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 Post subject: AI Setting book:
PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:16 am 
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Lieutenant, Junior Grade
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(FYI: Ignore the mews pls). mew-
" Set Name " means to set the name of your ship. mew-
"Set AI Range" means to set the range of your AI in a circle radius of pixels (More like an invisible pixel circle that when an enemy enters it they`ll get fired upon). mew-
"Set AI Type: (Normal, Flanking, Broadside, & Kamikaze)" Means the AI will predict the enemy`s movements & follow the enemy. mew- EX: Normal AI means that UR ship`s nose or front will always face the enemy, Flanking AI means UR ship with try to do a swinging maneuver to get to the main back of the enemy & fire on him/her from behind, Broadside AI means that your ship get into firing range of its guns & turn 90 degree of enemy position & open firing on the enemy. mew- (Warning do not use this AI setting unless your a an honorable Japanese person that not afraid to die) ---> Kamikaze AI means that Ur ship will face the enemy & accelerate towards enemy full thrust & do what I call a RAM & explode run where your ship will explode right in front of the enemy & the pieces of UR HULL will do a great deal of dmg to enemy possibly destroying him/her to (NOTE: only use this AI setting as the last ray of hope). mew-
"Set Acceleration" means the pixel speed at which your ship will accelerate at. mew-
"Set MAX SPEED" The maximum pixel speed that your ship can go & UR acceleration will stop at this speed (NOTE: The bigger the ship the harder it is for that ship to stop OK, & my scale for ships is Small ships like a fighter its speed should be 5 to 10, medium ship 3.5 to 6, & huge ships 0.5 to 3, & space stations are always 0 speed lol). mew-
"Set HP" means the max HP of the core of your ship or parts. mew-
"Set Turning rate" That max turning rate of your ship in pixels. mew-
"Set description" The Description of your ship. mew- Like EX: what is the purpose of your ship. mew- or what do you want people to know about your ship? mew-
"Set FormRank" means -From what I understand you can only set it from 1-3 and when you tell a group of ships to go to a spot then they will set themselves up in a small grid formation with the lower numbered ones in front (up to 9 ships in a formation) but when you select an enemy target the ships will just fight according to their set AI range and AI type.- by Strideo. mew-
"D.Direct Control: On-Off" Means if a player can have direct control of this ship. mew- EX: You don`t want direct control for a space station because he/she can control it by just clicking on it & will override the AI that was controlling it or in the same way with weapons. mew-
"M.Ship Summery" means the ship`s info in text editor. mew- (Note don`t click on it unless your a geekian in codes of a PC, is much faster this way but it can contain errors). mew-

PM me to let me know if I left anything out from the AI setting instructions. mew-

My ships are over powered in the front of them & are slow moving giants. mew- Image

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