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 Post subject: Alien ships
PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:18 am 

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Hello everyone,I'm an old fan of this game and seeing how some people have made really cool ships, I've decided to post some I made.
Feel free to tell me how they looks like,opinions,criticism,etc.

The first is a cruiser like ship,with 3 beam weapons and 6 machine guns.
It has above average speed acceleration and turn rate.
It also has a nano matrix so it can act as a support ship as well.
If you think the screen shot is a bit confusing,those lines are meant to be sparks.
It doesn't have engine trails or stuff like that because I imagined it to bent space around it for movement via the hexagonal shape.

Here is another one:The Gorund'ar Warship.
Armaments:4 modified beamers.One faced backwards to counteract flanking tactics.
1 modified Teller torpedo.Also faced backwards.
4 modified High velocity rocket launchers.
10 modified Machine guns.
Good for fighting other capital ships.

Next of the list:The Hyerum Assassin.
Armaments:6 modified High velocity rocket launchers.
3 modified Fusion beams.
Perfect for mowing down other similar sized ships.

The Versalya Gunboat.
Armaments:4 modified Pulse beams.
4 modified Flak guns.
Fast and agile.Best at out manewvering slower cap ships while wearing them down.

The Turaa'n Warship.
Armaments:12 modified Gatling pulses.
4 modified Fusion beams.
1 modified Twin laser.
Devices:1 modified Frosch gun.
Terrible presence.Can use it's Frosch gun to disable other cap ships and destroy them with minimal losses.

Meakaa'r Medium frigate.
Armaments:2 modified Rail guns.
2 modified Flak guns.
Can attack the enemy from medium to long distance.Best to keep away from the thick of battle.

Another one to start the new year with.

The Krugg'tor Siegecruiser.
Armaments:2 modified twin blaster cannons.
2 modified particle rifles.
1 modified Twin laser cannon codenamed "Thanatos''.
7 modified particle guns.
While it can stand it's ground in a heated battle,it's main use is that given by it's mane.
With a terrifying experimental Thanatos cannon,this ship can tear apart the heaviest of defenses and space fortresses.
But it is vulnerable to flanking from behind,and the twin laser cannon takes a lot of time to recharge and cannot move,so the ship need to face it's target directly.
Such vulnerabilities are partially compensated by it's array of particle guns.

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