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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:56 am 
Pseudofeline Overlord
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[Sat 06] [20:59:26] <BattleTitan> Is there any backstory dev yet or is it just bare bones right now?
[Sat 06] [21:00:49] <HorseMonster> That's Arc's area really.
[Sat 06] [21:00:56] <HorseMonster> But the gist of it is:
[Sat 06] [21:01:00] <HorseMonster> There was a big space empire
[Sat 06] [21:01:04] <HorseMonster> It collapsed
[Sat 06] [21:01:08] <Arcalane> cue chaos
[Sat 06] [21:01:20] <BattleTitan> Alright
[Sat 06] [21:01:42] <Arcalane> some of the empire still exists (Remnant faction) but it's not nearly as awesome as it used to be
[Sat 06] [21:01:49] <Arcalane> the empire was pretty much in a golden age
[Sat 06] [21:02:05] <HorseMonster> I proposed the idea of it collapsed due to a destablisation of node space that rendered FTL travel impossible
[Sat 06] [21:02:26] <HorseMonster> And now several decades later node space is navigable again.

Discuss! Or don't. I'm lazy. More words here later.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:42 am 
Pseudofeline Overlord
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[Thu 01] [23:13:00] <HorseMonster> Yay more DPS calc crap.
[Thu 01] [23:13:11] <HorseMonster> I don't even know what they are trying to do at this point.
[Thu 01] [23:14:22] <Arcalane> me either
[Thu 01] [23:14:33] <Arcalane> but GATC is a weirdo frenchman, so nobody knows what he's up to
[Thu 01] [23:15:42] <HorseMonster> Scenario: It's clear that nobody is currently working on developing the game Outcome: People waste effort playing around with damage calcs.
[Thu 01] [23:16:20] <HorseMonster> It seems clear that waiting for other forum users to contribute isn't going to work.
[Thu 01] [23:16:33] <HorseMonster> Yikes.
[Thu 01] [23:16:43] <HorseMonster> I almost drank neat JD out of the bottle.
[Thu 01] [23:16:47] <HorseMonster> That would have hurt.
[Thu 01] [23:17:35] <HorseMonster> brb getting a beer so I don't reach for a beer that isn't there and get JD instead.
[Thu 01] [23:19:13] <Arcalane> XD
[Thu 01] [23:21:05] <HorseMonster> you may ask why I have an open bottle of whisky on my Desk.
[Thu 01] [23:21:31] <HorseMonster> The answer is because I like the smell of Jack Daniels.
[Thu 01] [23:23:09] <Arcalane> you're a mad bugger
[Thu 01] [23:24:01] <HorseMonster> It's fine.
[Thu 01] [23:24:24] <HorseMonster> Anyway, since I'm here I suppose I ought to get something done.
[Thu 01] [23:26:58] <HorseMonster> Let's see, what were we doing again and how do we do it.
[Thu 01] [23:27:05] <HorseMonster> Riiiight.
[Thu 01] [23:27:15] <HorseMonster> Factions.
[Thu 01] [23:27:49] <HorseMonster> The difficulty in coming up with good faction traits is that they need to be consistant with the backstory.
[Thu 01] [23:28:22] <HorseMonster> But there's no much going on with the backstory.
[Thu 01] [23:28:26] <Arcalane> yeah, what did we settle on? Imperial Golden Age, Node Collapse, Civil Collapse...
[Thu 01] [23:28:37] <Arcalane> DARK AG-- you know this is sounding decidedly WARHAMMER 40K
[Thu 01] [23:28:43] <HorseMonster> Sounds about right.
[Thu 01] [23:28:59] <HorseMonster> Yes it is, but with less imperium!
[Thu 01] [23:29:14] <Arcalane> this is true
[Thu 01] [23:29:18] <Arcalane> the Imperium are a bunch of dicks
[Thu 01] [23:29:22] <HorseMonster> ITS FINE NOBODY WILL NOTICE ANWAY
[Thu 01] [23:29:29] <Arcalane> the God Emperor needs to get off his ass and do something awesome
[Thu 01] [23:29:54] <Arcalane> but no he's too busy sitting in his slowly failing golden toiletbowl
[Thu 01] [23:30:17] <HorseMonster> I think the two biggest things that haven't been decided on are exactly how long ago the collapse/s happened and exactly what the imperial remnant is.
[Thu 01] [23:30:52] <Arcalane> well, the Remnant are basically leftovers of the Imperial Fleet that banded together around the capital planets
[Thu 01] [23:31:15] <Arcalane> as you can imagine, people rallied under their banner for protection
[Thu 01] [23:31:32] <Arcalane> so the Empire shakily re-established itself at it's heart, but it's nothing like what it used to be
[Thu 01] [23:32:07] <Arcalane> ideally the Remnant own half a dozen systems in the middle of the map and just sit there being arrogant fucks to the Renegades
[Thu 01] [23:33:50] <Arcalane> trading with the Remnant and staying in their good books is probably a smart way to boost your income
[Thu 01] [23:33:57] <Arcalane> but they're not going to be invincible
[Thu 01] [23:34:24] <Arcalane> if players want to band up and take them down, they are welcome to try
[Thu 01] [23:35:24] <Arcalane> but their pre-collapse relics are still powerful, despite having been ravaged by time and pirate raids
[Thu 01] [23:41:00] <HorseMonster> That's an interesting scenario, because it seems like there'd probably be several different groups that would set themselves up as the one "legitimate" imperial authority.
[Thu 01] [23:43:52] <HorseMonster> But yeah that seems like a pretty sound concept of the remnant.
[Thu 01] [23:44:17] <HorseMonster> Okay, so exactly how long ago did the proverbial shit hit the fan?
[Thu 01] [23:45:34] <Arcalane> good question.
[Thu 01] [23:45:37] <Arcalane> I am not exactly sure
[Thu 01] [23:45:51] <Arcalane> HM: hence the Loyalist option
[Thu 01] [23:51:48] <HorseMonster> Anything between 30-100 years is probably okay.
[Thu 01] [23:58:09] <Arcalane> k
[Thu 01] [23:58:14] <Arcalane> it would have to be quite a while
[Thu 01] [23:58:21] <Arcalane> if tech loss was really so bad
[Thu 01] [23:58:26] <Arcalane> Imperial tech was p. awesome
[Fri 02] [00:00:45] <HorseMonster> Oh yeah the tech loss
[Fri 02] [00:01:22] <Arcalane> if people are basically back to using barely-above-chemical propulsion and primitive kinetic/directed energy weapons
[Fri 02] [00:03:03] <HorseMonster> Well Ion engines and particle beams aren't exactly superscience stuff.
[Fri 02] [00:05:15] <HorseMonster> I really have no idea how long technological regression like that would take to happen.
[Fri 02] [00:05:33] <Arcalane> well, IF we assume a major, catastrophic civil war situation
[Fri 02] [00:05:45] <Arcalane> anarchy sweeps over the planets
[Fri 02] [00:05:56] <Arcalane> it's quite possible that a lot could be lost
[Fri 02] [00:06:40] <HorseMonster> Sounds fair, but it still doesn't give us an answer for the time scale.
[Fri 02] [00:06:59] <Arcalane> nnn
[Fri 02] [00:07:16] <Arcalane> I don't really know either... it would probably have to be several decades
[Fri 02] [00:14:13] <HorseMonster> Hmmm.
[Fri 02] [00:14:38] <HorseMonster> I don't think that any of the faction leaders should have been alive when the empire still existed.
[Fri 02] [00:14:48] <HorseMonster> And if they were they should be really fucking old.
[Fri 02] [00:15:19] <Arcalane> ofc.
[Fri 02] [00:17:34] <HorseMonster> The average age of a head of state is what, like 40-60
[Fri 02] [00:18:37] <HorseMonster> And in a sci-fi setting a head of state in some sort of ruler-for-life setting might die at 90-110
[Fri 02] [00:21:16] <HorseMonster> So it's going to want to be quite alot of decades.
[Fri 02] [00:21:22] <Arcalane> 75~?
[Fri 02] [00:21:37] <HorseMonster> I was about to say 70, but yeah 70ish
[Fri 02] [00:22:03] <HorseMonster> Probably shouldn't be a round number, or a distinct number, because assumedly the nodes didn't just turn off one day.
[Fri 02] [00:22:10] <Arcalane> 76?
[Fri 02] [00:22:29] <Arcalane> the started destabilizing around 73~
[Fri 02] [00:25:44] <HorseMonster> First instabilities detected at 70, node travel becoming dangerous by 73, last successful node travel recorded in 76, all subsequent attempts at node transport failed catastrophically.
[Fri 02] [00:26:33] <Arcalane> \o/
[Fri 02] [00:27:53] <HorseMonster> Hooray, now we have important aspects of the backstory ironed out!
[Fri 02] [00:28:11] <HorseMonster> Now we can procrastinate doing everything else forever.
[Fri 02] [00:28:13] <Arcalane> yaaaaaay
[Fri 02] [00:42:16] <HorseMonster> Next on the list: Traits
[Fri 02] [00:42:20] <HorseMonster> Again!
[Fri 02] [00:42:58] <Arcalane> :efforrrrrrrrrt:
[Fri 02] [00:44:02] <HorseMonster> it's not like you are busy with meta 1 stuff.
[Fri 02] [00:44:12] <Arcalane> :efforrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt:
[Fri 02] [00:44:41] <HorseMonster> Man up and do your duty as a community leader!
[Fri 02] [00:44:47] <Arcalane> :efforrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt:
[Fri 02] [00:56:23] <HorseMonster> You are the worst arcalane ever.
[Fri 02] [00:56:51] <Arcalane> :D

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:12 am 
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Thanks for including the part about my drinking habits!

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:10 am 
Pseudofeline Overlord
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You're welcome. :D

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