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 Post subject: "Meet the factions" RP
PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:47 am 
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There are now many factions getting involved with WFTU but where general politics and faction goals are good, we can't really know the species on a social level. Here you can step into your race's shoes (if they wear shoes) and get to know your galactic neighbors.

How to play:

1. Create your character

First create a post in this format:
General description/picture:
Current activities:

Heres an example (and the Character I will use)
Spoiler: show
Name: Sad'ari Ustam
Race: Novian
General description: 7.4 feet tall with long skinny arms and legs, wearing a Cilipad officers uniform. A small device is implanted into the back of his bald cranium to expand memory storage. A las pistol is on his belt
Current activities: Sitting at an un-lit table studying a holoscreen

Once you're happy with your character you can start adding to the current scene.


1. Don't post actions for other peoples characters.
2. All posts here are in-role, if you have any questions PM me.
3. One character at a time
4. Try to keep it civilized, the idea it to get to know each other not have a gun fight.
(may need more, PM me if you see anything amiss)

The scene:

I don't own this image.

Space bars are found in all corners of the Delphinius sector, nearly every station has one. All kinds of races congregate here for cheep boose and a place to pick up work. - I'll leave any more descriptions to you imagination.

I'll get us kicked off:

Sad'ari winced, his eyes were irritated and dry from being awake for 3 days. Such was expected by the captain of a Particula-class corvette. 3 days of reading over tactical reports about the Ratai war front has taken its toll. He needed to relax his head to be at optimum efficiency so he had come to the bar before going to the cryo pods. Glancing about the bar was pretty empty but for a few pirate types.

"Bar tender, I wish to purchase this beverage." Sad'ari stated, gesturing to a bottle of green fluid.
"I thought you lizards weren't allowed to drink alcohol." grumbled the human behind the counter, he must have been a bit drunk himself.
"we are not." grinned Sad'ari.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:54 pm 
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Sounds nice. I'll add mine then.

Name: Michael (Mac) Corvis
Race: Terran
General Description: 6 Ft tall with muscle toned Arms and Legs wearing an Admiral Suit and Sharky hair Style. Carries a belt with two G-49 Pistols (Conventional) and one Knife.
Current Activities: Talking to the Bar Tender for Rumors and such.

Mac was Speaking with a Bar Tender with Rumors about an Illegal Cache of Weapons being Smuggled to Terran Space.
He Glanced over the Room when a Stranger sat right Next to him.

"I've got that Info you requested" Said the Stranger
"Good" the Stranger said "Are you Sure about this? Those pirates are looking at you as if they are involved to the Smuggling" Mac said "I know what i'm doing"
They stopped Talking for a few Minutes then the Stranger left without a Word.

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