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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:00 pm 
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Hello everyone

You probably don't remember me, but back when BSF was at its height I was one of the most prolific posters on this forum. I built ships, played games, helped with tournaments, and generally had a whale of a time all the way around. BSF was an amazing game with an amazing community, and I was proud to call myself a part of it.

Though I haven't visited in quite some time, I still look back on the time I spent here fondly. Being part of the Battleships Forever community was a blast while it lasted and though I may have eventually grown apart from this place, I don't regret my time spend here for a single moment.

So why am I here now? Well, I'm coming to my fellow gamers on all corners of the web bearing a simple plea:

If you can, please, help my friend.

His name his Hayden. Though he lives in Columbus, Ohio and myself in Melbourne, Australia, ours is a friendship strong enough to bridge even the mighty Pacific. He is a bright, unfailingly kind individual who wants nothing more than to create. Unfortunately, he has recently sailed into some very dire straits, and I want to do everything in my power to help him. Is in that capacity that I bring this plea to you, as I cannot bear to stand idly while a friend is in need...

You see,Hayden has clinical depression, but no one in his family will help or support him. He has been kicked out of two different homes belonging to relatives on opposite ends of the United States for failing to find work within mere weeks of his arrival. His parents have continually bullied him to try to find work (already a difficult enough task for a depressed person, and impossible with the bullying), threatened this penniless 21 year old with homelessness, and denied him access to both his friends and to appropriate medical care for his condition.

All this combined stress recently lead to a suicide attempt that he thankfully survived. He warned both his parents and the medical establishment ahead of time that he was going to do this, but was ignored. A long stay in the hospital and then afterwards a psych ward ensued, followed by him being kicked out of his parents' house one final time for supposedly "hacking" their Internet.

This is, sadly, the level of empathy Hayden is receiving from his parents. Fresh out of the hospital and they invent a paranoid delusion about him being a computer hacker just so they can have an excuse kick him out into the street...

He is now living temporarily at a friend's house, but this arrangement cannot last forever and right now all he effectively has to his name is the clothes on his back. No car, no job, and no money (though he is working on the second one). He is destitute. And he needs your help to find his feet:


If he achieves his $4,000 goal, it will pay for rent, bills, and assorted expenses for long enough to be able to find work on his own terms and start his life anew.

In addition to finding work to survive on in the short term, Hayden is also working together with David Silver of Silver Games to produce adventure content for a 3rd party product associated with the Pathfinder tabletop RPG created by Paizo Publishing. Any donations made past the $4,000 goal will go directly towards the completion of this project. So if you contribute, you'll be helping him not only to survive, but thrive as well, and add to the already storied legacy of the Pathfinder roleplaying system.

Again, then, if you can help my friend in any way at all, even just a dollar or two, please, please give him a hand in his time of need. But even if you cannot help, thankyou so, so very much for your patience to even read through all of this and, if you would like to support him in other ways, I know that even words of encouragement are of great value.

Your friendly neighbourhood sci-fi fan.

- Captain Trek

P.S. If you want to know more, get in touch with Hayden himself, or even just have a chat, contact me, captaintrek (creative, I know...), by text or audio chat on Skype. I'm usually on for most of the day, running Skype in the background while gradually digging myself out of a mountainous pile of university coursework.


PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:09 am 

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Before i recognized the account name i thought this was a spambot from the title

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