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 Post subject: Arclypr Empire Codex
PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2009 10:43 pm 

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We serve for Our Purpose,We traverse the Path and We Annihilate anything That Stands in Our Path.

The steel hammers of the Arclypr Empire shall strike again and it will hit hard.
- Arctursk The Third

The Great Arclypr Empire once a peaceful empire till the Hyperspace Incident occurred.The incident caused much of the Empire loss,losing two thirds of their territory due to massive hyperspace disruption in the real fabrics of hyperspace.This incident apparently brings up new enemies as well,from the other dimension seeking to enslave the remaining Empire.The Empire is facing a crisis,with enemy assaulting from outside and rebels threatened it's very core of integrity as an Empire,only time will tell if they would survive or not.

Short Description : A highly socialist empire with all of its populace ready for war,anytime.This is caused by the Hyperspace Incident of which have wiped much of the Empire massive strength.Socialist system is favored to keep the local populace under line and to ensure the survival of the Empire in the bleak future.
Banner : WIP

Empire Details
Government Type: Monarchy (Pre-Incident),Socialist (Post-Incident)
Leader : Arctursk The Third
Capital : Erkavov - Destroyed (Pre-Incident), Darlva (Post-Incident)
Economy Type : Socialist
Universe : Gyrx-AX, 2000 AU across.
Population : 200 Million (Pre-Incident), 70 Million (Post-Incident)
Species Composition : 100% humans (Pre-Incident) , 42% Humans 13% AI 12% Drovn 33% Super Sapiens. (Post-Incident)
Origin : 2nd Tacticus Ark
Planets Controlled : 270,reduced to 80 after the Incident.
Primary Language: English with heavy russian accent.
Methods of expansion: Subversion military actions and rapid colonisation
Religion : Undetermined,the Empire does not care about religion and its citizens are free to take any religion as long as it does not jeopardize the Empire itself.
Primary method of transport : Warp systems.

Current Territory Details
Gaia Class Planet Controlled : 12
Industrial Planets Controlled : 30
Gas Giants Controlled : 20
Toxic Class Planets Controlled : 8
Fortress Class Planets Controlled : 10
Industrialized Moons : 128~221
Asteroid Field Controlled : 321 ( 757 Claimed by the Admistratius Section)

Known Enemies
1.The Ratrius Rebellion
2.Daekalius Intredovus
3.Erovum Instigators

Known Allies : All Known Allies are destroyed or lost contact after the Hyperspace Incident.

Economic Details

The lack of population have caused major rise in Employee demand to work on the new rebuilt economy.Arclypr Empire economy is rapidly expanding with jobs offered out-ratio its citizen by somewhat 50 to 1.One of the contributing factor is the Empire mandatory military service.As the service provided a slew number of advantages which attracted the majority of the population,most job offerers are viciously contesting on the shrinking work-force pool.The low base lending rate also helped majorly to the problem.The Empire population enjoys the economic system of equality wherein almost all can be traded for each other,with population lives out of the question and wealth being distributed equally to its citizen.Hence the currency of the Empire cannot be used to accurately predict the Empire economy worth.

Currency : Ayx
Market prevalence : 10%
GDP : 13.71%
Number of Economic Boards : 3
Unemployment Rate : 0%
Employee Demand : 300%
BLR Rate : 0.01% PA
Estimated Economy Worth : 200 Million - 890 Million Ayx

Organization Structures

Composed of three major ruling body of which is responsible for each area of field,working in parallel and supports each other to benefit the Empire as whole.

1.Faraskh Intisdium - Military Body
2.Gaione Adtratus -Economy Body
3.Admistratius Section - Administration body and the absolute law in the Empire.

Technology Details
The Arclypr Empire is the fore-runner of Warp Technology in the Gryx-AX Universe.They once mastered the Hyperspace Manipulation Doctrine,but abandoned it shortly after the Hyperspace Incident.

1.Faraskh Warpion Doctrine
2.Gaussian Doctrine
3.Inviltiv Magnus Doctrine

Fortress Class Planets

The Fortress Class Planets controlled by the Arclypr Empire is basically a large space-worthy warp core with heavy weaponry + armour to boot.This massive technological creations are created eons before even the Arclypr Empire found such planets.With a broken Warp Core,the planet that once can warp is now a base of operations for the Faraskh Intisdium,it's massive warp core still works but can only warp surrounding ships excluding itself.Hence,such planets is protected fiercely by the Empire as those strategic planets actually ease the Empire ships to strike deep and far.

Notable Fortress Class Planets

1.Nyvarem Fortress Planet,booting some several massive Phasor beams to eliminate enemy ships.Successful activation of it's massive weaponry during the Grtys Conflict enables the Empire weakened Military wins the conflict.Now serves as long-range Phasor Station,supplying the immense Warp Bombardment Satellites firepower using warp nodes.

2.Warpion Fortress Class Planet,current base of operation for Empire surgical strikes.The planet is cloaked and the usage of its induced warp effect enables the Military to disrupt the incoming enemy ships attacking Erkavov Capital during the Hyperspace Incident.This effort was later considered as a failure as the Faraskh Intisdium lacked ships to completely halt the enemy Planet Eaters and with the subsequent implosion of Erkavov Capital.The fact of the planet is cloaked and almost all of Empire ships can use it to strike deep within enemy very own Capital,the Warpion Fortress is feared for its capability and being the most hunted at the same time.Nevertheless,the Faraskh Intisidium enjoyed the blitz effect of its rapid deployment using the Fortress albeit their strength is the weakest one amongst their apocalyptic enemies.

The Arclypr Empire Military,the Faraskh Intisdium have three major battalion of which holds the Military Doctrine specifically although most of the Arclypr Empire military ships reflects those principles in their designs.Due to the incident,most of the Arclypr ships are improvised in designs and heavy bulky battleships designs are scrapped in favor of saving resources,hence the Arclypr Empire lacks any major capital ships.Being a front pioneer of the Warp Technology,Arclypr ships are equipped with Warp Core,offsetting the fact that they does not have an advanced propulsion system.Hence,Arclypr ships are made for quick raids and tactical sudden disruptive strikes.Only the Condor Heavy Cruiser (Which is one of the heaviest ships available to the Empire) lacks the technology in favor of heavy weaponry.All Empire population is trained operatives ready for war at any time with Military Doctrines were teached to them from young.After serving the Military for 10 years,then one can choose their desired career albeit close monitoring of the Admistratius Section.

Current Military Strength
1. 220 Predator Assault Craft
2. 140 Warp Advius Frigate
2. 300 Warp Melchior Class Destroyer
3. 567 Condor Heavy Cruiser
4. 70 Warp Bombardment Satellite

Military Doctrine

1.Argius - Heavy Armour
2.Tempesta - Heavy Firepower
3.Inviltiv - High Survivability

Military Tactics
The Arclypr Empire specialise in rapid skirmish and blitzkrieg warfare.Due to the fact of they lost a major part of their military strength,the Faraskh Intisidium opted a blitzkrieg warfare as a replacement of once turtuling strategy.Their military can strike without warning and out-of-nowhere.This advantage is of course provided by their ingenious invention of Percival Warp System which enables their ships to warp from anywhere undetected.With ships running low,of what Arclypr Empire managed to do is slight disruptive strikes and highly surgical strikes.This strategy is proven succesful to distrupt the Empire's enemies massive war fleets and provides a good offset for the apparent weakness of the Empire military's strength.

will refine more later~ :)

i r a writer,and lazy~

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:52 am 
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Seriously? 70 million people? Dude, that's less than the population of the United States, and less than 1/10th of the population of China. Do humans not reproduce anymore? You're looking at more like 70 billion people.

Anyways, are you planning on building ships to match the backstory?

It's not my fault I can't take your post seriously.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:57 am 
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For comparison, there's about 6.5 billion people on Earth. Your entire 80 world empire has only 70 million, meaning it has 0.000106 % of Earth's population, spread over 80 times it's surface area. If I'm not mistaken (which is possible, 'cus it's late) that's 875000 people per planet. For further comparison, modern New York City has 8.2 million inhabitants.

Why am I rambling all these numbers? Because I want to underline the sheer size of the error you've made.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:33 am 

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I'd suggest changing the numbers, or adding colony data for the planets.

Think of extreme circumstances as:
1. planet's surface = 99% water.
2. extreme temperature.
3. anual religious human sacrifices on half of the population.
4. whatever comes to your mind.

I know New York is bigger than 1% of Earth's surface, but the numbers will get closer to reality. Besides;
Squishy wrote:
Realism seriously?... This is a spaceship game, realism was thrown out the window ages ago!

I know I should first get the log out of my own eye before putting it into someone else's.

For instance: I should change my signature.
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