are probably not currently aware of Isaac's Exalted nature, though they likely have suspicions by now.
Code of Honour, 2pt: Never draw your weapon in anger, never hurt an innocent person, never lie to an ally, a promise is a promise.
Permanent Caste Mark, 2pt: Seared on during his Exaltation, Isaac hides his caste mark with a black headband.

Isaac holds two hearthstones: a Stone of Resilient Bamboo and a Crystal of Seawalking. The former is set in a Hearthstone Amulet, the latter in a pair of Hearthstone Bracers.
Stone of Resilient Bamboo ••• - Bearer's intrinsic lethal soak equals their stamina, they regenerate 1 lethal/bashing health level per hour, and may parry Lethal attacks unarmed without a stunt. It does not increase the rate at which the bearer recovers from aggravated damage however. It is set in his hearthstone amulet.
Crystal of Seawalking • - The bearer may walk or run on any liquid or semiliquid substance (water, wine, quicksand, etc.) as if it were a solid surface, but the crystal confers no protection if the substance itself is a hazardous one such as lava, acid, and so on. This effect can be temporarily disabled if the bearer wills it, and does not extend to mounts. It is set in his hearthstone bracers.

Reputation • - The story of Isaac's trials (see below) has done a few rounds in the Pact, so most are likely to treat him respectfully. The Elders are skeptical as ever, though.
Mentor •• - Two-Bears, a No-Moon Elder who exalted a few years after the Usurpation. Two-Bears is a wise and powerful martial-artist who dabbles in sorcery, but distance and obligations to the Pact severely limit what aid he can deploy to Isaac.
Influence • - More of a reputation amongst the commonfolk of the East; rumours of a mysterious hunter/assassin circulating every few months, every time a new tale added to the overall story.
Resources ••• - Funds obtained from his bounty hunting.
Manse 1 ••• - A Wood-aspected Manse of fairly inhospitable design, located well within Lunar-protected lands. It is also protected by cunning traps. The Heathstone is a Stone of Resilient Bamboo.
Manse 2 • - A small Water-aspected Manse not far from the first. Its essence-infused waters flow through the Wood-aspected Manse, subtly connecting the two. The Hearthstone is a Crystal of Seawalking.

Moonsilver Breastplate • - The story behind this breastplate is, unfortunately, lost to the ages. It was retrieved from an old Wood-Aspected manse as part of Isaac's trials along with his bracers.
Moonsilver Dire Lance •• - One of the Seven Singing Silver Spears, a set forged in the First Age by a reclusive Lunar Weaponsmith. Three currently remain unaccounted for; one of which was previously owned by Erin. The other three are 'safely' in the hands of the Pact. The Seven Spears are identical, and each may be folded down for concealment.
Hearthstone Bracers •• - Found with the breastplate above, their origins are also lost. The right bracer holds a setting fitted with the Crystal of Seawalking; a small node of moonsilver on the left bracer mirrors the appearance of any inset hearthstone, but cannot be removed.
Hearthstone Amulet • - A gift from his mentor, this amulet is made of moonsilver and black jade. When closed, it resembles the Full Moon - when open, it resembles a Lunar Eclipse. It holds the Stone of Resilient Bamboo.
Gauntlets of Distant Touch ••• - A rare find indeed, force-projection weapons from the First Age. Retrieved from Masi's Air-Aspected Fortress-Manse, these Moonsilver Gauntlets were found at the bottom of one of the crates shipped back on the Battle Carrier. Inlaid blue jade on the back of the hands glows faintly whenever the gauntlets are 'activated' for force-projection.

Spoiler: show
Isaac never knew his real parents, growing up in a small eastern town and taken care of by a retired martial artist and his granddaughter. The old man taught young Isaac how to wield a spear, not simply as a weapon of war, but a weapon of a mortal martial art. Isaac also learned to never to raise his weapon in anger or poor judgement, to never hurt an innocent, to never lie to an ally or friend, and to never break a promise. It was a quiet life. Maybe not perfect, but it was hardly something to complain about.

It did not last. "Representatives" of the Realm came to the area, doing what could only be described as extorting money and supplies from any small settlement they passed. Settlements that refused to pay up were conveniently sacked by bandits within a few days. Eventually, Isaac's home fell to their underhanded attacks, and there were few survivors. Isaac set out to avenge the villagers, but it took a good year or three before he was ready to confront the representatives and their entourage. When that time came... they never knew what hit them.

He wasn't finished, though. Surely these thugs weren't the only ones doing this, so he set out to fix things, one man at a time.

At some point, Isaac began 'following' Luna. With his goddess' guidance, he hoped, he would continue to succeed on his ventures, wandering the East and doing what others could not. No Solar Exaltation came to him, despite a fairly obvious eligbility. Why? Who can say. Perhaps there were none available. Or perhaps Luna had already earmarked the mortal and was merely waiting for the right time.

Sure enough, his Exaltation came after a couple more years. His hunts in Luna's name had not gone unheard and unobserved. He was tested... by the Lady herself, so it seemed. An Elder Lunar of the Silver Pact was on hand to observe as the mortal Isaac methodically worked through the challenges set before him, and beheld the Exaltation. Luna's touch burnt a mark onto Isaac's forehead so strongly that it has never truly faded.

The Elder approached afterwards, explaining more of what had just happened and offering further explanations... it was then that Isaac received his Hearthstone Amulet, before travelling to meet the other Pact Elders. This travel itself was the first of his proper Lunar Trials, as the path was difficult despite his newfound power. Nevertheless, he excelled, and was rewarded again. He received one of the Seven Singing Silver Spears, part of a set forged during the First Age.

After that, introductions were made, tattoos incorporated (at this stage, any further trials were agreed to be little more than a formality, and that it would be wiser to get the tattoos done sooner rather than later) and his final Trial - more accurately a mission from his new Mentor - seen to; discover the exact location of a pair of old Manses near the Wyld. His rewards would be their Hearthstones and whatever else he might find within, plus one final request. Sure enough, he found the Manses and claimed their hearthstones, a Moonsilver Breastplate, and a pair of Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers.

Isaac's request was for his Mentor to help him finish his martial arts training. His Mentor thought this an excellent opportunity to further the spread of the Supernatural Martial Art known as White Reaper Style, given Isaac's prior experience. Isaac accepted, and quickly learned several of the main Charms within the Style. Shortly after learning the White Reaper Form Charm and Bleeding Crescent Strike, however, his Mentor decided to send Isaac out into Creation again, to the city of Juatra.

Somewhere along the line, Isaac assassinated a Terrestrial whilst still posing as a mortal. The relatives of the Terrestrial have taken this as a serious insult against the honour and integrity of their bloodline, and have started investing in their own assassins to deal with the "upstart mortal".

Since then, Isaac has continued his travels across the East (even venturing close to the South and North on occasion), doing mercenary and bounty-hunting work as he travels to Juatra. His mission in Juatra is threefold; investigate Mirage and determine what to do with him, investigate what happened to the old circle, investigate the rumours about the new exalts.

Isaac is nominally a member of the Silver Pact like any caste-fixed Lunar, but is currently unaligned with the various factions. He views the Seneschals and Solar rule with a little concern (having heard about the stories surrounding Lilith) and has some interest in the Thousand Streams River project. Unlike most Lunars, he is more than comfortable with civilization and realizes that the benefits it brings are worth the associated 'difficulties'; a hundred scattered barbarian tribes can mount no meaningful resistance against an invasion from the Wyld or the Underworld. Isaac sees the creation of strong nations and civilizations as a necessity to ensuring the safety of Creation; when civilizations can protect Creation on their own, then the Stewards will protect civilizations from themselves, acting as silent guardians to weed out the corrupt and those who would abuse their position for personal gain, averting wars that would upset the balance of power, and so on.

Spoiler: show
Kirigasa Solenn: A pretty nice guy, although I gotta wonder why he's planning on hanging around with a bunch of Celestial-circle Exalts like us.

Brilliant Chromatic Spark: Absolutely fascinating. To think that some of the technology of the First Age might be even easier to recover than waiting for Twilights to get lucky, or pissing around in a bunch of old manses that nobody can even find any more! I have to figure out what this means and get a report off ASAP. The ramifications the Alchemical Exalted and Autochthon returning are beyond words.

Leona Veronde: Her heart seems to be in the right place, but she's a little... naïve. I guess the Cult of the Illuminated don't tell their new Solars everything.
• Jalen: Even if that Fae was just messing with our heads, I can't help but feel she had a reason to turn him away. I need to keep a closer eye on him.

Mother of blahdefuckinblah: Stupid. Stupidstupidstupidstupid! Dead.

Innerosia: Hereticals? Really? He's gonna be fucking livid.

Keter: I meet such interesting people!

Masi: I'm glad she turned out to be a Solar and not a crazed Abyssal or Infernal using the manse for shits and giggles. Hopefully they'll keep a lower profile in future. Might be a good place to keep in mind for later.

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 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:39 pm 
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Earth Caste Dragonblood: Kirigasa Solenn

Gentes Kirigasa

The bloodline of the Gentes Kirigasa is an old one, however it fell on hard times during the great war between RU 547 and RU 554 against the Fair Folk, when a significant proportion of its Dragon-blooded members were killed or disappeared. As a result, even though the bloodline of the surviving members was strong, it took almost 200 years before it had regained both the political and military might it once knew.

Members of the Gentes are almost universally massively built, and show great empathy with the earth and stone. As a result members are seen often in the Third Field Force, as well as within Home Guard units adept at field fortification. Non-exalted members of the Gentes have a deep, almost rust coloured tone to their skin, and the exalted members of the Gentes are easily identified by their lighter skin tone, their skin getting progressively lighter as they increase in power. All exalted members of the Gentes show an almost marble like patterning on their skin.

An unusual aspect of the Kirigasa bloodline is the notorious instability of their essence, as almost all of the young Dragon-blooded members of the family show a marked inability to use essence without their anima flaring almost immediately. It is unknown what causes this, though many theories and rumours from excessive power, to corruption of the bloodline can be heard.

In the present day, Gentes Kirigasa has a very expansionist mindset, and has garnered some support towards this aim, especially now that the Scarlet Empress has disappeared. They feel that the Realm, stripped of the one person who can control their defence grid would be significantly easier to conquer.

Kirigasa Solenn

Solenn is a giant of a man, over seven feet tall and massively built. Though his movements are precise and measured, they lack subtlety, and this reflects in his fighting, where he brings his great strength to bear and crushes his enemies. In contrast to this however, Solenn possesses surprising good looks, charm and is slow to anger. As a result, he has gained great respect from his unit, and is looked on favourably for promotion in the future.

Solenn wears white jade lamellar armour and wields a large jade hammer, both of which sport patterns of inlaid black jade. In addition to this he wears purple clothing underneath his armour to indicate his membership of the Home Guard. Both his armour and hammer belonged to his great grandfather, and he treats them with great respect.

As a child, Solenn showed great aptitude in all physical tasks that were placed before him, showing great mental focus and skill. As a result, he was trained a great deal in the foundations of his families preferred martial art: Jade Mountain. This training paid off, as he exalted at the age of 13, and his real training began in earnest.

After three years of dedicated training, he began his first tour of duty within the Lookshy military, which was actually his two years of training to become a Chuzei, and to begin his ascent as an officer. Upon completing this tour, he decided to join the Home Guard, preferring to be assigned where needed rather than be tied to a single field force. Upon joining, Solenn was assigned command of a heavy infantry scale, and though he cannot ask them to do whatever he wishes as they are still a member of the field force, they are loyal to him will come to his aid should he require it. He has completed four tours of duty since them.

The talon from which his scale is drawn is not currently on active duty, as they have just completed an eight month attachment to a wing of the Second Field Force stationed near Sijan to act as guards. Solenn has taken this off duty time to follow his masters words: “Look to the mountains; you have mastered their strength and durability, but you have yet to harness their true destructive power. Understanding this is the final task I can give you before you will be called a master, yet this inspiration is unique to all of us, and I do not wish to intrude upon that.”

Current Status
With the long journey times that the party is having to endure, Solenn has had a significant amount of free time in which to meditate upon the issue of his essence and anima. Time which he simply has not had since exaltation, with every waking moment devoted to training and military exercises.

Truth be told, this has not done much good as of yet towards controlling his power, as he has merely unlocked hidden reserves of essence that even now strive to break free of his control. He is beginning to get the distinct feeling that the inspiration his master spoke of was not understanding the art of the mountains, but understanding his own soul, and through that the essence of the earth itself.

Current Appearance
With his recent acquisition of a suit of Yoroi Rapid Response Armour and a Bloodspike Harness, Solenn has integrated the two into a deadly suit of armour. Each edge of the armour's plates now sports a razor of White Jade, transforming the armour into an intimidating instrument of war. The armour standard settings makes the armour display appear similar to that of his Lamellar armour, white with black patterning, with purple in the recesses. However, when in combat it shifts to a light grey with dark recesses, and when standing guard, it shifts to blend in with the nearby walls. The helmet of the armour is normally recessed into the collar of the suit, however when combat is expected, it unfolds and covers his head.

With his recent increase in essence, Solenn's skin has changed to a lighter tone, and the marble-like patterning has become more pronounced.

Solenn's anima does not manifest as an image, but more as a feeling of pressure which radiates out from his body. His anima, when fully flared, spins around his body in streamers of essence, before earthing themselves in the ground, strangely seeming to travel both extremely fast, and barely moving at the same time.

Periodic Letters to his superior/friend about progress and happenings
Letter One


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 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:24 pm 

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Mother of Sorrow and Torment, Daybreak Caste Abyssal
Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pAx ... t?hl=en_US

Spoiler: show
Mother of Sorrow and Torment is a good-looking, elegant woman of average height, roughly in her mid thirties. Her figure is plentiful and her glossy black hair is worn very long, falling to her tights. Her skin is pale and her features quite lovely. When she travel, she wear dark robes, usually black or ashen grey, usually decored with some rather morbid (if creative) imagery.

Otherwise she, naturally, wear an all-black dress with a rather impressive cleavage (its all on purpose, even if deep down she know that can be sometime impractical). Her jewelry (headband, necklace, bracelets, belt and rings) are all made of bone. Despite how morbid it may seem to other, Mother of Sorrow treat these bones with great care and respect, as they come from childrens.

Anima Banner: A whirlwind of dark purple smoke, ashes and spectral children faces, screaming in agony, with bleeding empty eye sockets.

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 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:51 am 
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Leona Veronde, solar Zenith.

Character sheet:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XqH ... edit?pli=1

Spoiler: show
Leona Veronde is a rather tall woman, the top of her head hitting 6 feet off the ground without her armored boots on. Her skin is fair though it used to be rather tanned from her time in the south and still shows some sign of it, her hair on the other hand is a very dark brown, a stark contrast with her skin, her hair is long and often tied into a ponytail with a white bow Her eyes are as golden as the sun itself. Her figure is both athletically built and yet curvy in the right places if you see her out of her armor.

Speaking of her armor, in battledress she wears a steel breastplate with thick shoulderpads, gauntlets, boots, and thigh guards. Over her lower half she wears a thickly padded and layered long skirt made of primarily white material and some black as well, looks kinda like this http://media.photobucket.com/image/Sabe ... -lilly.jpg < except her shoulders are covered. In addition she wears a similarly colored cloak with a hood, on the back of the white cloak are vague words burned into it in flametongue that says "the softhearted" basically. The metal plated parts also have some slight gold embroidery on them but nothing to extravagant.

More to be added.

Bio still being checked over.


 Post subject: Re: EXALTED time again!
PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:55 pm 
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ill give it a go, I've never even heard of this before so will be a complete noob but whatever.
Char: Wakerz Anvilbane, Metal (?) Alchemical

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:55 am 
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If you're really interested in playing Exalted maybe join the IRC channel, #Exalted on irc.rizon.net and we'll see.

But uh, it seems you know absolutely nothing about the system or the setting (Metal Alchemical? lol), and the quality of your posts on the forum makes me think you might not meet the high standards I have for my players (being able to use proper spelling and grammar).

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:07 pm 
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Alright, I'm a bit behind on this (a lot behind), but I suppose I should start posting session logs now:

Session Log 0.5 (Introduction for Latooni's Alchemical Character)
<Anna> Chroma had only been in Creation for a few months now. It was all so different from Autochthonia, in many ways. During her travels through Creation, she'd heard rumors of a new kind of Exalted, though most used the word "anathema". Something entirely dissimilar from anything anyone had heard of, or so the rumors went. And as luck would have it, one of the small bunkers that had been left in Creation was housed near the city of Juatra, which appeared to be the source of the rumors. So, there she was, approaching the large port city, when a man with dark eyes, white hair and pale skin approached her from the side of the road, "Lovely weather, hm?" He asked with a charming smile. It was overcast and cold and raining.
* Chroma pulls her black cloak more tighly about herself. "It does seem rather inconvenient, and it seems to be getting worse lately. May I help you?"
<Anna> "I was wondering if you could help me, actually." He replied, seeming unbothered by the rain, his rather fancy garments soaked through, though he didn't seem to mind, "My master's spies said you were a person of interest. But his interests and mine so rarely overlap. Beautiful women, however, are always interesting, so I thought I'd invite you to my abode for dinner." He offered, smiling broadly.
* Chroma raises an eyebrow. "I do not think it wise to willingly enter the company of someone who confesses to prying, do you, sir?"
<Anna> "Ah, but it was my Master who was prying. I am merely making use of information that was offered to me." He said with a broad smile, holding out a hand to Chroma, "I am Mirage. And you?"
* Chroma smiles thinly, and places her hand on his. "Brilliant Chromatic Spark. You can call me what you like."
<Anna> Mirage chuckled, shaking her hand lightly, "Well, that leaves many options. Spark seems easy enough to remember however. I must say, that is a very unique name." He observed, "Well, Ms. Spark, if you're not interested in visiting my home and joining me for dinner, may I at least escort you the rest of the way to Juatra?" He asked.
<Chroma> The dripping black hood nodded assent. "You don't mind if I refuse to answer any questions I may find uncomfortable, do you? I value my privacy, even in a rainshower."
<Anna> "Of course." Mirage said, releasing her hand and starting to walk with her, tucking his hands into his pockets, "Well then, I'll talk, and you can ask me questions. See, my Master is a very curious fellow, and he so loves to meet new people. A month ago he made the acquaintance of one called 'Many-Faced Oversight'. I understand they got along quite well. Relatively speaking."
<Chroma> "I'm glad he's making progress, then," she says a bit resentfully, glancing at Mirage. "I am sorry for being so suspicious."
<Anna> "Oh no, you had every right to be suspicious. My Master tortured all sorts of information out of your comrade. I'm told he had a great deal of fun with it." Mirage replied casually, looking to Chroma and smiling, "And that is why I was tasked with watching you. Watching is dreadfully boring however, so I thought approaching you directly might work better. It's not like I actually care if I upset my 'master'. So, Autochthonia. How's the weather there, this time of year?"
* Chroma stops and turns to Mirage, her eyes flashing angrily. "What do you want, you overgreased, ill-assembled waldo? If you want my co-operation, you're not likely to get it, not after that."
<Anna> Mirage paused half-stride, his smile fading to a confused expression as he quietly repeated that insult to himself, raising a hand to comb his fingers through his white hair, "Well, I must say, I've never been insulted quite so... colorfully, before." He mumbled, "I had nothing to do with the torture of your friend, and no particular interest in my Master's wishes. I find you interesting, so here I am. Although I admit I do have ulterior motives of my own, I assure you I wish you and your companions no harm."
<Chroma> Chroma doesn't back down, even as a gust of rain-laden wind blows her hood back. "Don't toy with me, your words were not meant to disarm. You might as well clearly state what you want and the veiled threat that comes with it."
<Anna> Mirage snorted, "I would have thought you would appreciate honesty." He muttered, shrugging, "But fine. I'll clearly state what I want. I have a vessel. An airship, of a sorts. The animating intelligence attached to it refuses to obey commands from me, and its master has vanished, so right now it's sitting over in that mountain rang gathering moss, and has been for ten years now." He pointed towards some mountains, sounding irritated, "When my Master gave me my orders, I couldn't have cared less until I heard about what you are. I thought you might be willing to assist me in the interests of me continuing to ignore my Master's orders and earning his considerable wrath."
<Chroma> She furrowed her brows. "You said, animating intelligence? I'm... interested now, though still doubtful. I do, in fact, appreciate honesty. What other objectives do you have in regards to me?"
<Anna> "If you can make my vessel cooperative, I'll be in your debt." Mirage replied, shrugging, "I have no other wants or needs. My Master wanted me to spy on you, capture you and imprison you for him, but I have no interest in doing so. How much do you know about the major powers in Creation, Spark?"
<Chroma> "More than I used to, not as much as I need to. Creation is a hideously disorganized place."
<Anna> "Have you heard of Deathlords?" He asked curiously, gesturing for her to follow then, if she was interested.
* Chroma follows, drawing her soaked hood over her head again. "No, but it sounds fairly macabre."
<Anna> "Mmm. Well, to make a long story short..." During the walk, he explained in simple terms the war between the Gods and the Primordials, the Neverborn, and how dead Solars were made into the Deathlords to serve the Neverborn in basically destroying-fucking-everything, how wonderful. It took two hours of walking to reach their destination, though fortunately the rain stopped after the first half hour. "And here she is. The Beast." He said, gesturing to the massive airship in the valley, covered in large black jade plates of armor, and even possessing what looked like one or two functional essence cannons. It appeared there had been more at one point, but they'd been damaged or discarded since.
* Chroma cranes her head back. "And you actually like this thing?"
<Anna> "When it was fully operational it destroyed a city in the span of seconds. Yes. Yes, I like it a lot." Mirage replied cheerfully, a large ramp coming down to allow access, "It has a full crew right now. Not that it really needs it. The former owner rescued some slave girls before she disappeared, and many of them live here now. I'm not exactly sure why I allow it, except that I liked her enough that I'll honor the last request she made before her disappearance."
<Chroma> "I'll see what I can do. That's all I can promise, I'm afraid. And if you double cross me, I'll have to kill you, and that would be rather bothersome. Understood?"
<Anna> Mirage chuckled, "I understand. If I double-cross you, you'll attempt to kill me. That would be quite bothersome, so I'll refrain from treachery." He said, nodding. Then he lead her into the airship. The halls were quite large, so they had no problems navigating them even with the bustle of the crew going from one place to another. Eventually they reached the command room, which was dominated by a large, and obviously mechanical orichalcum sphere about 18 inches in diameter, which glowed with blue essence, "Mirage. I have already told you, I cannot follow any orders but Melua Maia Mala's. Why do you insist on bothering me?" Echoed a mechanical, female voice from the sphere, before its 'eye' rotated to look at Chroma, "Who is this?"
<Chroma> Even as Chroma took off her cloak, her skin began dissolving, falling off in pieces, and vanishing into nothing, and a variety of obviously mechanical parts unfolded slightly from her body. Her hair reverted to steel-gray, and her underlying skin was white, with rainbow beads of light coursing over it. "You are not...a machine spirit. I am Brilliant Chromatic Spark, and it is very nice to meet such a sophisticated construct."
<Anna> Mirage's eyes widened a little, "Well... I knew you'd look different, but I wasn't quite prepared for that." He said quietly. The sphere fixated its gaze upon Chroma, an inner ring rotating slowly as the outer shell expanded, "I am Sapphire. I was created by the Solars of the First Age to serve them in battle. Now I am a useless trinkent, but I appreciate your compliments. I do not recognise your design. Are you a Sidereal construct?"
* Chroma smiled at Mirage, then looked back at Sapphire. "Sidereal...they are the Chosen of the stars? I guess you could say I'm related, in a way, but they had no part in my design. I am a Child and Champion of the Great Maker."
<Anna> "I do not recognise that designation." Sapphire stated, "Many of my memories and data files are corrupt or incomplete. Please elaborate?" Mirage, meanwhile, stepped back, just listening in and looking Chroma over with a fascinated expression.
<Chroma> "The Primordial Autochthon was the one who devised the Exaltations. I have not encountered any but the Exalted of Gaia, yet, but I've seen records. Before he did so, he created prototypes which he never made. After the Chosen of the Sun drove off the Great Maker, he decided to..." Chroma wiggled her fingers, "Perfect them."
<Anna> "I am an Exalted of Luna. Or I was. My Exaltation has been altered." Mirage piped in, burning enough essence to make his black crescent-moon castemark show, shrugging. Sapphire whirled about, "Oh. Mechanical Exalted? How fascinating. It is a great pleasure to meet you, Brilliant Chromatic Spark."
<Anna> Sapphire's tone was a strange mixture of awe and delight, sounding very happy indeed.
* Chroma flicked her eyes to Mirage's forehead, frowning. "I never could get along with Moonsilvers. They think being pretty means they can become hedonists." Turning back to Sapphire, she bowed. "I am mechanical, yes, but I still possess a human soul. Constructs approaching your intricateness are almost unheard of, aside from the machine spirits of the Great Maker. I look forward to talking with you."
<Anna> "As do I. My 'soul' was once what the humans in Creation call a God. I was infused into this, to serve my Solar masters better." Sapphire said, while Mirage looked almost hurt by Chroma's words, "I... see. Well, Ms. Spark, do you think you could help remove the restraints that keep Sapphire from doing anything? I think even she's irritated with them at this point." He said. "I am not irritated to do my duty." She replied. "Not helping, Sapphire." Mirage snapped back.
<Chroma> "Maybe. Sapphire, would you consent to modification? Or is there anything you'd like me to do for you?"
<Anna> Sapphire was silent for a moment, orichalcum rings whirling, before she spoke up finally, "I would like my restraints removed. I consent to modification, as long as it is not too intrusive. I wish my mind to remain my own."
<Chroma> If there was any part of her that Chroma thought truly beautiful, it was her hands. Long, thin, calibrated to minute movements, they were a work of art even among Autochthon's Champions. Staring down at those hands, she nodded. "I'll do everything I can for you, Sapphire. I'll remove your constraints."
<Anna> "Thank you." Sapphire said, admiring those hands as well, before appearing to go into a standby mode, the blue essence eminating from the core dimming significantly, all motion ceasing.
* Chroma looks over to Mirage. "I'm going to need some privacy to maintain her modesty," she tells Mirage.
<Anna> Mirage raised a brow, "Modesty?" He asked, "Are you kidding? Fine fine..." He murmured, chuckling and shaking his head and moving to leave the control room.
<Chroma> A series of lenses popping from her temples slide over her eyes, and her fingers split open to form various tools, as she removes the cover from Sapphire and works for several hours, gently probing and learning her insides to look for the places that would take the smallest change to achieve her goal. Finally, she very carefully fastened Sapphire back together, tested the motonic capacitance circuits, and declared it finished.
<Anna> Once it was done, Sapphire slowly buzzed back to life, that blue essence radiating out from her core once again, "It's done. Thank you. So much. I can finally move again." Sapphire said, sounding excited and relieved.
<Chroma> "I tried to be gentle. How are you feeling?"
<Anna> "Wonderful. I wonder what I should do now. I suppose I should follow Mirage's orders..."
<Chroma> "Only if you want to. I removed all the constraints I could find, except those that were involved in feedback loops."
<Anna> Sapphire thanked Chroma profusely for her assistance, and then Mirage stepped in, grinning, "It's done? It's good? Excellent! Emerald, prep for launch immediately!" He said, before he was interrupted by the sound of a man yelling out, "MIRAGE! Don't even think! of leaving!" The voice was coming from outside the airship. It was very loud.
* Chroma looks up from the seat she took, her hand still split into many tools as she checks them. "What's going on?"
<Anna> Mirage groaned, raising a hand to rub at his temples, "It seems your arrival was noticed by someone else, as well." He mumbled. Then there was a sudden gust of wind and a man looking to be in his mid-thirties was standing in the doorframe of the control room, wearing plate armor made of starmetal with red jade plates on the shoulders, elbows, knees and boots, his hair short, dark and messy, a red cape whipping violently behind him before settling, "Mirage." He grunted, before approaching Chroma and kneeling, bowing his head with one fist held to his chest, "Servant of the Great Maker. I bring you an invitation from my Lord Innerosia, who was once Pluto. He was hoping you would attend a dinner to be held in your honor."
<Chroma> Brilliant Chromatic spark touched her hair ornament idly. "Pluto? Innerosia? Regardless, I accept, on the condition that the dinner is to be held in the honor of the Great Maker, not his Servant."
<Anna> The man chuckled a little, "I'm certain that can be worked out. Mirage? You're staying. Innerosia will have need of you soon, and you owe him a substantial debt. If you attempt to flee, I will catch you." He said simply. Mirage rolled his eyes and moved to slump onto a seat, "Hear that, Sapphire? Looks like we're stuck here a little longer." The darkhaired man gestured for Chroma to follow him, smiling, "I have a carriage waiting outside to take you into the city, so there's no need to walk in this terrible weather. Are you familiar with the Maidens, or the Loom of Fate?"
<Chroma> "The Loom, yes, I had to be modified to be compatible." She looked up at Sapphire. "All I know about the Maidens is what Mirage could tell me, which was next to nothing, and that I'm the archetype for their Chosen. But, must we go now? I was really looking forward to discussing things with Sapphire."
<Anna> "Well, there's certainly time. If you wish to stay and talk with her. I shall wait for you outside then." He said with a bow and a flourish of his cape, turning to leave. Mirage groaned, "Somehow that kid got even more insufferable with age..."
<Chroma> "Well, he had manners, at least. Is there anything I should know?" she asked Mirage, stretching, and dusting off her bare shoulders.
<Anna> "He's... different. But so much of Creation is different for you, so I doubt it will make much difference. His great-great-great grandfather is a God called Innerosia. A very uppity God, who used to be one of the Maidens, apparently, until the others tore him to pieces and used parts of him to create the Loom." Mirage mumbled, getting to his feet, "Shall I leave you then, to talk privately with Sapphire? I've never been much good with girl talk. Or machine talk."
<Chroma> "Stay or go, I don't mind. I want to know what Sapphire thinks of all this."
<Anna> "I am uncertain what to think." Sapphire admited, "Melua had a destiny. She was special, and she was going to use me for great things. But now she is gone, and I am without purpose again. I wish to have a purpose. Something great. I don't want Mirage flying me off somewhere quiet where he can settle down with his harem." Mirage cleared his throat loudly at the use of the word harem.
<Chroma> Brilliant Chromatic Spark pulled the ornament out of her hair, and stroked it lightly. Though it might have been a trick of the light, it seemed though the ornament was moving slightly in repsonse. "Well, I have a purpose. Since it spans most, or all, of this land, I suppose you could call it great. I intend to make it so someone in the East can talk to someone in the West, instantly, or close enough. And I don't intend it to be a limited service." Chroma sighs. "I don't think I have any use for a 'Destiny,' though." She paused. "One question though, what's a harem?"
<Anna> "That... sounds marvelous!" Sapphire exclaims, "That is a grand purpose indeed. I would gladly serve you in this however I can. I am yours to command, Brilliant Chromatic Spark." Mirage pushed himself to his feet, "Now wait just a goddamn second, Sapphire, what the hell does that mean?" Sapphire projected a transluscent image of a woman, then, a tall islander woman with green hair, who glared intently at Mirage, "It means I am choosing to serve her, not you." She said flatly, before answering Chroma's last question, "A large group of women or men who are tasked with serving someone sexually." She replied directly, leaving Mirage with his head in his hands, "Worst day. Worst day."
<Chroma> "A large group? That sounds highly ...unoptimal?" Shaking her head, Chroma smiles. "I'm no leader, Sapphire, but I'd be happy if you'd help me as a friend. Now, I should go get ready to meet that man outside, I don't intend to travel in public like this."
<Anna> "Why not? You're so beautiful. Humans are terribly bland." Sapphire said admiringly, the holographic projection seeming to delight in admiring all of Chroma's marvelous mechanical details.
<Chroma> Chroma blushed, a silver tint on her porcelain cheeks. "It's always been one of the functions of the Blessed of Mog, to go among the populace unknown. So, being bland is a required part of my life, especially now, in this alien land."
<Anna> "Well, that strikes me as terribly sad. Your true form is so much lovelier." Sapphire said, and Mirage threw his hands up in the air, "My airship has a crush on a robot. Just my luck." He muttered, "Well then, have a good evening, Spark. We'll be waiting for you to return, as Sapphire will no doubt refuse to budge until then." He said as he walked out, sounding rather resigned.
<Chroma> Laughing lightly as Mirage left, Spark turned to Sapphire. "Is there somewhere nearby I can change?"
<Anna> Sapphire smiled and gave a small nod, and then the holographic projection transformed into three dimensional map of the airship's internal structure, highlighting the room they were in and then highlighting several other rooms and the paths leading to them, "Any of these rooms would be suitable, as none are in use right now." She replied.
* Chroma nodded and left, raising a hand in fairwell. "Take care of yourself, Sapphire." -- 10 minutes later, Brilliant Chromatic Spark walked down the ramp of the beast, with her artificial skin in place, her charms recessed, and her black cloak drawn around herself, once more.
<Anna> No more than a dozen yards from the ramp of the beast, a large and very ornate and expensive wooden carriage was waiting, with large constructs at the front that looked akin to horses only larger and made of a rough, cracked black stone, their eyes glowing rubies. The dark-haired man, who had been sitting atop the carriage waiting for her, hopped down to land on his feet, bowing gracefully before opening the door, "That's quite a disguise. And here I was wondering how you hadn't attracted much attention until now."
* Chroma smiles politely, raising an eyebrow of interest at the transport. "I find looking plain keeps heads from turning when they shouldn't, good sir. Your patience is commendable, thank you."
<Anna> "'Tis truly not such a commendable feat as that." He said with a chuckle, gesturing inside, the interior of the large carriage quite spacious and lit by glowing magitech lamps the exuded a soft blue light and radiated a slight amount of warmth, and the seats were a very soft, white leather, "Well then, shall we go?"
* Chroma smiled widely at the interior. "Yes, if you don't mind." Sitting with the practiced elegance of someone who's been forced to attend far too many formal events. "So, you seem to know Mirage. What's your history?"
<Anna> He joined her within the carriage, chuckling a little, "We had a disagreement, roughly a decade ago when I was still a boy. His friends had left, and I was headstrong and rather arrogant with the newfound power of the Exaltation I was given. I challenged Mirage for ownership of his airship and was taught a valuable lesson in humility. He's always been rather hostile to me since, and I like seeing him irritated. He doesn't dare harm me for fear of my Lord's wrath." He replied, sitting opposite Chroma, "Which reminds me. I have yet to formally introduce myself. I am Julanos, the first Exalt of Innerosia and his descendant, and Count of Juatra, since my mother's passing."
<Chroma> Chroma pushed back her hood and touched her soulgem in greeting, even though it was obscured. "And I am Brilliant Chromatic Spark of the Starmetal Caste, Champion of Yugash. Well met, Lord Julanos."
<Anna> "And you. It is a great honor to meet you. My Lord has a great respect for the Great Maker's work, and he's very excited at the prospect of meeting you." Julanos replied with a charming smile. The carriage had started moving almost immediately once they'd gotten inside, though it was barely noticable, as it glided so gently along the ground that only the sound of the construct's galloping hooves gave lie to the sensation of tranquil stillness. Well, that and the landscape passing them by rather quickly outside the windows.
* Anna changes topic to '[Exalted, 2nd Edition] Storyteller: Anna | Campaign: Void and Vitriol | Current Events: Campaign start may be delayed to Sept. 10. It's a DINNER PARTY and everyone's invited | Total H. Celestial XP: 16 - Total L. Celestial XP: 23 - Total Non-Celestial Exp: 32'

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Session Log 1
<Anna> It's a dinner party! And all of you are invited. Except for the Mother of Sorrow and Torment, who wasn't so much invited as captured, and was shackled to a rather fancy seat at a rather fancy table with a rather fancy feast laid out for them. At the head of the table sat a large, white-haired, bearded gentleman with long flowing robes. Then the door opened and the Count of Juatra (whose dining room you're all gracing) stepped inside, followed by Brilliant Chromatic Spark, "I have our last dinner guest, Grandfather." He said with a charming smile. Innerosia, that large bearded man at the head of the table, grinned broadly, "Such a pleasure to make the acquiantance of one of the Maker's chosen! Please, sit, eat, enjoy! I imagine you are all wondering why you were invited here, are you not?" He asked with a broad smile, while the Count lead Chroma to a seat, drawing ito out for her.
<Leona> Leona raised her eyebrow at the ...dark looking lady being chained to her seat at the table. She opted not to ask about it though, in fact she was rather tight lipped beyond her greetings and small conversation, a little nervious about what was going on, especially since she was called out specificly for being in the cult of the iluminated. She wore a long white dress herself though it had black on it's sides and wasn't flowy but rather fit a bit more tightly. She was a rather tall woman it seemed. She glanced around at all the other guests and at the newcomer.
* Solenn smiles slightly at Innerosia, looking a little uncomfortable. "How could I not, it is not often that a city's leaders take pains to invite me to... parties. This is not my kind of event." he says, holding up a fork. He looks around the room, his eyes resting on the shackled member of the party for a moment, before flickering back to the host.
<Chroma> Having left her coat at the door, Brilliant Chromatic Spark nodded and sat gracefully in the indicated seat. While she was slightly curious that someone who had committed an infraction would be fed well, she decided to merely eat. Eating was a particularly enjoyable activity, since she was used to foods grown in hydroponic farms, and about the only source of meat was rat back home. Thus, Chroma set into her food politely, but intensely.
* Isaac` turns his attention to the newest and final arrival. 'Maker's chosen'? Curious! He pushed that thought aside for now, quickly took in the faces of the others, then nodded to Innerosia. "I must admit, I wasn't expecting such a... warm welcome?" Such a strange group assembled at the table. What did Innerosia have in mind for them all?
<Leona> Leona on the otherhand had one of her men waiting nereby but out of sight with her gear, it paid to be a little paranoid as an "anathema", she was eating rather slowly herself, wondering what "maker's chosen" meant exactly.
* Mother_of_Sorrow is sitting as comfortably in her chair. As much as she can, as she's nonetheless tied up. If she's bothered by it, she doesn't show it at all. She look at the various guests, one by one. "I must say, they truly know how to treat a guest with... care and attention."
<Anna> There were other people at the table as well, a few men and women further down on the table, listening quietly. Innerosia smiled broadly at his guests, "Well, let us get to business, then. I am Innerosia, and this here is my great, great, great Grandson, Julanos Jutran, the Count of this fine city. I am a God, and I have need of your aid." He said, while starting to eat. One woman who was seated at the table let out a groan and muttered, "Boriiing...", rising from her seat and limping out of the dining room with her cane. Julanos stared flatly at that, a little stunned.
<Leona> Leona blinked at the mention of him being a god but didn't let it stun her for too long... the woman who limped out with a cane on the other hand did surprise her and she watched her leave before turning back to her food, eating a little awkwardly and also wondering what that was about
<Anna> Innerosia cleared his throat, "Well, to the most immediate matters at hand. Mother, isn't it? I must apologise for the chains, but when I became aware of your presence in my city, I wasn't certain if you were a spy or not. After investigating some, I've concluded you have no connections to the Deathlords, and so now I'm recruiting you. I'm actually recruiting all of you. Any objections?" Innerosia asked with a raised brow, leaning back in his chair.
<Leona> Leona blinked and raised her hand "Um yes actually, I'm not inclined to accept any sort of recruitment without knowing what it's for exactly first." she said frowning at him being ... pushy it seemed.
* Solenn 's eyes flicker to the woman quickly, before returning to focus upon Innerosia again. He raises an eyebrow at the mention of Deathlords before glancing to Mother of Sorrow with a faintly hostile look on his face. "Recruiting me? That depends entirely upon what is is you want me to do" he says whilst turning back. "If you invited me you must know that I have a duty to uphold to my city".
* Solenn His face hardens slightly "Do not ask me to do anything that might jepordise that."
<Chroma> "As for me, I'm already in the service of the Triptarite of Yugash, and that's not negotiable," Chroma says between bites.
* Isaac` stops half-way through a mouthful, then awkwardly finishes it off, taking a quick sip of wine after. "Recruiting us to help you?" he sounds mildly curious and puzzled at the same time, "...with what, then?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow stayed silent the whole time, with a faint smile on her face, as if amused by something. "I suppose I'm not in any position to say no?" she says rather calmly.
<Anna> Julanos sighed, "You're not very good at this, Grandfather." He muttered. Innerosia chuckled a little, "Well, I'm glad to know none of you are easily swayed. That's good. I have no intention of forcing any of you into my service, of course. That would be foolish. But I'm hoping you will be interested in helping me with this task." He said, gesturing to a pair of guards. They stepped forward and unshackled Mother of Sorrow before retreating again, and Innerosia continued, "Put simply, I need two tasks performed. The first is the recovery of a certain artifact from the city of Thorns. And that's the easier of the two tasks. I would send my own Exalted, but as of the moment, they are few in number and all on tasks of their own, until I can craft more Exaltations."
<Leona> She blinked "... Exaltations? Explain." she said, somewhat confused about him saying he could -craft- exaltations "And you want us to go to Thorns of all places? ... if that's the easier of the two tasks I'm not looking forward to hearing what the second is." she said biting her lip and looking back to her food
* Solenn stares at Julanos blankly "I would rather not provoke the Mask of Winters, especially now that they are not actively waging war on the threshold. You will have to give me a damn good reason to go into that city."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> The woman rise from her chair to stretch herself, glad to finally be able to move again. The elegant woman, flip her hair, long and black before going back to her chair, this time slouching, her glass in hand.
* Isaac` leans back slowly. "Thorns," he states. "Thorns, of all places. Are we talking 'recover' as in 'retrieve rightful property', or as in 'borrow without intent to return'?" He also mentally notes the talk of crafting more exaltations for a later report. The Pact are going to go mental when they hear about that.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Is that really different, in the end?"
<Anna> "If all goes well, you will not even attract his attention. The particular Artifact I need you to acquire is not in the Mask of Winter's possession, and as far as I know, he's not even aware of its existence. I'm not asking for an invasion, I'm asking for quiet infiltration and acquisition." Innerosia said, holding up his hands in a calming gesture, "The artifact itself isn't even technically inside Thorns, it's in a small Underworld city a few miles south of Thorns. Still within the Mask's reach, but less likely to attract attention. As for that other thing you're no doubt all wondering about..." Innerosia smiled, "I have created my own Exalted. It took me many centuries of study, and a great deal of effort, but I have done it. My grandson here is one such." He gestured to Julanos, then he gestured to Chroma, "And this is Chroma, Exalted of the Primordial Autochthon. Chroma, would it be impolite of me to ask you to show them your true form?"
* Chroma grimaced. "At the table? The loss of the synthetic skin isn't very...conductive to an appetite, sir. May I be excused for a minute?"
* Solenn chuckles lightly at the word infiltration, before turning to fix his gaze on Chroma.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Oh don't you worry, I have surely seen far worst."
<Leona> She frowned "Primordial..." she said under her breath "Underworld..." she frowned and sighed, rubbing her forehead, it was one thing to be sidetracked from her goal, it was another to be side tracked into the world of the dead itself, an idea she wasn't fond of at all. She blinked also as he explained he made his own exalted "I see..." it was all incredibly confusing and sudden.
* Isaac` breathes a (very small) sigh of relief at the mention of a different location and pushes his headband back up a bit. "I'd heard rumours, but I didn't think they were more than misidentified Solars at first. What are they called, then? And... Exalted of Autochthon...?" he frowns. What is this, a 'find one new kind of Exalt, get another one free' deal? More fodder for the report...
<Anna> "If you'd rather wait for a more appropriate time, that is of course your perogative." Innerosia said, "I apologise for any discomfort I caused you, and of course you may be excused if you wish." He looked to the others and nodded, "Alchemicals, I believe Autochthon's Exalted are called, though my information is unreliable. I have named my own Exalted Hereticals. For personal reasons. And because I find the name catchy. Rolls off the tongue. Hereticals. Heeereticals." Innerosia grinned a little, holding his hands out, "Catchy, right?" Julanos groaned.
* Chroma gets up with a nod, and leaves through a door, closing it behind her.
* Solenn raises an eyebrow, evidently feeling that Innerosia is somewhat insane. "You are doing a lot of talking about this object, yet you have still to tell us where it is and more importantly what this artifact is."
<Leona> Leona let out a awkward fake laugh at that before looking back to her food "What exactly are we getting in return for doing this work? I... don't exactly appreciate being sidetracked from what I was doing before." she said.
* Isaac` certainly hasn't started taking notes in a little book. Nnnnope. "Hereticals. I see... our friend raises a valid point. What exactly are we supposed to be getting from somewhere near Thorns anyway?"
<Chroma> Chroma re-enters the room, completely changed. Her hair, now steel gray cables, with a few glowing wires, hid a shining gem on her forehead. Her skin, smooth alabaster with pulses of light travelling in lines. Small designs laid in her skin around the joints, with exterior cabling on a few of them. Her arms were covered in starmetal tracery, shaped as a glove. Looking around with silver eyes that looked more like a camera iris than a human eye, she bowed, grinning at the expressions of those seated. "My name is Brilliant Chromatic Spark, and I apologize for deceiving you all."
<Anna> "Oh, Leona, it's funny you should ask that. See, you're actually on loan to me from the Cult of the Illuminated. Our goals overlap in this matter." He said with a broad grin, raising a hand to stroke his beard, "But naturally, there's plenty of opportunity for all of you to earn rewards in return for service. The artifact is a gauntlet. A very special guantlet. It will be quite unmistakable, as it's crafted from Orichalcum and another material that none of you will be familiar with, but Chroma will no doubt know of, Adamant." He said. Then he turned to look at Chroma, grinning, "Oh my... you truly are a marvelous creation, my dear. It is a very great pleasure to meet you..." He said, bowing his head.
* Mother_of_Sorrow look over at Chroma, fascinated, The woman is still slouching nonchalantly, but she's taking some mental notes of everything that hapenned so far.
* Chroma inclined her head respecfully, smiling, and retook her seat, only slightly irritated that it was close to being too large for her.
<Leona> She frowned "... I'm what? They have no ability to put me on loan, I'm not a weapon to be given back and forth? Why didn't they tell me they were considering an agreement such as this?" she said angrily before taking a deep breath and sighing, rubbing her forehead "I guess if it benefits them that will assist my own goals somewhat, there's going to be words exchanged over them going behind my back about this and not telling me though." she said aggrivatedly before looking over towards Chroma, staring wide eyed "Um..."
* Solenn smiles faintly "You are certaintly good at saying a lot without actually giving any information. How is this gauntlet special?" Solenn leans back and crosses his arms. He glances to Chroma, looking faintly shocked, before glancing around the rest of the group, a questioning look on his face.
* Isaac` raises both eyebrows for a moment at Chroma's return and new appearance. He jots a few more notes down, stashes the book in an inside pocket, and finishes off his dinner. "Curious," oh, there goes the last of his wine too, "...a special gauntlet, heretical and alchemical exalted." He slowly leans back and relaxes a little. "Alright, I'm in."
<Anna> Innerosia laughed a little at Leona's outburst, "Oh, calm down, Leona. This is a marvelous opportunity for all of you. But I am sorry if it seems like I am forcing this on you." He looked to Solenn, then, nodding his head, "I cannot go into the details about the gauntlet, except that it will be necessary for our future goals, and that none of you are to put it on. Do you understand? Do not wear it."
* Chroma raises a silver eyebrow. "Why not?"
<Leona> She sighed again, flopping back into her chair "Fine but I'm not sure what good I'll do for a stealth operation such as this." she said, nodding as he made it clear not to wear the gauntlet.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Isn't it obvious?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Only an idiot wouldn't expect one of us to put on the gauntlet, as he know we would want to put it on because he said not to do so.. Either this is a very cunning trick to make sure we don't wear the gauntlet, or he's a mad man. I say its the latter."
* Solenn frowns before leaning forward "Do you really expect me to trust you, especially when you state that we should not put on the very object that we are going to retrieve. Why? Is it dangerous? Or is it some kind of weapon that you would prefer noone to know about." he pushes himself away from the table "Unless you can be less deliberately vague, I don't see how we can work together, especially with a task that may involve Thorns of all places."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "But, maybe all the excentricity is just an act."
<Leona> Leona was a bit more inclined to trust him due to the cult having okay'd this but she too understood Solenn's concerns over the matter.
<Anna> "Well, there's the small fact that the reason the artifact isn't presently in the Mask of Winter's or my possession is... because it's guarded." Innerosia admited, "It's in a rather large... tomb, I suppose you could call it? And guarded by a demon that's been bound to it. Which is also why you are not to wear it. The tomb no doubt has other dangers you'll need to face, other guardians, and you may need to battle the demon trapped within the guantlet as well." Innerosia stated simply, "If you wear the guantlet, you may put yourself at risk. Once I have it, I should be able to remove the demon from it..."
<Chroma> "A demon? I'm not particularly prepared to handle one. Though, I suppose that might explain the usage of adamant, which I am to understand is a very rare substance here?"
<Leona> "Demons? I ... I can see why I might be needed then." she said frowning, rubbing her temples, still rather irritated.
<Isaac`> "Demons? Well, that would certainly explain that. So, bust into an old tomb, bypass the traps and guardians, probably beat the tar out of a demon, and make off with the gauntlet. All without the Mask of Winters not spotting us at any point, when he may or may not be planning for this to happen anyway. Are there any other little surprises you'd like to reveal before we go charging off and probably get lost before we're even half way there?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow laugh loudly, interrupting him.
<Anna> Innerosia nodded his head to Chroma, "I believe so." He said, then smiled at Leona, nodding his head. "I'll be completely honest, though... I know what Exalts are like. You're willful. You have your own goals, and probably have little interest in following my orde-" He paused as Mother laughed loudly, staring at her flatly and raising a brow, "Did I say something funny, Deathknight?"
* Solenn settles down slightly, and mulls this information over for a few moments. "Orichalcum in a tomb" he mutters to himself, before looking up with a faint smile, and then a grin "This place sounds interesting. I am not going to make any guarantees, but that sounds ... fun."
<Leona> "I'd be more inclined to-" she stared flatly as the deathknight interrupted them all
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "That all does sound very simple, doesn't it?"
<Leona> "Nothing is ever as easy as it seems." she retorted simply before turning her attentions back to the god. "I'd be more inclined to actually help if I knew what was at stake or why exactly the Church of the Illuminated is having me get involved in it and what stakes they're putting into it, but I imagine you won't say anything about that huh... what were you going to say anyway."
* Isaac` eyes the Abyssal for a moment. "Trivial, even." He leans back a little more. "Still, a little adventure once in a while is good."
<Anna> "If it were easy as I'm making it sound, I assure you it would be done already." Innerosia said simply, sighing, "This is simply the first step in a greater plan. One which will, hopefully, change the entirity of Creation for the better." He murmured, "I know you all have your own goals and likely have little interest in doing whatever tasks I set out for you. But consider how much good a group of Exalted working together can do. Together, you can assist each other in your individual goals, and help me as well. And in doing so, hopefully you'll all make Creation a better place and it's all very happy. There, I gave the teamwork speech." Innerosia grumbled. Julanos rubbed his forehead and sighed.
* Mother_of_Sorrow , of all people, give a slow clap to the speech.
<Leona> Leona raised her eyebrow, seeming thoughtful for the moment as she cocked her head to the side before taking a deep breath "Alright then..." she said, looking around at the ... less then stable looking group she was trying to form, feeling a vien throb in her head at the idea of trying to get this lot to do anything
* Isaac` nods. "It's worth a shot... it will be easier if we work together, too. Very touching, yes. Are we done here? I could do with some fresh air after all this and that."
* Chroma looks up. "Fresh air? I don't detect any toxins in the air here."
* Solenn looks irritated by Mother of Sorrows continued sarcasm, before standing up to his full height, looming over the rest of the group, before bowing slightly. "I feel we have said all we need to here. I shall go back to my Inn to prepare." he glances to Innerosia "I hope you understand that I will have to report my meeting with you to my superiors, however I will delay informing them of what we intend to do, I feel it would be ... unwise at this point."
<Leona> She looked up at Solenn, actually speaking to him for the first time since she got there "You're joining in on this mess then?" she asked a little hopefully, he seemed to have his shit stright and frankly that'd help her somewhat.
<Anna> Innerosia nodded slowly at Solenn and Isaac, looking a little frustrated, "I forgot how willful Exalted could be." He mumbled to himself, taking a deep breath, then looking to Chroma with a faintly amused smile, "It's just an expression, dear. You have goals here in Creation too, don't you? No doubt quite grand ones. I must confess, I feel somewhat humbled. My Exalted Creations pale in comparison to the elegance of your design."
* Solenn grins at Leona "As crazy as it sounds, yes, I do believe I am." he turns to look at Innerosia "Is there anything else you wish to discuss at this time?"
* Chroma smiles. "My goals are the goals of the people of Autochthonia, of course. I'm not entirely sure I can reveal to you what those are, state security being what it is. Though I appreciate your compliment, I'm of the first batch of smaller Champions, and I think I've been called "Elegant" so many times by the Triptarite, the word has lost much of its meaning to me."
<Leona> She raised a eyebrow at Innerosia snosing up to Chroma like that but said nothing of it, then she nodded at Solenn and blushed a little at his grin before turning her attentions back to innerosia
* Isaac` sighs slightly at Chroma. "That's... not... oh nevermind." He slowly stands up and nods to Innerosia, "I've already agreed to help you, my apologies for the sarcasm. You have been an excellent host." He bows respectfully, then turns to leave. "I'm staying at an inn in town as well. Come find me if any of you wish to discuss anything."
<Anna> Innerosia shook his head slightly at Solenn's question, "Your airship is waiting for you not far from the city. Or at least, from what she's telling me, she'll serve your group, since apparently she's decided she'd like having an Exalted crew again, and has taken quite a liking to Chroma. There, your first reward already. You have an airship." He said, chuckling faintly and leaning back, "I'll let you all get to your business."
<Leona> She blinked, her jaw hanging just a little "... An airship? Of what sort? Is it battle capable?" she asked suddenly very interested, she had heard rumors of such a ship which is why she was even close to the area in the first place.
<Chroma> "I haven't asked her. It's armored, though."
* Mother_of_Sorrow get up from her chair and bow, with a smirk on her face. "I appreciated the hospitality."
<Anna> "I believe most of her weapons systems were lost, but she is armed with some essence cannons. And heavily armored." He murmured casually, waving a hand dismissively, "And very, very large. But I digress. I'll let you go about your business."
<Leona> "Hmmm...." she seemed deep in thought at hearing that, a weaponless armored personel carrier would still be very useful to her goals... unfortunately there were all these other goons attached to it so she'd have to convince them to let her use it.
* Solenn smirks at Innerosia, before walking to leave. Before he reaches the door he raises a hand and says "See you all in a bit" with a smile over his shoulder.
* Isaac` stops near the door. "An airship, eh? What next..." He offers a quick wave, then heads out for a walk around the city.
* Chroma stands up. "Does anyone need to talk to me before I go to change?"
<Leona> She sighed then and stood up, pushing herself up from the seat "Thank you for the dinner Innerosia and count Julanos." she said, giving a polite bow before walking away towards the door, following after Solenn though that was more that he was also leaving, her heels clacking on the hard floor.
<Anna> Innerosia shook his head at Chroma, "It was a great pleasure meeting you though, Brilliant Chromatic Spark. I hope we can get to know each other better."
<Leona> She waved to chroma as she left, and anyone else still left within before she stepped out of the door, sighing and staring up at the sky (Whatever time of day it is.) before looking around for kytran who should've been waiting for her somewhere.
* Anna changes topic to '[Exalted, 2nd Edition] Storyteller: Anna | Campaign: Void and Vitriol | Current Events: Anna Needs to plan better. | Total H. Celestial XP: 20 - Total L. Celestial XP: 27 - Total Non-Celestial Exp: 37'

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Session Log 1.5a (Leona and Solenn get to know each other and chitchat a bit)

* Solenn opens the door out of the dining room, and glances back briefly before sauntering off down the corridoor towards the buildings exit.
<Leona> Leona follows him out though not in step so she lagged behind a little, stretching out her arms as she stopped at the probably large steps of the building and staring up at the sky, before looking around for someone who from her reaction, didn't seem to be there. She frowned and moved to take a seat at a nereby bench "He's usually never late like this... wonder what's keeping him."
* Solenn stops as he leaves the building and looks around at the city. His eyes follow Leona as she moves over to the bench, and seems to think something over for a moment before wandering over. "Leona, wasn't it?" he states simply before looking around. "We didn't get much chance to talk in there, Innerosia seems to like getting straight to the point." He gestures to the bench. "May I?"
<Leona> She blinked as the large imposing and quite obviously dragonblooded individual known as Solenn spoke to her, getting a little nervious "A-ah um, yes, Leona Veronde..." she then nodded to his question "Straight to the point, a little pushy, and ... eccentric ... so, a total mad-tinker sterotype."
* Solenn grins at Leona's nervousness "I don't bite you know" he says with a chuckle, settling down onto the other end of the bench. "I am Kirigasa Solenn, as you have probably guessed by now an Earth Caste from Lookshy." Solenn leans back and looks out across the street, before turning back to Leona. "I have to say, it is unusual to see such a gathering of Celestial Exalts gathered together in one place." he says with a more serious look on his face. "Innerosia may be an eccentric, but he definately has some agenda here we are not seeing, wouldn't you think? Especially with him gathering so many people such as yourself."
<Leona> "I figured you might not since I did overhear the part about you being from Lookshy... still it pays to be a little paranoid if you're any sort of exalt other then of the elemental castes in most places of creation." she said, sitting back and relaxing somewhat "Yeah I must admit you give your caste away pretty well... sticks out a little like a behemoth in the sands of the south, no offense." she joked. "It is a little odd yes, especially a ... mix... I admit I'm more used to just dealing with Solars... never even heard of ... what was she called... Alchemical?" she then hmm'd "I'd certainly hope he's not tossing around words like "saving creation" lightly but I too wonder what he gains from it besides continued existance."
* Solenn smiles faintly as Leona mentions Solars, as if he has just confirmed something he only suspected. "Many tyrants have used that reasoning in the past." he says with a grim look. "I am less than inclined to trust a God. Their ways are far from human, and there is no telling how he plans to go about 'saving' everything."
<Solenn> He glances down at the floor "Now, I must say I am more curious about his claim that he has crafted Exaltations. If that is true... well it is actually quite disturbing news. Exalts were created for the express purpose of war... and I hope that Innerosia does not have such ideas in mind, this world has enough enemies."
<Leona> "That is true I must admit, but still there's always the small chance he's actually legitimately trying to save creation so ... I have to look with it..." she then nodded again about gods being so far from human and less inclined to trust them. She then frowned "I'm not sure I agree that Exalts were created purely for war... we ... do seem quite capible of killing though I must admit... if he did create them I do hope they could become allies rather then enemies... gods know I need all the allies I can get..."
* Solenn smiles faintly "I would think you have more allies than you credit yourself for. The Realm and Order have little power or favour in the threshold, Lookshy and Nexus can be thanked for that."
<Leona> "Mmm, that's true I suppose though Lookshy seem like they might be difficult to deal with though, understandibly so though, and they're far less inclined to kill me then the realm and the order are... Nexus... Nexus is a hive of scum and villany from what I've heard but I guess you could disappear there if need be."
* Solenn grimaces "Nexus... yes it is a city devoted to wealth and greed." He glances off to the side "Yes, my city does not entirely trust Solars. Your abilities to disrupt everything around you puts the general staff on edge... our society is based on merit though, so there is always a chance."
<Leona> She nodded again "I must admit I do intend some... disruption in the long run though I think Lookshy might like what I have in mind..." she then turned to look at him "I'm curious though, why speak to me of everyone else that was available in there?" she asked
* Solenn looks taken aback for a moment, before tilting his head in thought. "I don't know really, I guess you seemed the most... sensible of the people gathered there. I certantly would not relish conversation with someone even suspected of being associated with a Deathlord... and I find myself suspicious of Isaac, his dress is that of a rogue." he smiles "I'm not even going to begin to describe how curious I am about what and who Chroma is, though that can wait till later."
<Leona> "Ah... yeah I've had my fair share of military training and shots of leadership so that might've contributed to that impression... I too am wary of anyone associated with the deathlords and their knights... and Isaac... yeah that sounds like an appropriate summary for his dress and perhaps attitude... Sparky was certainly interesting and seemed well... I guess nice enough, rather blunt though."
<Solenn> "Indeed. Time will tell, it would seem that we have a lot of time together ahead of us." Solenn stands slowly, before turning back and bowing. "I think I had better get to the Inn, I have quite a bit to prepare. It has been good talking to you, until later." (he waits for a response before nodding and wandering off)
<Leona> She nodded "Later, I'm waiting for one of my men to show up so I can get some business done, then I have to mobilize the rest and get them to the airship and settled in, see you later." she said, watching him walk off as she sat and waited.

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Session Log 1.5b (Mother of Sorrow becomes Innerosia's student)

<Anna> It's been roughly two weeks since the initial introduction of the group to each other. Much time has been spent gathering supplies and preparing for the journey, and Mother of Sorrow and Torment has funneled a significant amount of her funds into converting a large workshop on the airship into something suitable for her purposes. And now she was at the University, where Innerosia normally held residence, after requesting a meeting with him. The large, bearded God sat behind his desk, a massive tome open in front of him, "You asked to see me?" He asked her without looking up, gesturing for her to take a seat.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Hmm yes, I never had the opportunity to thank you for your hospitality. Especially the chains during the dinner, that was very kind of you."
<Anna> Innerosia chuckled faintly, "My son's idea, not mine. I have no issues with Deathknights. Not much of a threat." He murmured, closing his tome and turning large black eyes to her, "Especially you. I'm not sure if you could actually lift a weapon."
* Mother_of_Sorrow jump in the chair and slouch again. She raise her arms. "What makes you believe I actually need one?"
<Anna> Innerosia chuckled, "A fair point." He murmured, raising a hand to stroke his beard slowly, "But somehow I doubt you pose much threat to anyone either way. So, you wished to speak to me? Regarding what?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Your creations."
<Anna> "I could ask which Creations you're refering to, but I'm assuming you mean my Heretical Exalted." Innerosia murmured, resting large, powerful hands on his desk and staring at her intently, "What do you wish to know about them? How I created them, right? That's what everyone wants to know."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I won't deny I am curious."
<Anna> He sighed and raised his hand to stroke his beard again, combing his fingers through that thick white hair, "Why? I don't just share my secrets to sate idle curiousities. What do you hope to gain from this knowledge, hm?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow take off one of her bone rings. She start playing with it, ignoring Innerosia for a moment. "Why should I tell you? I don't just share my secrets to sate idle curiousities."
<Anna> Innerosia shrugged his shoulders simply, "Well then, obviously you have no interest in learning from me. I don't take on disrespectful students." He rumbled, a note of amusement in his deep voice.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Oh, you have students?" She put the ring back in its place.
<Anna> "I had one. She disappeared, unfortunately, along with a tome that would have been utterly irreplacable if I hadn't already made a copy." Innerosia said, sounding both irritated and amused at the same time, "I caught her snooping, and she posed as a Deathknight to hide her true identity. Clever girl, she was. I only take clever students. Are you clever, Mother?" He raised a brow.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Lets just say I know how to look out for my own interrests. I wouldn't have survived long otherwise."
<Anna> "I'm not sure if I'd call self-serving selfishness a sign of cleverness, persay." Innerosia said, rising to his feet slowly, towering over her at over eight feet tall, "I will show you to my workshop and share with you the basics of how I did what I did. I may even take you on as a student. But I will expect you to show a measure of respect, and to be as open with me as I am being with you. Otherwise this discussion is over. Understood?" He was dead serious now.
* Mother_of_Sorrow look at Innerosia in the eyes. "Understood." She rise from her chair and bow in a somewhat exagerrated manner.
<Anna> Innerosia chuckled faintly, "Well, follow me, then." He said, moving towards a large bookshelf and idly pushing the massive thing aside as though it were effortless, opening a door and leading her down a flight of stairs, "So, Mother, what is it you want out of this, hm? What are YOUR goals?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Despite what you may think of me, I don't always enjoy destroying. In fact, now that I am on my own, I had time to think of what I want to do. What I want is, in fact, quite the opposite of destruction."
<Anna> "A creator, hm? No wonder you're rogue, then. The Gentleman is rather irritated with you for running away, I hear." Innerosia said, chuckling. The staircase lead down into a very large workshop, filled with all sorts of things that even Mother couldn't identify. There were also men and women hanging from the walls, chained up and unconscious, while others were kept in cages. He pointed to a woman in a cage and handed Mother a key, "Get her out of there and bring her over to the workbench here." He instructed her, gesturing to a bed-like bench.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Some people simply don't appreciate visionnaries." Mother takes the key and walk to the cage, observing the woman in it.
<Anna> The woman appeared to be in her mid-twenties, rather slender but not poorly taken care of, and wore little more than a white gown that preserved her modesty. Innerosia chuckled, "So very true." He said, moving to open a heavily locked box and withdrawing a large, mechanical gauntlet constructed from a variety of magical materials, putting it on.
* Mother_of_Sorrow open the cage and take the woman out, with some slight difficulties. Unable to carry her, she simply drag the woman to the bench.
<Anna> Innerosia watched with a raised brow, "I forgot that you weren't especially strong." He murmured with a chuckle, lifting the woman up onto the workbench. Then, he held out that gauntlet, holding it over the unconscious woman, "This gauntlet is of my creation. It took me several hundred years to perfect. With it, I can remove a soul from a living body, and make the soul physical, and able to be operated on. Do you wish to see?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow fold her arms and nod. "Proceed."
<Anna> The gauntlet on Innerosia's hand glowed with essense, and he placed it open the unconscious woman's abdomen before lifting it up, a whispy, ethereal duplicate of the woman floating in the air before them, with a red sphere glowing inside her abdomen and radiating veins of red essense through her body, "See that?" He said, pointing to it, "That is a Terrestrial Exaltation. This woman was part of a Wyld Hunt that was investigating my city. I don't take kindly to Realm soldiers snooping about."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Can you separate the Exaltation from her with this gauntlet?"
<Anna> He shook his head slightly, "I can solidify her soul." He said, and her ethereal self become more solid-looking and less transparent, "And I can perform surgery on her this way, to expose her Exaltation and study it. But removing an Exaltation would kill her, and the Exaltation would be whisked away anyway. So to create my own Exalts, I had to satisfying myself with studying, learning, and then recreating as best I could. It took many centuries of study."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "And how does one create an Exaltation? What have you studied? Only Terrestrials?"
<Anna> "Terrestrials, Lunars, Solars... I managed to capture and study a Sidereal Exaltation a decade ago, which was quite a boon. I also studied the Fair Folk in a similar manner, to get ideas from them." Innerosia replied, returning the woman's soul to her body. "Creating an Exaltation is very complicated. It requires shaping Essence in a way no charm is capable of doing, and giving it a form which it retains without anything physical to hold it." He gestured to some of the strange devices around the room, "Actually creating an Exaltation was the most complicated part of the whole endeavor."
* Mother_of_Sorrow nod again. "But despite all this you succeeded. After how many failed attempts?" she ask, amused and fascinated.
<Anna> "Dozens. My grandson, the Count... I thought his Exaltation was a failure as well. At first he was... mad. Irrational and unstable. But it turned out to be only temporary, and after a year his mind settled. After that, I continued my study, so I could further refine my design and create more. At present, I've only created ten Exaltations in the last twenty years. Creating just one requires a great deal of time, energy and effort. I haven't yet found a way to make Exaltation an hereditary trait, like it is among the Terrestrials. If I could duplicate that, then I'd have an army in a handful of centuries, and would no longer need to keep creating more and more Exaltations, as they would replicate themselves."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "What can these 'Hereticals' do?"
<Anna> "At present? Their full potential is unknown. As they're newly created, they don't have the large amount of innate charms they can learn that other Exalted have." He replied, "But they're learning. They develop their own charms, and can learn to duplicate some of the effects of charms they see other Exalted use. One of my Hereticals has learned Sorcery and is as capable as some Lunars. Solar Circle Sorcery is unfortunately beyond their reach."
* Mother_of_Sorrow walk next to Innerosia. "So this is your work? Impressive, very impressive. And I assume you are still experimenting? Is that why you want that other gauntlet?"
<Anna> "The artifact I am sending your group to retrieve is nothing like this one, and serves completely different functions. It's unrelated to these studies." He replied with a faint chuckle, removing his gauntlet and handing it to Mother Of Sorrow And Torment. It was heavy. Very heavy. She needed to steady herself from dropping it when it was placed in her hands, "Put it on, if you wish. If you think to steal it, then you'll be surprised. But it wouldn't inconvenience me much. I documented its creation extensively. I can recreate it if necessary."
* Mother_of_Sorrow try to maintain her composure, even if her face begin to show signs of her efforts to avoid dropping the precious gauntlet. "What makes you think I would steal it? Currently, it is useless to me."
<Anna> "It's valuable, and powerful. That's all the reason most would need." Innerosia murmured with a chuckle, watching the strain on her face, gesturing to a table, "You can put it down there and look at it better without needing to hold it up, if you want. Now I ask you some questions. What is it you wish to create, hm? Surely not your own Exaltations. You don't have the power for such a feat."
* Mother_of_Sorrow deposit the gauntlet delicately, or at least tries to. "And what if I had such power? Don't you think I wouldn't do it?"
<Anna> "I'm certain you'd probably try. The idea of an Exalt creating her own Exalted amuses me..." Innerosia said, watching as she carefully sat down the gauntlet. "You didn't answer my question. What is it you hope to create?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Something new, something...better."
<Anna> "You're avoiding the question." Innerosia said with a chuckle.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Life."
<Anna> Innerosia stared at her, "But..." He paused, sounding confused, "Are you... are you insane?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Does it matter? You see..." she walk around Innerosia. "When you truly are insane, you see things in ways you never could dream of before. Every transgression, every experiment seems to me as natural as breathing. Those who aren't insane see these things as shocking, regrettable, and horrible, unable to get the veil off their eyes and see the potential and greatness."
<Anna> Innerosia stared at her flatly, "The Neverborn won't just stand by and watch, though. They'll punish you. Lash out each and every time you transgress against their will." He warned, "Though no doubt you know this. Very well... I'll take you on as my student then. Perhaps one day creating an Exalted would be something you're capable of, but any time in the next few centuries? Unlikely." He moved to grab a huge, worn tome, full of assorted notes, sitting it down in front of her. "This contains most of my notes about the nature and construction of souls, Exaltations and living creatures. Study it on your journey. It will teach you much."
* Mother_of_Sorrow look at the tome, barely able to contain her enthusiasm. "I know the price to pay, but it is a necessary sacrifice."
<Anna> "That's what I tell myself every day." Innerosia rumbled, picking up his gauntlet and moving to lock it away again, before returning the unconscious woman to her cell. "For what it's worth, I'm pleased to meet a Deathknight who wishes to create rather than destroy. But I fear what you may unwittingly create."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Does it matter if a few insects die in the process?"
<Anna> Innerosia snorted, "I plan to rule over these insects one day. I'd rather have most of them alive." He mumbled, "But progress is always made on the bodies of others. Just be cautious, hm? You may go." He said, gesturing for her to leave.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "It was pleasure..." She put a knee down. "Master."
<Anna> Innerosia snorted, and just gestured at her dismissively, looking faintly amused.

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Session Log 2

<Anna> Over a month has passed since the initial introductions, and everyone's been quite busy since. Many of the crew of the airship have left, knowing that the original people they followed are no longer coming back, but still it has quite a substantial crew, and preparations for leaving are almost complete. Right now, I have NO IDEA what either of you are doing. In the city gathering supplies or shopping or doing something? I don't know. Work with me here.
<Leona> Leona was at one of the many inns in the city where her very small band of goons were currently lodged, she was putting on her armor, a currently lengthy process, in preperation for a recruitment drive perhaps, or at least browsing. She hadn't seen the others she was introduced to for quite awhile
* Isaac` is stretching his legs and getting a good walk around Juatra. For the time being, he seems to have wound up in the market, busy browsing the shops and stalls.
<Chroma> Brilliant Chromatic Spark was on Sapphire's airship, talking with Sapphire with lenses dropped over her eyes and repairing a small part that had needed repair in the airship.
<Anna> A woman approached Isaac, tapping him on one shoulder, "Excuse me, sir, would you like an apple?" She asked quietly, keeping her head down and holding up a large basket of apples.
<Anna> Mirage stood on the Bridge, watching Chroma silently, his arms crossed. He's been rather irritable since he learned that nobody on the airship seemed much to care about his orders anymore. Except for those loyal to him, of course.
* Isaac` stops and turns, glancing at the offered basket. "Sure, I guess," he carefully picks one out, "any particular reason for this... act of generosity?" He doesn't take a bite just yet, more curious about the woman than the apples.
<Leona> Leona huffed as she finally got all of her armor on, adjusting the collar so it was more comfortable and then throwing her cloak on after bundling up her shield and sword so they weren't entirely visable. It wasn't exactly wise to walk around with shiny fuckin golden swords and shields. She then stepped out of her room and down into the bar area, looking for Jalen and perhaps the others under her command currently, her metal boots thumping against the wood floor slightly
<Anna> The woman was short, with pale skin and a slightly disheveled appearance her hair dark black and tangled, "Everybody likes apples." She murmured in the same quiet, passive tone, turning to walk towards another person to offer them an apple as well, never making eye contact with anyone.
<Anna> Jalen looked up from where he was sitting with the other men, waving to Leona and rising to his feet, smiling, "Feeling okay?" He asked, approaching her.
<Chroma> A girl, looking no more than 12 with an overly elegant dress and blindfold, stepped onto the bridge. "Sapphire, I'm going out to town to get this week's worth of food. Is there anything else needed?" After a moment, Sapphire replied, "No, we still have an ample supply of reagents." Chroma's lenses flipped up, however, and she stretched. "Speak for yourself, I'm in dire need of a good walk. Do you mind if I join you, Desire?" The little girl shook her head, and Chroma started stowing her tools in her hand, and closed up the artifact. "Alright, it's decided then."
<Leona> "I guess, as much as I can feel while being someone else's errand girl." she said, crossing her arms "I'm thinking about browsing the market today for prospects, feel up for it?" she asked Jalen "It would probably be best if the rest of you also went out and felt around for some as well, also I have a list of some supplies we need to get" she handed it to one of them "Later tonight I expect some drilling, I want you all ready to move once we're meant to leave."
* Isaac` looks between the apple and the lady, looking mildly confused. "Well, I guess you have a point there." More importantly, feeling slightly offput by something... a little voice in the back of his head reminds him that, no, Isaac, that's just your paranoia speaking. Stop being crazy. He sighs and shakes his head, holding onto the apple and watching the lady as she walks around the marketplace.
<Anna> "I guess we can do that." Jalen said, looking a little worried at Leona, "Are you really okay? You look a little worn." He murmured, stepping up to her and gently placing a hand on hers, genuine concern in his eyes.
<Anna> The woman, meanwhile, kept slowly wandering the market, handing out apples to anyone who would take one. And Mirage looked at Chroma, raising a brow, "Have fun in town, then." He murmured, before turning his gaze to Desire, seeming a bit offput by her appearance.
<Leona> She blinked at him showing concern for her, it wasn't so much that was a new thing so much as him doing it in front of the men, which threw her a little, but she quickly regained her composure "I'm... I'm fine. I'm just a little tired from being so busy getting things in order that's all..." she wasn't technicly lying, just not telling him everything. In truth she was stressed out about having to go to the underworld for a multitude of reasons.
<Anna> Jalen nodded his head slowly, "Alright. Sorry for... yeah." He drew his hand away and saluted, "We'll get to work on looking for potential recruits, then." He said, gathering the rest of the men and heading out.
<Leona> She admitedly was wanting his company for this trip but after that moment she wasn't sure it'd be appropriate. She nodded and saluted back "Meet back here before nightfall." she said, turning and walking out of the inn, heading for the marketplace
* Isaac` frowns to himself, holding onto the apple for now as the uneasiness gnaws at the back of his mind. He tries to distract himself with further contemplating their upcoming mission and his allies... he needed to figure out Chroma's motives and purpose in Creation now, and keep an eye on that Abyssal. The rest of his own mission could wait.
<Anna> Isaac didn't notice anything, for the moment. The woman with the apples was out of sight now, having gone into a seperate area of the market district. And... nothing else is really happening so can you guys just get here or something idk I am sorry I'm doing so lame.
<Leona> Leona never saw the woman, and hasn't seen Isaac yet for that matter as she slowly stepped into the marketplace, panning her gaze around, looking for anyone who looked like they knew how to hold a sword, also browising the kiosks at the same time for anything of interest
* Chroma has reached the market, and watches, amused, as Desire examines various barrels and crates of food, sampling random foods, and argues with merchants over price before lifting crates heavier than she is onto a hand-pulled cart, all blindfolded. While the merchants hardly react, there's quite a number of people pointing and muttering.
* Isaac` -does- notice Leona though, watching her for a moment before making his way over to her. "Hey, Leona!" If that doesn't get her attention straight away, he pointedly calls her last name. "Finally come out for a breather, huh?"
<Anna> The woman with the apples approached Leona then, holding up her basket of bright red apples, while keeping her head bowed, "Would you like an apple, milady?" She asked quietly. A man in black stood silently, leaning against the wall outside a blacksmith's, idly polishing a long sword and watching Leona silently.
<Anna> And naturally, Desire and Chroma were getting quite a lot of attention.
<Leona> She blinked, standing up straight after bending over somewhat to look at a kiosk. She first blinked at the woman with apples approaching and offering apples "No thank you, I'm not hungry." she said, smiling faintly and politely "Thanks for the offer though." she said, then turned her attention to whomever called out her name "... Ah... Isaac is it? Yes I suppose you can say that's one reason I came out." this might've been the frist time isaac had seen her in heavy armor, a warrior wasn't the image she entirely put up at the dinner table when they first met.
<Anna> The woman seemed insistant, "No, please, you must take one!" She said with as much force as her quiet voice could muster, interposing herself between Isaac and Leona and practically shoving the basket in Leona's face.
<Leona> "Um... okay fine." she murmured, blinking at the woman's forcefulness and insistance, plucking one from the basket
* Isaac` nods. "Yeah." He hasn't changed much since the dinner, although there's hints of well-concealed armour, plus a spear slung across his back. "Y-- hey!" he staggers back a bit at the interposing, glaring a bit at the woman, "No need to get like that about it."
<Anna> "Th-thank you..." The woman with the apples said, stepping back and quickly scuttling off again without even responding to Isaac. And it wasn't long until Desire and Chroma were approached by her too, "Would you like an apple, milady?" She asked Chroma.
<Chroma> "How much?" Spark asked before Desire could react.
<Leona> She frowned "What was that about..." she murmured to herself, staring at the apple, then looking back to Isaac "So what do you want?"
<Anna> The woman seemed thrown by the question, stammering, "N-n-nothing, ma'am." She stammered in response to Chroma's question, keeping her head down, face largely covered by a messy tangle of black hair.
<Chroma> "You're not going to make a living that way," she replied, curious.
* Isaac` watches the woman go, noting Chroma and her 'assistant' out of the corner of his eye. Turning back to Leona, he shrugs lightly, idly tossing his own apple in the air. Up. Down. Up. Down. "Nothing, really. Just figured I'd see how things were going, that's all."
<Leona> "Annoying, I'm neither thrilled about being someone's errand girl nor am I thrilled about going to... well you know." she said, frowning, this was far from her usual cheery apperance and as Jalen had noted, she did look worn down.
<Anna> Neither Isaac or Leona noticed anything out of the ordinary about the apples they'd been given, at least. The woman held her basket out to Spark, "Please, you have to take one." She said.
* Isaac` laughs, softly. "Yeah, I can see how that'd get on your nerves. To be honest I'm not looking forward to it either," he notes her appearance, looking faintly concerned as well, "but getting stressed out about it won't get us anywhere, right?"
<Leona> "No but even despite working on getting my group ready I am still stressed... it's difficult to explain." she responded "Speaking of I should probably get back to looking for recruits..." she wondered if the man with the sword was still there
<Anna> The man with the sword was still casually leaning against the wall outside the blacksmith, his sword sheathed. He was picking his fingernails with a long knife, occasionally flicking a glance towards Isaac or Leona.
<Leona> She caught that glance, while she was tempted to ask him about joining her somthing told her he had other interests in them "Excuse me..." she said to isaac, whether he followed or not. She walked over to the man "Hello... is there somthing you need?" she asked him,
<Isaac`> "Well, looks like there's one right over there who has his eye on you. Go talk to him, I'm gonna go see how the others are." With that, he turns and wanders over to Chroma and Desire. "She's not giving you any trouble, is she?" he nods to the apple-woman.
<Anna> "Maybe." The man replied casually, turning his gaze towards the bright red apple, chuckling, "How long would you say you've been holding that?"
* Chroma shrugs, and takes one, "If you insist..." she replies, examining the apple closely.
* Solenn can be seen in the distance over the crowds, now clad head to toe in armour and looking even more imposing for it. He spots Isaac and Chroma standing togehterl, before walking over in their direction.
<Leona> She blinked "... I don't know, five minutes? Why?" she asked rather pointedly, wondering what his interest in the apple was. She looked down at the apple herself, inspecting it curiosly
<Anna> Chroma's mechanical eyes were able to make out all sorts of fine details, and immediately spotted that something was very, very wrong with the surface of those apples. Namely, that they were laced with a rather potent poison that was absorbed through skin contact. Only prolonged contact would allow the poison to get through the skin, however. Prolonged contact that Isaac and Leona had both had. Isaac felt himself weaken, but for Leona there was a more noticable effect, as she felt a jab of pain arc through her body and almost doubled over.
<Leona> She retched, raising a hand to clutch at the plate over her chest "G-gahh!" she cried out, wincing "What... you..." she lashed a hand out to grab at the mans collar "What is in these things..." she hissed out
* Chroma dropped the apple, looking surprised, and looks to her companions. "Oh, you were at that dinner, weren't you? Are you okay?"
<Leona> Leona spat up some blood as she felt the poison do it's damage, wincing again and coughing "nugh..."
<Anna> "That should keep you out of the way. Sorry. Just don't get involved." The man shoved past her, advancing on Isaac and hurling the knife at the back of his head, but fortunately, Isaac was able to sense it coming.
* Isaac` is in mid-throw when it kicks in. He wobbles slightly, missing the catch and dropping it. Quickly collecting himself, he looks between the apple lady and Chroma. "Y-yeah..." he straightens up again, "I'm f-- shit!" he quickly twists to the side, ducking out of the way and readying his spear.
<Leona> "Oh like hell you son of a bitch." she said, grabbing at her sword and flicking it in such a way that it sent the covering for it flying, showing off it's golden brilliance, somthing that might intimidate or scare the crowd. She straightened herself up despite the pain, wiping the blood away from her mouth and then lept at the man who tried to strike at isaac, slashing sideways at him with all the force she could muster
<Anna> The man was cut down mid-step nearly severed at the waist, that massive daiklave tearing through his flimsy breastplate and his abdomen and leaving him lying on the ground, bleeding and coughing up blood, "A-Anathema!" He choked out, "Alicia! R-Run!" He coughed. Whoever he was calling out to wouldn't have been able to hear him. He could barely speak above a choked whisper. Basically, he's messed up.
<Chroma> Chroma's long, thin fingers reach out and snagged the wrist of the lady who gave the apple. "What's going on? If you don't answer, I can't guarantee your life."
<Leona> Leona herself coughed up some blood and lurched over again as she did so, clutching at her chest with her free hand, her blade hanging towards the ground, dripping the mans blood. "ugh... g-goddamnit..." she was feeling a mix of rage and yet sympathy for the mortal she just crushed for some reason... she didn't deliver the killing blow yet
<Anna> "I... I'm just doing what I was told!" The apple lady exclaimed, frightened, dropping her basket of apples, staring in horror and crying out loudly as she saw the other man get cut down, "NEVAN!" She cried out in terror, trying to pull free from Chroma with little success.
<Chroma> Chroma's mouth set a bit firmer, and tightened her grip.
<Leona> Leonn stumbled forward a little, using her sword to hold herself up as she shuddered from pain "Ngh... tell me who sent you... and I'll get you medical attention... I don't want to kill you..." she said to the man apprently named Nevan
<Anna> Nevan coughed, sputtering, "Some... some Realm family... y-you weren't even the target... we didn't... oh fuck, they never said there'd be Anathema..."
* Isaac` staggers backwards awkwardly, looking decidedly not as fine as he thought he was. He leans against the spear, taking a breather and watching as Chroma restrains the apple-woman moments after Leona practically disembowels Nevan. "Don't kill him yet!" He stays on guard, but isn't doing anything significant otherwise.
<Leona> "Alright well you answered the question then but I expect further answers then..." she stumbled over, grabbing her cloth for her blade, cleaning it up and wrapping it up, coughing "ugh... I guess I can make it to a doctor with you..." she said, attempting to pick the badly injured man up without disturbing his injuries, if not, she'd pan around for someone who looked doctorly
<Anna> Unfortunately, there didn't appear to be any doctors in sight. If she was lucky, she might be able to move him without aggravating his injuries. He was bleeding a lot, though.
* Solenn walks quickly into the area, a grim look on his face as he takes in the situation. He looks at Leona before walking over with a faint smile on his face, though looking kinda nervous "Did you really have to take your sword out in the middle of a marketplace, you'll disturb the locals." he looks down at the man bleeding out on the floor. "So what did he do to deserve that?" he asks.
<Leona> "Ngh... someone... get a doctor... quickly..." she said, coughing up another bunch of blood, then looked up at Solenn, blood running down her face "Poison... he poisoned us... assassin... sent to kill Isaac... go get a doctor damnit before he dies."
<Chroma> Desire moved then. "Excuse me, I know a little bit." She knelt by him, feeling his wound, and started digging in a pouch at her side for an herb. Though she was still blindfolded, and her back bulged in a slightly unnerving way. Still, she seemed to know something, though her mouth was not set in a particularly confident manner.
<Leona> "I'd help ... but... I'm... not in the best state..." she said, raising a eye to try to wipe the blood from her mouth
<Anna> While the others were moving to assist and investigate regarding Nevan, Isaac at the last moment spotted a shadowed figure crouching on a rooftop. A figure holding a bow. It let loose with an arrow, which flew straight at Isaac.
<Leona> Leona wasn't paying attention to the whole arrow business, leaning down after making sure her blade was bound up again "ugh... okay lemme see if I can help... I know some... I think I forced the poison out of my system now... feel like shit though..." she told Desire, getting out a small pack on the belt of her armor, getting her medical supplies out
* Solenn looks down at the two of them attempting to treat the man on the floor, before shrugging and looking around in the crowd.
<Leona> "You're awfully nonchalant about this matter..." she said, looking up at Solenn
<Chroma> Desire silently moves aside to make room for Leona, her fingers still probing the wound.
<Anna> The apple woman stood with Spark, still held by her wrist, shaking in terror.
* Isaac` catches sight of the second attacker, and without missing a beat he simply grabs the arrow out of the air. He gives it a disdainful look, then casually snaps it in half and discards the pieces, turning to properly face his assailant. "Come down here and fight! Or do I have to come up there after you?!"
* Solenn looks down at Leona "Would you prefer I made a fuss and drew even more attention to you." He leans in slightly and lowers his voice to a growl "Has noone ever told you to be more subtle with using weapons made of Orichalcum? Wyld hunts have been mobilised for less." He says with a frown, before his face returns to a blank mask and he starts looking around again.
<Leona> "... I guess not." she said irratatedly at him trying to lecture her on the matter, sighing and just focusing on her work with the injured man, her day was just going from bad to worse
<Anna> Nevan seemed to be bleeding less as Desire and Leona worked on him, treating his rather nasty wound, coughing, "Oh man, c-could this day get any worse?"
<Leona> "Yeah you could die, shut your damn mouth untill we've closed this up." she said even more irratatedly
<Chroma> Chroma pulls the taller apple woman to her side, trying to protect her.
<Anna> Nevan wheezed, "Y-yeah, true... but since I fucked up, I'm good as dead anyway..."
* Isaac` concentrates for a moment, then seems to drop into a half crouch. Suddenly, he starts into a sprint, making a rapid Dash across the intervening space at a pretty impressive pace. Doesn't make it to the rooftop yet though.
<Leona> "Well we'll discuss that later." she grumbled, continuing what work she could
* Solenn looks up at the guy on the roof, and evidently decides that getting to him would be best left to people who are actually quick at moving. He instead moves to stand in between the archer and the people trying to treat the injured man on the floor.
<Chroma> Desire keeps working, her face twitching occasionally as she feels the blood flow over her fingers.
<Anna> The archer didn't react well to Isaac's rapid approach, dropping the bow without a second though and turning to run and jump off the roof in the opposite direction, trying to escape.
<Anna> Nevan seemed stable now, no longer bleeding.
<Chroma> Desire stood up, hesitated, then started licking her fingers, somewhat embarassed.
<Leona> She blinked at Desire licking her fingers but said nothing, this was in fact the first time she had ever met her probably. "He looks stable... we just need to get him and the girl out of here, I guess I could take him to my inn and then go try to round up my men, probably need to leave now after this mess..."
* Isaac` starts... running faster? His anima isn't flaring, but the air around him seems to distort subtly. He leaps up onto the rooftop like his legs were made of springs all of a sudden, going straight after the archer. "Stop right there!"
<Anna> To Isaac's dismay, the streets were rather difficult to track anyone in, with terrified people fleeing after all the attacks, and the archer had used that to his benefit, already fleeing amidst the chaos before Isaac could find him.
<Anna> The apple woman looked to Spark, "I... is he going to be okay?" She asked, before looking over to where Nevan was, apparently intent on going over to him.
* Solenn looks at Desire licking the blood off her fingers and raises an eyebrow. He looks down at the now patched up man on the floor and leans down to pick him up. "Might I suggest we move somewhere else. The airship for example. I think we need to have a little chat with this pair."
<Chroma> "Is he?" Chroma asked Desire. In response, she recieved a shrug. "He's not going to die, not here. I can't tell the future."
* Isaac` skids to a halt on the far side of the rooftop, swearing colourfully under his breath. Giving up the chase, he heads back to the others. "Son of a bitch got away in the crowds" he sighs, slinging his spear over his back again, "Solenn's right, we should head out."
<Leona> "Yes that seems like a good idea... I need to round up my men quickly... ugh... chest hurts..." she murmured, wiping at her mouth again "Goddamnit all my plans are just fucked now... damnit..."
<Chroma> Desire started unloading heavy boxes and handed one to Leona, and one to Chroma. "Carry this." She then put Nevan out on the pull-cart. "I think it's best if he doesn't walk for the moment."
* Solenn intercepts the box heading for Leona, before looking curiously at Desire, and starting to walk away with a "Shall we?" over his shoulder.
<Leona> She frowned "As much as I'd like to help you I have 5 people under my care scattered about the city doing business right now that I must gather, sorry." she said, before walking away from them all, looking about for her men
<Chroma> Desire shrugs, following Solenn, though Chroma spares a smile for Leona. "Good luck," she calls out as she leaves.
<Leona> "T-thanks..." she murmured, blinking at Chroma's smile, watching them go before going off in her own direction "At the very least I need to get them to hang low while I go to the airship and talk to the man..."
* Isaac` does not look happy, to say the least. "Come on, let's go." He starts walking to the airship, not wanting to waste any more time or risk the archer reappearing with friends.

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Session Log 3

<Anna|Storyteller> Alright, you're all on the airship. You've got the would-be assassin, Nevan and the lady with apples, Alicia. Both have been locked up out of the way for later questioning. You're now all in a flying towards Thorns in the airship, unless one of you decides to do something else. The trip will take a week or two. Anything happening?
* Isaac` is chillin' at the front of the deck, should Solenn or anyone else want to come find out what the hell that was all about.
<Leona> Leona is sitting in the mess hall, eating some food and drinking some ale, feeling quite frustrated and stressed out still though less so now that she knew the guy she nearly gutted wasn't dead.
* Solenn wanders into the area Isaac is in and looks around, before walking over and leaning on a nearby rail/wall. "So which stupid person decided to send a group of mortals to ambush you? Surely noone that knows what you really are." he says grinning at Isaac
* Chroma is also in the mess hall, having a discussion with the little girl acting as the head chef about the nature of Creation's materialistic societies.
* Isaac` doesn't turn around. "Kiri," he leans against the rail in front of him, "I'm pretty sure I know who it was, yeah. I assume you want to know as well then." Isaac doesn't sound his usual, fairly upbeat self for once.
* Mother_of_Sorrow sit next to Leona, face hidden in her hooded robe.
<Leona> Leona blinked and stared sideways at the deathknight who sat next to her before turning her attentions back to her food, ignoring her
<Anna|Storyteller> Mirage stepped into the mess hall, the Abyssal Lunar looking to Leona and Mother briefly before walking towards Chroma, hands in his pockets, "So, how do you like the ship?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Not a people person, I see." she comment.
<Chroma> "...and that's why I think the concept of the Guild is destructive, divisive, and foolish," Spark pauses in her diatribe. Turning to Mirage, she shrugged. "I'm...very uneasy about the fact it's actually a creature. Of flesh. I find it almost offensive, but, it is undeniably useful."
* Solenn raises an eyebrow at 'Kiri', before continuing on. "Well, unsurprisingly, to say I wasn't curious would be an outright lie. If these people are going to get in your way I would prefer to know why I am killing them after all." he says in a mild tone.
<Leona> "Says one of the many agents of death." she retorted rather sharply, munching on her food still
<Anna|Storyteller> "If it makes you feel any better, it's also part of a Neverborn's undead soul, technically." Mirage chimed in with a grin, looking to Desire and patting the half-demon chef on the head, "Glad to see the cook is making friends, then."
<Chroma> Desire's cheek twitched, but it was hard to make out her expression behind the blindfold. "Part of their soul? As a great hulk? That's borderline obscene," Chroma frowns.
* Isaac` nods. "Before I came down to Juatra, I was travelling up and down the coast. Short version is I came across an exiled Terrestrial from the Realm who was running a town into the ground. Looks like news finally got back to the family, and they actually want to avenge him," he turns around to face Solenn, "That enough of an answer for you?"
<Anna|Storyteller> "I know, right? It's fantastic." Mirage replied to Chroma with a broad grin, "Well, I'll leave you two to it." He said, moving over to Leona and Mother, looking from one to the other, "I'm sensing some tension here. Need a mediator?"
* Solenn smiles faintly "Quite. Why this seems to be getting you down though... sounds like you did creation a favour." He bows and begins to walk away.
<Leona> She frowned as Mirage approached, blinking, she hadn't met him yet actually "And you are?" she asked
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Well, this place certainly is full of...erm...interresting characters."
<Anna|Storyteller> "Mirage." He replied in a disarmingly charming smile, moving to sit at the table, "Agent of death, much like Mother, here. Mother, we haven't met before, but I've heard about you. We have the same Master. But we're both bad at following orders."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Oh? And what did YOU do to anger him?"
* Isaac` shrugs lightly as Solenn leaves, turning back to watch the clouds or something. He's got enough on his mind already.
<Leona> She blinked again "I see... that's an awfully short name for a deathknight though." she remarked, finishing off her food and wiping her mouth with a napkin
<Anna|Storyteller> "Anger him? Oh, nothing. I just sort of ignore him." Mirage replied with a smirk. He turned to look at Leona, "I'm not strictly a Deathknight. It's complicated, but I was... a Lunar before I became what I am now."
<Leona> There was a noticable twitch in her face as he admited he was a lunar and was now some kind of deathknight lunar "I... see..." she murmured before standing up "Well I must see to other business, good day."
<Anna|Storyteller> Alright, so weeks of flying, everyone does their thing on the airship, and then they land outside Thorns. "So, the plan was... sneak into the Underworld through the Shadowlands around Thorns, head to that city that Innerosia mentioned, and find the... Crypt... Tomb... thing, right?" Mirage asked, looking a little anxious, "Just as long as we don't actually go into Thorns itself. The Mask of Winters is not someone we want to displease."
<Chroma> "I don't think I'll ever get over the idea of one person ruling a city. It doesn't sound too hard though, right?"
<Solenn> "Sounds so simple doesn't it." He looks around the rest of the group "And I don't know about anyone else, but I have no intention of ever entering that city."
<Leona> "Believe me I have no interest in going into thorns either, I want this business done as soon as possible" she seemed rather anxious and stressed as well, even moreso then usual, she had decided that she didn't want her men joining her on this mission but hadn't spoken to them yet
<Isaac`> "The less we have to do with Thorns the better. Better move quickly whilst we still have time."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I have no interrest in getting inside the city either."
<Anna|Storyteller> "Alright, well... is everyone ready to go, then? We'll need to leave The Beast here. Flying any closer to the city would be... unwise. And taking it into the Underworld is probably a bad idea." Mirage said, straightening his outfit and sheathing a sword.
* Solenn adjusts a couple of straps on his armour before flicking his cloak down from over his shoulders. He glances around the rest of the group before following Mirage with a shrug.
<Chroma> Shrugging, Brilliant Chromatic Spark picked up a pack of provisions, armed with nothing but her cloak and disguise. "You quite likely are a better authority than I, on this."
* Mother_of_Sorrow pull the hood over her head and silently follow at the back of the group.
<Leona> Leona had just finished donning her armor and wrapping up her shield and sword "Give me a few minutes to take care of one last thing and then I'll be ready to leave." she said, turning and heading back to the crew quarters where her men were bunking
<Anna|Storyteller> "Oh, I'm not actually going with you." Mirage said with a smirk, "I'm staying right here. Here's a map to where the city is." He handed over the map, "I trust you are capable of finding it. Be pro-active. I'm staying on the ship. Have fun." He turned and started to walk away, waving.
<Chroma> Holding the map, Chroma sighs. "Has anyone actually been to the Underworld? What's it like? I honestly don't know what's prudent."
<Anna|Storyteller> Leona's men were already up and ready, and Jalen looked to Leona, offering her a small salute and a smile, "So, we're going with you, right?"
* Isaac` nods, fully ready before he came down. "Alright, let's go." He notes Mirage returning to the ship, but makes no comment. "I haven't, personally, but I've heard a lot. Can't say how much of that is true though. As long as we stay well away from Thorns and any other signs of civilization we should be okay."
<Leona> She blinked as they were all ready to go, sighing "Um... actually this time I'd rather you didn't." she said "The underworld is far too dangerous and it'd probably be best if it was just a smaller squad of Exalted that went in." she tried to explain
* Solenn mutters "I hate that man" under his breath.
<Anna|Storyteller> Jalen frowned a little, sighing and nodding his head, "Alright, we'll stay here and wait for you, then." He said, "Just stay safe, okay? I know you're all Exalted and all, but... well, this is the Mask's territory."
<Leona> She relaxed a little as he at least seemed like he wasn't going to argue with her but she still felt bad because of his disappointment "I will, well as safe as one can be in these parts... I'm counting on you guys to keep the ship safe while I'm gone okay?"
<Anna|Storyteller> Jalen nodded his head slightly, giving her another salute, "Of course." He said, "We'll take care of things here."
* Mother_of_Sorrow turn to Chroma. "I have. The underworld is...its the underworld. You will see soon enough."
* Chroma frowns slightly. "I'll appreciate any advice you can give when we get there. It sounds disturbingly like the Void."
<Leona> She saluted back "Thanks Jalen." she said, then jogging back over to the group wherever they were at by this point "Okay I'm ready to go, lemme see that map so I can find us a route."
* Chroma hands it over. "Better you than me. I can't imagine how anyone finds their way without a road or tunnel."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Follow my lead." she turn to the group. "Its the Underworld. If any of you wanted a nice walk in the forest with the summer breeze in your hair then clearly you picked the wrong place to go. This is a place of death, of ghosts, of blood and bone. You are in my world now, not your world."
<Solenn> "Sounds great..." He looks at Mother, clearly not completely comfortable following her lead before turning to look back at the party
<Leona> She frowned at Mother of Sorrow "Okay, great..." she murmured, starting to follow while looking at the map, perhaps she could make this trip more profitable somehow, the atmosphere of the underworld made her skin crawl.
* Isaac` peers over Leona's shoulder at the map. "Let's just get this over and done with. The less time we have to spend in the underworld the better."
<Chroma> "That actually sounds rather interesting," Chroma said. "Everything here sounds so interesting..."
<Leona> She did in fact hand the map over to mother of emo, sighing and crossing her arms, rubbing them as if to warm herself
<Anna|Storyteller> The sensation that passed over the party as they stepped into the Shadowlands, and then back into the Underworld, could only be described as unpleasant at best. Except for Mother, who would feel right at home. The air was oppressive, full of death essense that only Mother would find rejuvinating, and while the landscape seemed similar to what they had seen in Creation, it was like all the colour was washed out of it. A world of greys and blacks and reds. And the plantlife probably isn't very welcoming.
<Leona> She shuddered even more "... first time I've been to this place, words apprently don't do the ... feeling justice... lets hurry this up"
* Solenn looks around blankly for threats as he follows, taking in everything that is visible.
* Mother_of_Sorrow take a nice, deep breath. She look at her...allies...to see how they are doing. "Don't touch anything. Even things even I can't name. Especially not those, actually." She look back at the map. "Now then..."
<Chroma> "Aah...Uhh...what...is this? This is..." Chroma lets out a shudder and wraps her arms around herself.
* Solenn looks somewhat uncomfortable "I always forget how... horrible shadowlands feel." he says quietly "I think we should, as Leona says, get this over and done with as quick as possible".
* Isaac` suppresses a shiver as they pass through, nodding. "Heh, don't need to tell me that twice..." he stops for a moment and frowns, "You okay over there Spark?"
<Chroma> "I don't know. I think so. This isn't the Void, it's...dead. I'll be okay, I'm just scared." she says, shivering slightly.
<Anna|Storyteller> It would probably take a few hours of walking to reach the small city in the Underworld where the tomb was waiting for them. Despite the oppressive atmosphere and the downright creepy environment, there were few interruptions during their journey. The city was small. More like a town, and even though it was a deep, dark night, things were quite busy. Ghosts walked around like ordinary people, completely solid here in the Underworld, and generally seeming to be living fairly ordinary lives.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Now then." she clap her hands. "Why don't *I* handle any diplomacy while we are in here?"
* Chroma nods absently, rubbing her forehead where her soulgem lies under her disguise.
<Solenn> "Feel free. I can't say I have ever conversed with the dead." Solenn says, looking at the town. "Where abouts is this tomb in the city?"
* Isaac` nods. "I guess they're more likely to listen to you than any of us... but the less of that we need to do, the better."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I'd rather avoid advertising my presence here, if possible."
<Anna|Storyteller> According to the map, the tomb was among many in the city. It was notable for being marked with the symbol of a black dragon curled in on itself. Why there are tombs in the Underworld, none of you are really sure.
<Leona> "Well they'd probably be less agitated by a deathknight speaking then other living individuals, but the less longer we stay the better, this isn't a place for us." she said somewhat sagely
<Chroma> "I didn't think it could be any more alien than Creation. I was wrong."
<Isaac`> "If you want 'alien', look at the Wyld. This place is just a mirror image," he muses, "Familiar, yet twisted."
<Leona> "Are you even technicly alive?" she asked Chroma suddenly, then blinked "oh... sorry that was probably rude of me..."
<Anna|Storyteller> The group seems to be getting a fair bit of attention, the ghosts in the town stopping in their business to talk amongst themselves. After a few minutes, they disperse, and one of the ghosts, a tall man with black hair and blanched skin approached them slowly, "You strangers have business here? The living don't come wandering here very often. Are you lost?" He asked, glancing to Mother and furrowing his brows in confusion.
<Chroma> "No, it's okay. It's a difficult question. I'm not flesh, that much is true, but I'm alive, yes. I have the soul of a human being, just like you," she says quietly.
* Solenn just stands there, with his arms crossed, looking at the ghost, being his usual imposing self.
<Leona> "Ah I see... interesting... " she murmured, but her conversation with her was cut off as the ghost approached them, she buttoned up and waited for Mother's response first
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "As a matter of fact, we do have business. And trust me, I am no stranger here." she reply to the ghost.
<Anna|Storyteller> The ghost paused, bowing his head slightly to Mother, "Of course. We wouldn't dream of getting in your way, Deathknight." He murmured in recognition, "Is there something you need of us? Some way we can help you?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I am looking for a specific landmark here. A tomb, to be precise."
<Anna|Storyteller> "You're here for the tombs? But entrance to them is forbidden." The ghost replied, looking shocked. Then he realised he was speaking to, looking down, "But of course, we serve the Deathknights in all things. If you have business here, then I'm sure your entrance will be accepted. They're easy to find. They're in the Northern part of the city, kept away from our homes."
* Mother_of_Sorrow wave casually at the ghost to dismiss him. Or perhaps to tell him to 'get lost'. She then turn to her companions. "Now then. North of the city, that shouldn't be too hard to find." she lower her voice. "The quicker we do this, the better."
* Chroma nods, and moves to follow.
<Leona> Leona frowned slightly at Mother's ... bossing of the poor dead man around, her displesure rather noticable to mother as she turned around, also moving to follow
<Leona> She admitedly wanted to chat up a ghost at some point but her desire to get out of the underworld was stronger
* Solenn simply moved towards the North, clearly still on edge.
* Isaac` heads out, definitely not willing to waste any more time either.
<Chroma> "I notice the attitudes of the Underworld seem to be superior to those of Creation," Chroma says with a slight smile. "A populace should always aid their guardians and caretakers."
<Anna|Storyteller> The tombs were indeed rather easy to spot. They were left alone, seperated from the rest of the town by a rather large distance, three large, dark tombs with very large, solid-looking stone doors. Each had a marking on top of it, one of a black dragon curled into a ball, one of a large black gear, and one of a black sun.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Ghosts make excellent tools. They recognise Deathknights for what they are." she comment. "But I don't want to advertise my presence in here." An idea come to her mind. "If anyone ask, you are part of an ancestor cult."
* Chroma furrows her eyebrows. "Those symbols. What are they?"
<Leona> She blinked at Chroma "You support beating around the populace like that? People should be far more respectful to the dead." she said irratatedly at both her and mother of sorrow
<Chroma> "Beating? I saw no beating. I saw a helpful citizen volunteer information."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I asked questions, he answered. I've left him go without any harm."
<Leona> "That's not... nevermind." she said sighing, "Lets just get on with this."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "That was awefully simple so far. Perhaps too simple." she says, standing in front of the door.
<Anna|Storyteller> "Yes, all said and done, she was rather polite." Came the voice of a man. Looking up, they would see a man dressed in black with a skinless face looking down at them, grinning a very toothy grin. His red ears were pierced with rings made of bone, and he wore black, except for his cloak, which appeared to have been made from faces. Faces that were stitched together. "You have business here, hm?"
* Solenn raises an eyebrow at the little spat between the three of them, before turning to eye the... thing on the tomb.
<Leona> She turned and went a bit wide eyed at the apperance of the man, wretching a bit but saying nothing
* Isaac` stops dead in his tracks as the man speaks up. Perhaps this was the guardian Innerosia mentioned...? Hm.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I am here with this ancestor cult, we came to visit this tomb. You must be its guardian, I assume?"
<Anna|Storyteller> "If you were told to expect a guardian, then no." The man replied, staring down at them, "And I know that they're not an ancestor cult. Partly because they're not nearly grim looking enough, but mostly because I heard you say 'if anyone asks, you are part of an ancestor cult'." He said, laughing in a rather disgusting manner and dropping down from the tomb, standing in front of them, "Nobody visits these tombs. Don't you know? They're not to be opened. Ever."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "And who said so?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow seems unfazed despite the fact she know that her improvisation has put them into trouble.
<Anna|Storyteller> "The Neverborn, apparently. According to The Mask of Winters." He replied, looking to the rest of the group, "What's the matter? Can't they talk? Because really, you're hardly stimulating conversation."
<Chroma> "Since you invite me to talk, I will. What's inside them?" Chroma talks, her cloaks still obscuring her fairly well.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I think they don't want to waste words on something like you. Well, aside from her...but she's a little naive."
<Anna|Storyteller> "I don't know. The point is that nobody is meant to know. Or go inside. Don't you lot understand 'don't go inside'?" The man asked with a raised brow, peering at Chroma with one sickly yellow eye.
<Leona> Leona said nothing, still seeming rather bothered by his apperance but not wretching anymore, well eventually she did ask "So ... what the hell are you then if you're not the guardian, of what interest to you are these tombs?"
* Solenn sighs before smiling faintly. "I think he is just trying to be a pain."
<Anna|Storyteller> "Flayer Of Hope is the name the Neverborn gave me. Just 'Flay' will do fine, though." He replied, grinning disgustingly still, "And I only take interest in these Tombs because you do. If someone is interested in them, then I'm interested."
<Solenn> "Interested?" Solenn grins at 'Flay' "So do you want to join us on a little incursion inside the tomb, or are you going to get in the way?"
<Chroma> "Then let's be interested together and have a look inside. My name is Brilliant Chromatic Spark."
<Anna|Storyteller> Flay looked thoughtful for a moment, raising a gloved hand to stroke his skinless chin, "Hm... well, The Mask Of Winters told me on no uncertain terms am I ever to step foot inside these tombs, so... I'm... going to have to think about that. In the meantime, why don't you tell me why you're here, and then maybe that'll help me make my decision."
* Solenn shrugs lightly "Why else would we come here to a tomb? I would think its evident why we are here."
<Anna|Storyteller> "You're here to break in and loot them for treasure and ancient artifacts, aren't you?" Flay asked with a laugh, "Am I right? I mean, why else does anyone want to break into a tomb. It's always treasure and magic and artifacts. Well, what's in here, hm? Any idea?"
<Chroma> "I'm more interested in the symbols, at the moment. Do you know what they mean?"
<Anna|Storyteller> Flay shrugged, "I always assumed that the Black Dragon and the Black Sun represented the Ebon Dragon and the Unconquered Sun, but neither of them are dead, so they don't really need tombs. No idea about the other one." Flay replied with a shrug, idly tapping on the large stone door of the central tomb, the one with the Black Dragon on it.
<Chroma> "They're not really tombs if no-one's entombed in them, are they?"
<Chroma> "Thus, orders to not open the tombs would not apply."
<Anna|Storyteller> Flay stared at Chroma flatly for a moment, before shrugging and looking to the others, "Well, that sounds logical to me. So, which of these not-tombs are you here to loot, then?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "We didn't say anything about looting. But YOU sure seem interrested in doing so."
<Anna|Storyteller> "You didn't need to say anything. It's obvious."
<Solenn> "Because they aren't tombs? Interesting way of looking at it..." Solenn says with a smile. He turns back to Flay "I have no idea what is in them, this map we have points to this one" he points over at the one with the dragon marked on it.
<Chroma> "I'd like to look inside the one with the gear, myself..." Chroma says, almost shyly.
<Anna|Storyteller> "All right, well, you feel free to do that. I'm going to go report to the Mask of Winters that someone's breaking into the not-tombs, but it's a bit of a walk all the way to Thorns, and I'm really thirsty. I'll probably stop at a tavern or two along the way... so I'd say you probably have two days to get what you want and get out of here. Oh, and I never asked your names, did I? Well, that works out fine too. Loose descriptions will have to satisfy Winters." He said with a cheerful grin, moving to walk away and waving over his shoulder, "If we meet again, let me know if there was anything cool in there."
* Isaac` is... surprised that worked, actually. Once Flay is gone, he finally speaks up again. "Splitting up might not be the best of ideas in this situation. Guess we could go through them one at a time?"
<Leona> Leona just stood quitely through the whole matter since everyone else seemed to be doing a good enough job chatting the ... guy down, she gave a half hearted smile as he said he'd let them do as they pleased with the tombs
<Chroma> "We don't have an unlimited amount of time. No matter how slowly one walks, one still moves forward." Chroma pointed out, smiling.
<Leona> "I'm not sure... depends on how big the tombs are... we may only have time enough to do one if we all stay in a group..."
<Solenn> "Lets get the one we came here for over and done with first though." he looks back after Flay "I think we need to get out of here a lot faster than he makes out, its not like I entirely trust that thing."
<Leona> "Well... I don't trust him so much either but he does seem like the type to do things that'd anger his master so he may very well keep his word..."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I think he has a certain sense of humour."
<Isaac`> "I'm with Ki-- Solenn on this one. Once we have our primary objective, we can check out the other two or head back."
<Chroma> "I...suppose, but I really must know why the Great Maker is represented here."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Three tombs; I say we split up. I'll go into the one with the dragon."
<Leona> She frowned at the suggestion of splitting up "... I do recall us being told that the tomb we're after specificly is very well guarded though so I worry about us splitting our ... strength up amongst the three..."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Thats a good argument." says Mother, only motivated by her own sense of survival and her cowardice.
<Solenn> "Splitting up is failure in tactics. Each group will be insufficient to cope with any trouble that all of us together could handle. We need to stay together to ensure that this task is a success."
<Chroma> "...Alright, alright, I'll go with you to the dragon tomb-like-building."
* Solenn looks at Chroma gratefully "Do not worry, when we have completed are primary objective, time permitting, we will investigate the other tomb."
* Solenn begins to walk cautiously towards the door of the tomb.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "That is assuming Flay didn't run off to get reinforcements." she bitterly comment.
* Chroma smiles at Solenn, even as her false-flesh begins to dissolve off. "So, how does it open?"
* Isaac` stands back and watches Solenn from a safe distance. "If he did, then we'll just have to work fast."
<Anna|Storyteller> Each of the tombs appears to have a very large and solid door made of the same stone. It might be possible to force them open. There was no other obvious mechanism for opening them. And nothing happens when Solenn approaches the door.
* Solenn tilts his head slightly as he looks at the door, before turning back to the others for a moment. He places his palms on the door and braces himself to push the door.
<Leona> Leona moves to help him
* Mother_of_Sorrow smirk, happy that she's not doing any physical work.
<Anna|Storyteller> With Leona's help, Solenn was able to force the door open, though it was hard. The stone was much heavier and more solid than it looked, and turned out to be more than eight inches thick. The sound of stone grinding on stone was rather loud, but eventually the tomb was opened, revealing a dark staircase leading downwards.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Out of the way." says Mother of Sorrow, arrogantly as she lead the way.
<Chroma> "Can you see?" Chroma called down, filters dropping over her eyes to penetrate the darkness.
* Solenn looks at Mother and smiles "Yes, please, go ahead and trip all the traps you find on the way. It will make it so much safer for the rest of us" he says sarcasticly
<Leona> "Sure Deathknight, if you want to be the trap springer go right ahead!" she said jokingly
* Isaac` laughs. "Well at least she seems a little more cheerful than usual."
<Solenn> Solenn then turns to look down the passage, a faint glow emerging from his eyes for a second before it fades.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I'd like to remind you that we are still in the underworld. It is still my job to guide you. But please, go ahead if you want to."
* Solenn winks "Considering I can see in absolute darkness, I would be glad to. Please feel free to guide us... I just don't want you to get killed."
<Leona> "I would like to remind you that you are squishy" she said pinching one of mother's arms teasingly
* Chroma shrugs, and pulls a golden winged object from her hair. "Gearmo, we're going to need a bit of light. Can you help?" A series of clicking noises came as a response, and a bright light shone from one side of the sphere, pointing this way and that. "Let's go already," Spark said, heading down the stairs, the winged sphere hovering over her head.
* Solenn chuckles before starting to step... cautiously down the staircase after Chroma.
<Anna|Storyteller> The tomb was very dark, but also rather large and spacious. Not cramped at all. The stairway lead deep down below the ground, and even with the light they couldn't see the end of the staircase.
<Leona> She blinked at the winged sphere floating over chroma's head, following "... what's that?" she asked
* Isaac` makes his way down after the others, slowly and carefully. "Wonder who built this thing anyways..."
<Chroma> "His name is Gearmo. He's my friend, and I'm afraid he's had to be rather bored over the past few months in disguise."
<Leona> "... well it- "he" is kinda... oddly cute for a machine..." she admited, watching it fly.
<Chroma> A happy sounding cheep came from the flying flashlight.
* Mother_of_Sorrow smirk, first at the 'squishy' comment then at Leona's sudden change of behavior. "First you tease me, then this. Huh! Your not quite what I expected. Oh and I'll let you know that I indeed am...'squishy'."
* Solenn 's head turns slowly towards the flying thing at the noise, and he gives it a quizzical look before shaking his head lightly with a smile, carrying on down the stairs.
<Leona> She blinked and frowned at mother of emo "... what? what are you talking about." she asked
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Oh nothing, nothing. Unless you really want to know."
<Anna|Storyteller> It was a long, long way down, but finally, they reached the bottom of the staircase and stepped into a large, circular room. The walls faintly lit up as they stepped into it, runes etched into the surface in no language any of them had ever seen before. There was a single door opposite the staircase where they stepped out. The center of the room housed a large copper plate, which rotated slowly, ticking and grinding, a dragon carved into its surface.
* Solenn looks at the plate "That... does not look good" he looks around the room for any clues. Standing quite still of course.
<Anna|Storyteller> There is nothing else in the room of note except for two white sphere about five inches across on the left and right walls. Otherwise, it's just a large circular room, a door opposite the stairs they came down, and a rotating copper plate in the center.
<Isaac`> "Think it's a trap?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow rub her chin in contemplation. "Maybe its a lock."
<Anna|Storyteller> Upon some investigation, Chroma would be able to determine that while the plate didn't appear to be magical at all, though there were certainly some interesting mechanics going on underneath it, the spheres on the left and right side of the wall were obviously magical, humming faintly with essence.
* Chroma moves across the room, carefully, investigating the plate. "Hmmm..."
<Anna|Storyteller> The plate kept slowly rotating, ticking slowly.
<Leona> Leona just watched curiously, unsure what to make of all of it, and watching her step very carefully
<Chroma> "It might be a clock, or something. I could try and take it apart..." she says dubiously, her hand shifting into a multitude of cutting tools.
<Anna|Storyteller> Near as Chroma and Mother could tell, it was some sort of clockwork device. It was very, very old, that was easy to determine. The copper was quite tarnished and worn, only still intact thanks to how solid it was.
<Chroma> "I think it's a timer. I think."
<Isaac`> "Timing from when, or until what? Could've started when the tomb was finished, or the moment we opened the doors up there."
* Solenn shrugs as other members of the group fuss around the device in the centre of the room, moving over to the other door and giving it a push.
<Anna|Storyteller> The door opened easily. The spheres on either wall lit up, and the clockwork device grinded to a sudden, loud halt. The door opened up to reveal a large room with a what looked like an altar. A black dragon was carved into the side of it, and an Orichalcum gauntlet sat on top of it, "Oh dear. You opened the door." Came a voice from a shadow, "You really shouldn't have opened that door. It wasn't meant to be opened for at least another few centuries."
<Isaac`> "I suppose that answers that question."
<Chroma> "Yay! I was right! It WAS a timer!" Chroma says, clapping her hands.
* Solenn looks at the source of the voice
<Leona> "... oops." she said flatly, moving to unwrap her sword and shield, arming herself up for what may come
<Anna|Storyteller> "Yes, bravo. Give yourself a hand." The voice said, the inky black shadows melting around the ten foot tall figure as it stepped out of them. It was very large, with thick wings that looked almost angelic until you noticed that each feather was in fact a black blade, its left wing curling into a shield around a large and powerful arm, its right arm holding a massive black sword.
<Solenn> "Hello to you too, don't suppose you are willing to step aside, hmm?"
<Chroma> Grasping her shoulder, Chroma removed what appeared to be her collarbone, until she flicked her wrist and it bent into the shape of a bow. "It's nice to meet you, I'm sorry we woke you."
<Leona> "hi there, I assume you are the demonic guardian we heard about?" she asked
* Isaac` doesn't even bother going for the normal spear across his back. His hand strays to what looks like a cylindrical case at his side, flicking it open. With a couple more deft movements and some metallic snaps, he's holding a full Dire Lance at the ready.
<Anna|Storyteller> "Quite. Very clever." It replied, standing between them and the gauntlet, "I'm afraid I am required to guard this guantlet. I'd really rather just return to my nap, so if you could turn around and walk away, that would be wonderful." The winged figure sounded tired and resigned, hefting his sword, the blade of which was almost as long as Isaac's entire lance.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Hm, yes, that won't be a problem." says Mother of Sorrows in a cowardly fashion "Sorry to have disturbed your sleep."
<Chroma> "Can you guard it as we carry it? We're not really in any urge to use it, you see." A thin beam of deep blue light shot between the arms of the bow, forming a bowstring
* Isaac` eyes that sword. That's a hell of a sword. "I... don't think your logic is going to work this time, Spark."
<Anna|Storyteller> "Nice thought, but I'm afraid my orders were rather specific. Do you even know what it is you're trying to steal?" The large winged figure asked, content to stand there with his sword until one of them provoked him.
<Leona> "Not exactly but we do know it's very important, care to enlighten us?" she asked him, moving into a ready stand with her shield and sword
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Yes, I'd really like to know."
<Chroma> "We might even leave it here if it's something distasteful."
* Solenn kneels down on one knee before placing his palm flat on the stone below him, continuing to watch the demon, evidently waiting to see how this plays out.
<Anna|Storyteller> "It is the tool that the Neverborn have crafted for ending the life of the Ebon Dragon. It is but one step in their destruction of all Creation." He replied slowly, "And I cannot allow it to be taken. It is not yet time."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Oh, then tell me. Do the other tombs contain similar instruments?"
<Leona> She blinked "... a tool for ending the life of the ebon dragon? ... interesting..." she murmured
<Anna|Storyteller> "Perhaps." The demon responded to Mother Of Sorrow's question, still holding his blade and shield ready, "Do you seek to claim it in spite of my warning?"
* Mother_of_Sorrow raise her hands innocently. "No, I have no use for that. Trust me on this."
* Chroma walks over to the bronze disk again and tries to spin it. "How many revolutions do you think it'd take to be a few centuries?"
<Anna|Storyteller> The copper plate refused to budge, locked in place now after the opening of the door. Attempts to turn it made those spheres glow a little brighter.
* Solenn 's face turns grim, he looks down at the floor for a moment as he seems to push against it. Cracks begin to radiate out from the ground around him as with an almighty grinding sound shards of the floor spin up and layer themselves over Solenn's body, almost doubling the width of his body and making his already large proportions gigantic.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Well it seems this door is open for good or ill." she turn to Solenn "What are you doing?"
* Isaac` stands ready, but doesn't make any offensive moves just yet. His eyes narrow as Solenn readies himself. Is this the right thing to do? He isn't sure.
<Anna|Storyteller> "Fascinating. You bring one of the Dragonblooded against me. And what else?" He asked, looking at Solenn intently, before turning his gaze to Leona, then to Isaac, "Only three of you? Hm."
* Mother_of_Sorrow mutter to herself. "Idiots."
<Leona> You would've thought what Leona was would've been obvious by her fuckin golden sword and shield of solarlyness, she seemed rather impressed by Solenn's display but said nothing to the demon
<Chroma> "I'd rather not fight. I mean, I'm only 10, this seems a bit over my head, and all..." Chroma tries to explain lamely.
<Anna|Storyteller> "Wise girl. I have no wish to harm you either. Talk down your friends and leave, and you all can live." The demon rumbled.
* Solenn stands up from his kneeling position, now capping 8 feet. He turns his head to Chroma "So. Do you have any bright ideas about how else to get this demon to back down, or do you really want to leave here and waste this journey... and above all leave the gauntlet capable of killing your creator, which is no doubt guarded by a similar creature?"
<Isaac`> "...10?" Isaac's concentration wavers for a moment. "Regardless of the outcome, this certainly explains what he wants it for..."

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Session Log 4

<Anna> When we left off, Solenn was preparing to face off against the huge demon guy. Chroma and Mother were standing back while Isaac, Leona and Solenn prepared for battle.
<Anna> The large winged demon, wreathed in shadows, remained standing in front of the altar the gauntlet they came for rested upon, watching them warily, awaiting any sign of aggression but refusing to make the first attack, "I say again, I have no wish to harm you. Turn back now and leave, and spare all of us bloodshed, hm?"
* Isaac` glances side to side, moving to make sure he has plenty of room. With a series of wide sweeps of his lance reminiscent of a scythe, he adopts one of the basic stances of his own art and prepares for battle with the demon... unless Solenn decides to back down, which he doubts will happen.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Stand down, both of you."
<Leona> Leona frowns sideways at Mother of sorrow in a manner that communicated "who the fuck are you to give me orders" as she adopted a defensive stance, raising her shield up with her sword low and at the ready
* Chroma looked at the Abyssal with surprise, but held her bow by her side.
* Mother_of_Sorrow sighs and shake her head.
* Solenn flexes his shoulders slightly, before drawing his hammer from his belt, before walking towards the demon, his hammer trailing behind his body. "I guess there is little other way."
* Isaac` advances alongside Solenn, lance at the ready. Rather than strike first, he focuses on trying to intercept any attack the demon might make against Solenn. [Defend Other]
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Mindless violence....and they call ME a monster."
<Leona> Leona decided to do the same with her shield up and at the ready, rolling her eyes at mother's ranting
* Solenn walks directly up to the demon, his hammer rocking slightly before it blurs into motion, striking out at the demon twice in quick succession as he enters range, both strikes perfectly aimed for what would be a vital spot on a human.
<Anna> The demon raised his massive shield made of steel-like feathers, knocking aside the first blow before parrying away the second with his large sword, snarling, "You chose poorly, Terrestrial!"
* Solenn simply looks the demon in the eyes before replying expressionlessly "We will see."
* Isaac` circles around, using the opening provided by Solenn to try and catch the demon off-guard with a rising slash from his lance.
<Anna> The demon almost succeeded in parrying the blow, but it managed to score across his chest, black ichor dripping from the shallow wound. He roared and lashed out with his massive sword, swinging it at Isaac in response to the attack.
<Leona> In the moment that the demon struck out at isaac, leona used the opening to strike against it with her own sword, swinging the golden blade upwards fron down low, right for it's gut
* Isaac` does his best to deflect the counter-attack, but he's too slow this time as the blade sweeps across his chest, drawing blood and making him stagger somewhat.
<Anna> The demon parried the majority of Leona's blow aside, taking another glancing blow that splattered ichor everywhere, "You are all fools! I will relish in your slaughter!"
<Solenn> As Solenn's hammer is deflected from the Demon's sword, his stance shifts slightly. As his hammer falls back, he drags it back before using its weight to spin his body around, slamming the hammer at full force down towards the Demon's head.
<Anna> The hammer smashed the massive demon right in the face and he briefly staggered back before righting himself. The black ichor and shadows covering his face revealed demonic, bird-like features mixed with those of a human before the shadows once again covered his features.
* Chroma quickly picks out an arrow from the quiver at her side, notches it to the thin beam of light on her bow, and draws it back. The gem on her forehead begins to shine a rich blue, and she silently releases the arrow, springing forward with a blue spark trailing behind it, like a dot on an oscilloscope screen.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> With the demon distracted, Mother of Sorrow quickly devise a new plan. Surely her "allies" wouldn't mind beign a diversion while she obtain the gauntlet. Unfortunately for her, its is too heavy to lift. "Oh please, not again." she mutter to herself. Not willing to give up yet, she attempt to attune it.
<Anna> The demon's shield rose to deflect the arrow at the last second, and he snarled, glaring at Chroma, "Even you? I thought you were wiser." He snapped his gaze towards Mother, "Stop!"
<Chroma> "I am, honestly," she says, resigned. "But I need everyone else alive for our next step."
* Isaac` takes a deep breath as he prepares again, his artifacts seeming to shimmer gently, light shining through his headband from his castemark. Twirling his lance up in one smooth movement and a trail of silver essence, he brings it down again in a scything strike and a loud battlecry, throwing almost everything into a single strike.
<Anna> "Enough of this! I'll end it now!" The demon roared after that spear struck him again. Suddenly the air seemed to shift and twist around his massive sword, swirling and spiraling. And then his arm became a blur, his body seeming to split into four duplicates as he attacked Leona, Mother, Solenn and Isaac all at once.
<Leona> Leona deflected his attack off to the side effortlessly, she then raised her sword up over her shoulder with her arm and brought it down hard to slash the demon who dared to strike her
<Solenn> As the blow strikes Solenn, a flash of pure white essence flares out from the point of impact, which slams into the ground at his feet, leaving a spiderweb of cracks around the impact point. His aura starts to flare to an even greater level, the stone starting to visibly crack under his feet. The shards of rock covering his body compress down into a seamless, white coating.
<Anna> The demon's attacks were wild, however, his actions slowed by his injuries, and Leona's counter attack slowed him further. He was half slumped over now, black ichor and shadows dripping heavily from his form, revealing silvery feathers and muscles seemingly made of solid iron beneath, his teeth bared menacingly, "You have no idea what you're doing."
<Leona> "Apprently you overestimated yourself demon..." she said, pointing her blade at his throat threatningly "Well I personally don't but I don't really see any other alternative or whose word to trust."
<Anna> "Your words are as empty as your future if you TAKE THAT GAUNTLET." The demon roared, still holding his blade up, "End it if you can, Lawgiver."
<Leona> She sighed "I didn't want to do this but fine if you insist demon, we'll see about that." she then swung her blade across his throat in an attempt to finish him off
<Anna> The blade tore through the demon's massive neck, severing his head before his physical body dissipated, whisping into the immaterial, leaving only a pool of black shadow and ichor as evidence he'd ever been there.
<Leona> Leona stared down at the pool of black shadow and ichor, seeming somewhat bothered by what she had just done, instead of feeling satisfied she had just crushed such a tough demon effortlessly
* Isaac` staggers backwards as the demon evaporates, leaning on his lance for a moment before standing up straight again. "Well that went... relatively well. Everyone else still in one piece?"
<Anna> As Mother of Sorrow thrust her hand into the gauntlet and quickly and desperately attuned to it, she felt a rush flow through her body, and a shadowy presence fall over her, clinging to her like the sticky black ichor that was pooled on the floor, "You fool." She heard the demon's voice echo inside her mind, "You hilarious fool."
<Anna> The gauntlet glowed a sickly black color, emitting a black and green aura in spite of its Orichalcum and Adamantite construction.
<Chroma> "So. Should we check out the others now?" Spark asked.
* Solenn , watching what Mother is doing growls in anger, before walking forward and grabbing Mother and the Gauntlet, trying to pull them apart "What the hell are you doing you idiot."
<Anna> Solenn's attempt to remove the gauntlet met with failure. It was locked tight on her arm.
<Leona> Leona looked up and frowned "... well she'll just have to answer to Innerosa then I guess, not my problem." she said, sighing and sheething her sword back in it's scabbard
* Solenn swears under his breath as his attempt to remove the gauntlet is met with failure. "If you doing that endangers us, I will not hesitate to take your arm off with it." he growls in her ear before dropping her arm and stepping away shaking his head.
* Isaac` takes a step or two back from Solenn and Sorrow. "Can't say we weren't warned."
<Leona> She looked to Solenn "... please tell me I'm not the only one who feels what we've just done might've been a mistake?" she said quietly to him
<Solenn> "Taking an item like this to a God? Oh yes most definately, but I think it being in his hands is better than any deathlord. I think what she has done though is by far the worst thing." he mutters back, glaring back at Mother
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "This is merely a....temporary arrangement." she says, staring at the gauntlet.
<Chroma> "I don't particularly see a problem as of yet."
<Leona> She nodded to Solenn, sighing again "Well at least we're all in one peice..." she looked over to Isaac and his wound "Are you alright?"
<Anna> "The fate of Creation is now literally in your hand, Deathknight, and my power is yours to draw upon... but if I sense weakness I will use you towards my own ends, little creature of flesh." The demon's voice echoed in Mother's head, "Is the price worth it?"
* Isaac` nods, folding up his lance and restowing it. "Yeah... yeah, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."
* Mother_of_Sorrow stays silent. The others, she look like she's not entirely 'there'. But this pass quickly.
* Solenn takes a few steps towards the door, rubbing his hand over his head, evidently trying to regain his composure. He sighs, before looking down at his hand, and the essence whirling around it, before turning back, his face unreadable behind the mask of stone. "I think now is a good time to leave" he glances at Chroma "Or check the next tomb. Theres no telling who or what we have alerted by doing this."
<Chroma> "Next tomb. I - er, we - really need to check the next one."
* Solenn shrugs at Chroma "Up to you, you were the one who wanted to explore it."
* Mother_of_Sorrow stare at the gauntlet again...and smirk. "Next tomb it is."
<Leona> "I'm up with exploring another I suppose, not looking forward to more fighting though."
* Isaac` laughs a little, turning back to the stairs. "I can definitely get behind... keeping the Maker on 'our' side. Let's get going then."
* Chroma smiles gratefully. "Yes, let's go."
<Leona> Leona just shrugs and follows them back up the stairs
* Solenn shrugs again "Next one it is. I'm all for figuring out the timer in the room outside this time. It may have some effect on the Demon." He chuckles "Or not, whatever."
<Anna> Outside, the other tombs are still waiting, closed up tight, one marked with a black sun and the other with a black gear.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "This time lets not waste any time on any guardian. It seems brute force work fine for you people."
<Chroma> "Would one of you mind opening the door for me?" Chroma asks, pointing at the tomb with the gear.
<Leona> Leona moves over to the door, getting ready to push it once solenn was ready
* Solenn wanders over to the door and shoves on it.
<Leona> she then glared at mother of sorrow "Would you just shut your damn mouth and stay in the back of the room untill everything is clear? You already fucked up by putting on that gauntlet and I didn't see you help a damn bit with that fight."
<Leona> she then grunted as she pushed too
* Isaac` stands back. He's injured this time, now he has an excuse not to exert himself.
<Anna> The door easily opened, revealing a staircase leading downwards, the walls of which were thick soulmetal grates with an uncountable number of gears, cogs and other mechanical devices, slowly ticking and grinding towards some unknown but inexorable purpose.
* Chroma looks around, smiling. "This is the first happy sight I've seen since we entered that shadowland. Let's go!"
* Solenn looks bemused at the wall "Well this is different." He readies his hammer before setting off down the stairs
* Isaac` heads in after, letting Chroma lead the way. "I wouldn't call soulsteel machinery particularly happy."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I really don't see what is so fascinating about gears and cogs."
<Leona> She blinked at Chroma "... soulsteel machinery is a happy thing? I'm more concerned about the number of souls required to forge this..." she shuddered at the thought
* Chroma blinks, turning to Leona. "S-souls?"
<Isaac`> "They call it soulsteel for a reason."
<Leona> She frowned "um... where the hell do you think the "soul" in soulsteel came from? Deathlords forge it from some material and the souls of the unfortunate dead... you can still hear their screams and moans from the metal somtimes... I find it utterly vile"
<Chroma> "...Really? I thought that was just a myth... back in Yugash, we just mined it."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Mining soulsteel?"
<Leona> "No it's no myth unfortunately..." she said, frowning even more
<Anna> The twisting, agonised faces of the souls trapped within the metal, and the sound it made was frankly quite disturbing. Fortunately, that wasn't enough to distract Chroma, and thankfully she spotted the trap just before it triggered and was able to come to a stop before a series of whirling soulsteel blades tore through the air in front of her, gnashing across the area where her torso would have been.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Charming."
<Solenn> "Can we keep discussions on morality on hold until we are outside of the shadowlands please?!" Solenn says, slightly exasperated.
<Chroma> "It's just like home!" Chroma says, delighted.
<Leona> Leona wretched as she glanced at the twisting agonised faces of those souls "I'm sorry..." she murmured to the walls themselves quietly before gasping as those blades tore through the air "... well that's different"
<Chroma> "I suggest you all be careful, I'll check for any other traps as we go. You help too, Gearmo." "Cheep!"
* Isaac` is glad he's not on point this time. "...Be careful? You don't say."
<Leona> "Um... understood. Your home consists of traps?" she said, frowning even more, trying to ignore the ghastly walls all around her that made her shudder from her feelings of empathy and horror for those poor people
* Mother_of_Sorrow is the only one not affected by the walls.
<Chroma> "It's not so much traps as machines that...we tend to be in the middle of. Actually, death by accidentally tapping into an undiscovered essence vein will get you promoted within the class."
<Anna> Fortunately there didn't appear to be any more traps in the staircase, and once they reached the bottom they stepped into a very large room, with eight solid looking doors leading in different directions. The doors were steel and stone, like the floor, but the walls were still all soulsteel, gears and cogs and machinery. In the center of the room a soulsteel gear turned slowly.
* Solenn is already treading carefully, ensuring that at least one his feet touches the stone in the floor every few seconds. He may look a little odd doing this.
<Leona> Leona looked around at the doors as she stepped inside, moving off to a spot inside the room
* Chroma immediately goes off to the gear, examining it, though she glances at the doors for any markings.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "So, which door?" ask Mother of Sorrow, casually.
* Solenn simply stands near the entrance to the room, standing watch over the exits, the hearthstone on his brow flickering slightly. "Guess it is down to you now Chroma, theres more than one exit this time."
<Anna> Each door was marked with a black gear, and a different pattern. One has a bow, one has a blade, one has a hammer, one has a gauntlet, one has a knife, one has a ballista, one has a helmet, and the last has a firewand.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Any idea what each one of these mean, Chroma?"
* Isaac` chills and waits for a verdict on this gear business, keeping an eye on Chroma and Solenn.
<Isaac`> "This better not mean eight guardians."
<Chroma> "If...I had to guess, Mother, I'd guess that...that one represents a glove, that one a sword, that one a bow, and so forth. Now let me examine this gear for a moment."
<Leona> Leona frowned "Some of these weapons match up with our... particular choices..." she said, glancing to her sword.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I'm not blind, of course I can recognise a sword from a bow." she turn to Leona. "Interesting."
<Anna> The gear was large, a good fifteen feet in diameter and over a foot thick. It kept turning slowly, ticking like the plate had in the other tomb. Nothing else about it is notable.
<Chroma> "Alright, let's try to remove this. Or at least pull it out. They had to have access to the machinery somehow."
<Leona> She blinked, moving down to try to help Chroma lift the thing
* Solenn eyes the gear "Moving this thing will be interesting." he walks over, grabbing one edge of it and preparing to lift.
<Anna> Chroma and Leona alone wouldn't be enough to lift it, as absurdly large and heavy as it was, and even with Solenn it would prove difficult.
* Isaac` stands back and watches, for now. Like hell he's getting involved in this mad plan unless he has to.
<Chroma> "A-A little help?" Chroma asked, looking over at Isaac.
<Anna> "You wish to be strong?" The demon's voice whispered in Mother's ear, "You can draw upon my strength, and you'd be more than strong enough to aid them."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "They don't need my help for now."
* Isaac` sighs and wanders over slowly. "At least try and lift it properly. Space yourselves out evenly, come on."
<Anna> Eventually the three of them managed to lift the massive, heavy gear off the metal rod to which it had been connected, though it took a great deal of effort. The effects were immediate. All the clockwork machinery on the walls and underneath them started going ballistic, spinning faster and faster until the smaller ones started to shake themselves apart.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Chroma, tell me this is normal."
<Solenn> "Definately not normal" Solenn mutters.
<Chroma> "I was hoping for this. I was afraid I'd have to speed it up by hand."
<Leona> She blinked "... you wanted it to speed up? hmm..." she murmured
<Leona> she grunted as she helped them set the gear off to the side somewhere
<Isaac`> "Well if it's a countdown like the last one probably was, I guess that's... one way of opening it."
<Chroma> "I was hoping that the giant pointless disk was there simply to retard the motion. Just try to stay clear of any springs."
<Anna> The clockwork and gears kept going faster and faster, whirling and spinning. Gears began to fly off as the speed of their turning generated too much friction for them to handle, until finally the whole thing... broke, and all turning ceased completely, the floor littered with varying sizes of gears, steam and smokecoming up from the floor.
<Leona> A random flying gear plinked off leona's armor
<Solenn> "Looks like we broke it" Solenn says, completely deapan. "So what do you propose we do next?"
<Chroma> "Now, we explore. If it was a timer, we hope it advanced enough. If it wasn't, maybe we broke a few traps. Which door should we try first?"
<Anna> The gears are the size of dinner plates or larger and all made of soulsteel or iron. You're lucky I didn't make you dodge them with them violently flying all over the place. They do not 'plink'.
* Isaac` looks thoughtful. "I'd go with the firewand or the ballista. Higher tech and all."
* Mother_of_Sorrow take a moment to think "The gauntlet."
<Chroma> "Fire...wand?" Spark asks, curious, as she picks up a soulsteel gear or two.
* Mother_of_Sorrow try to see if she can open the door with the gauntlet on it.
<Solenn> "I vote for the helmet. It is the only one of these doors that has an item which cannot be used as a weapon."
<Chroma> "I like that. Any other indications of a single door being different?"
<Leona> "... Solenn has a good point." she said
<Leona> "Balistae aren't exactly portible single man weapons." she answered to Chroma's question
* Isaac` points to the firewand door. "It's a... uh... crude kind of... fire-spitting thing. Pretty rare..." he trails off as Solenn points out the helmet. "Yeah, I guess you have a point there."
* Solenn ponders for a moment more, before moving to stand in front of the Helmet door, looking more closely at it.
<Chroma> "Oh! We have something similar. Thank you."
<Leona> "A firewand is a ranged weapon that shoots a jet of flame."
* Solenn stands back a bit and looks back at the others and shrugs "This door looks pretty normal to me. Anyone else want to take a look before I open it?"
* Chroma nods. "Let me. My vision is augmented."
<Anna> Mother's attempt to open the door with the gauntlet on it was met with success. The door swung slowly open, and revealed a large, mechanical robotic hand made of steel and copper. The hand fortunately remained motionless.
* Chroma looks at the door from top to bottom. "It's an ordinary door."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "I see this place is still as charming as ever." She poke the robotic hand.
<Anna> It remained still and lifeless.
<Isaac`> "Ordinary as far as doors in a place like this can be, sure."
* Solenn gestures for Chroma to step back out of the direct line of the door, before stepping aside himself and putting his hand on the door after Chroma has moved away. "Everybody ready?"
<Leona> Leona nodded and raised her shield up in case somthing happens
* Mother_of_Sorrow stays in her corner.
* Isaac` steps off to the side as well. Better safe than sorry.
* Solenn nods before pushing the door open slowly, waiting a second, before looking around the corner.
<Anna> The door was thick and heavy, and once it was pushed open they heard a faint ticking and grinding, and saw a robotic suit of armor sitting on an altar much like the altar in the other tomb. It appeared to be constructed of all six magical materials, and lifted its head, staring at them with glowing white eyes, "HAS THE TIME COME FOR MY USE?" It asked in a harsh, mechanical voice, though its tone was one of servitude.
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Yes, the time has come." says Mother of Sorrow, quickly.
* Solenn 's head turns slowly towards Chroma "I ... er ... What is that?!"
* Chroma walks up to it. "What is your purpose?"
<Anna> "TO BRING ABOUT THE ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION." The suit of armor replied, turning its head towards Chroma, "TO SLAY AUTOCHTHON."
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "Oh that. No, sorry, its the wrong time."
* Mother_of_Sorrow glance at Chroma. "At least it talked and now we know."
<Solenn> "It's never the time" Solenn mutters.
<Chroma> "How would you do such an...act?" Chroma says, complete disgust written on her face.
<Anna> "IT IS MY PURPOSE. TO CARRY THE DEATH OF THE GREAT MAKER WITHIN ME." The suit of armour replied, tilting its head, studying Chroma's expression, "Is this not what I was created for?"
<Mother_of_Sorrow> "No, that is not your purpose."

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