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Anthem: "Resistanse (was) futile"
Official Anthem Music :
Klingon Battle Theme (From Star Trek Series)
Official Military Anthem Music: Hell March (from C&C Red Alert 1 soundtrack)
Official Symbol:No one for now

Governemental Type: Restricted Monarchy
Economical System: Capitalism
Homeworld: Kzorr Prime
Systems under ownership: 1 (the homesystem)
Worlds under ownership: 1 (the homeworld)
Worlds Colonized: 2
Trade Space Stations: 12
Military Space Stations: 1
Researching Space Stations: 1
Artificial Worlds under ownership: 0
Industrial Worlds under ownership: 0
Ringworlds under ownership: 0
Small Ringworlds under ownership: 0
Dyson Spheres under ownership: 0
Planetoid Mining Bases: 3
Asteroid Mining Bases: 44
Gas Giants owned: 6
Uninhabitable worlds: 4

Economy Sumary:
GDP: 97 Trilion of Goks
National Treasury net-worth: 21 Trilions of Goks
Military net-worth: 3 Trilion of Goks
Currency: Gok
Currency Conversion:
Gok to Euro (real Euro): 1 Gok - 61 Euros
Gok to Rid: 5 Goks - 1 Rid
Rid to Yiter (most powerfull currency of known universe): 81.05 Rid - 1 Yiters

Most Important Minerals:
Titanium - Annual Output: 5 Megatons
Uranium - Annual Output: 8 Megatons
Iron - Annual Output: 66 Megatons
Aluminum - Annual Output: 13 Megatons
Gold - Annual Output: 706 Tons
Silver - Annual output: 2 Megatons
Copper - Annual Output: 6 Megatons
Tungsten - Annual: 160 Tons

Oxygen - Annual Output - 100 Mtons
Hidrogen - Annual Output - 233 Mtons
Carbonites - Annual Output - 25 Mtons
Sodium - Annual Output - 11.6 Mtons

Agricole Commodities- Annual Output - 1022 Mtons

Legal Drugs - Annual Output - 88 Mtons
Semi-Legal - Annual Output - 51 Mtons
Illegal - Annual Output - 350 Mtons

Total Output: 1981,466 Mtons
Exportation Output: 882.3 Mtons

Population Sumary:
Population of Homeworld (Kzorr I): of People (Organic or not)
Population of the Colonised worlds:
332.715.351 of People (Organic or not)
Population on Asteroids and Planetoids Bases:
16.111.337 of People (Organic or not)
Population on Military Service:
6.555.319 of People (Organic or not)

Total Population:
3.355.388.117 of People (Organic or not)
Expectations to Populational Grow (based on studies of Mega University of Krictic):
Arictmetic Progression of 66 Million/Year

Military Sumary:
Active Contingent:6.555.319
Reservists: 0 (tThere is no reservists system in Kzorr Empire)

Ships: 801K active
Huminos MK IV
Fulguros MK II

Frigates: 225K Active
Glorious Class Light Frigate
Vihil Class Medium Frigate
Kin Class BattleFrigate

Battleships: 15K Active
Vigil Class Light Battleship
Kzorr Class Battleship
Jorr Class BattleStar

Capital Ships: 1K Active
Astarte Class Capital Ship
Goat Class Capital Ship
King Class Super Capital Ship

Exploration: 225K Active
Caustic Class Planetary Exploration Droid
Ahyorth Class System Exploration Droid

Military Annual Budget:22 Trilions of Goks

Political map of the Vaniria Galaxy:

In red is the Taurus System
In Brown is the Kzorr System

Off:Weel, this is the expansion of my universe, enjoy, soon i will make the Timeline and some other things.

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