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 Post subject: DGW in Stellaris
PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:48 am 
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So I've been playing Stellaris a lot lately (thank you humble bundle). The game is a really solid grand strategy space game in real time.
Naturally my first thought was to put the Delphinus Gulf factions in it, since I've had these in my head for quite a while. Obviously I'm going to have to change some things because there isn't a perfect translation between our ideas and the game's limitations but I find this to be incredibly fun.

Terran Stellar Democracy
Spoiler: show
Old Earth was dying. Despite solving its energy crises decades prior with orbital reactors, the planet’s equatorial regions were quickly increasing in temperature and crop blight began to plague the continental regions. Fear of a new ice age was present and justified.
With the ground beneath them dying, humanity began to look to the stars. A machine was built near Venus, a massive construction designed to launch ships into a one-way “hyperspace” transit. The first ship was launched a decade later to the Prometheus system, where a previously surveyed, terraformed, and partially industrialized planet - christened with the Latin “Terra” was to be their new home. Upon its establishment, the colony developed. Their only contact from the periodic ship to emerge from space. Soon, massive amounts of people migrated to Terra, all of whom had been grown in labs.
Years passed, and an orbital facility had been constructed. Shortly after several space-faring vessels equipped for exploration were made. The human race had established its place amidst space, ready to explore.

Sovereign Aurelian Republic
Spoiler: show
The colony ships from Old Earth were not created without political motive. One of the seed-ships – the Phoenix - with human embryos was one such ship. Unbeknownst to the Terran colony, the Phoenix led a cohort of ships to second colonizable planet, “Aurelia,” in the Caesar system.
Quickly after foundation, the political leaders on board the Phoenix seized control of the colony and established authoritarian regime. Conflict soon ensured as other factions opposed the Soverign Phoenix Party and fought for control. The Phoenix Part, simply known now as “the Party,” emerged victorious, but not without the destruction of the seeding technology.
Still, the planet’s sizeable population was put to the development of the Aurelian colony. With the successfully establishment of the Party’s authority and infrastructure, the humans of Aurelia began to take to space around them.

Novian Empire
Spoiler: show
An aquatic species from the depths of an ocean world, the Novians quickly became exposed to the existence of alien life from relics in their system. This inspired in them an insatiable lust for discovery and exploration, frequently at all costs. Their industries expanded to heights greater than their own protective oceans. With the innovation of aquatic environmental suits, and later implants, they successfully grew outside of their oceans. Development soon ensured and plans to leave the confines of their world also occurred. Launching rockets, probes, and eventually a station into orbit, the Novian people sought to quench their thirst for knowledge from the wonders of the cosmos or from the hands of other forms of life – willing or not.

Mioran Commonwealth
Spoiler: show
When it was built, the planet unified. The great cathedral-city of Mior acts as a jewel to the entire planet and beyond. Started a century prior, the emperor of Mior’s eastern empire began its massive construction with little more than pulley cranes. It is a city and holy site made entirely of stone, wood, and steel all in a single symmetrical structure that extends as far as the eye can see. This has become the center of Mioran existence, inspiring all of its residence to perform the best they possibly can at the individual and systemic levels. Miorans have since adopted a teleological materialism although it is not one devoid of amenities like art or philosophy. The culture embraces all that will improve itself as it takes to the stars where their full, excellent potential can be realized.

Ashtic Imperium
Spoiler: show
A flightless avian race, the Ash-Arn are a proud and warlike people. Countless wars have been fought amongst tribes and nations of the planet Arnverax. Shortly after industrialization began, various single entities had conquered their continents so as to make each of them individual nations. Decades later, a global war ensured. When the dust settled, a single victor emerged and united the entire planet under a single flag, that of the Ashtic, which establishes them as the ultimate species. The planet then industrialized even more, with massive complexes covering enormous expanses of land, water, and space. As their planet’s population grows, their engineers continuously push their boundaries. Space travel was an inevitable reality. The Ashtic Imperium wishes to push itself to its maximum as it consolidates as much power in the hands of the imperial authority.

Notes: I am obviously constrained to use the portraits in the game and I'm not good enough at modding to put my own in. Furthermore, I've kind of internally developed an over-arching story for the whole thing in the several years since it was started, which included me actually making the Terrans having a coherent story and system type. So really, the selection process was based on my own storymaking as well as how fleshed out the factions were. Obviously I included mine, because in my head I've embellished a lot. Also the trait that is cut off in both the Novian and Mioran profile is "slow breeders."

If any of you remainders want to provide me with a bio or anything other information for adding factions, I would be happy to oblige. Still, there are limitations within the game.

naysayers will be shot

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