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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:05 pm 
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The United Merchants of Riplatics.

In the past, ever since their original homeworld was destroyed the Riplatics have always been a rather split up and hard to understand of a race.
But due of recent break down of the A-split and dominant victory of B and C splits, the Riplatic, as a race had gone down a new deal.

The new deal of the Riplatics have made the Riplatics a merchantive and supportive star federation. The main order and politics are hold on mostly on the hands of ex BCRP Leaders and CCRP Leaders, the New Riplatic Federations has however a strongly effective ACRP backgrounded ministers. The new Riplatics do not take on war as much as they used to, they prefer to buy their power. However, sometimes Riplatics can try to take something by force, seeing how you cannot buy everything. They are more of defensive when it comes to war though, seeing how they are usualy under attack then attacking.

The power in the Federation.

Though the power in the federation is rather split between the people, they still have their highest leaders who do the final judgements on stuff and the army leaders.
The current President of the Federation is called Aron Irmforce. This man who originates from CCRP, was the son of the guy behind the destruction of old ACRPs mothership. He is a great leader but he does not show himself up too much seeing how he takes mostly care of the inside issues.

The other great power with in the nation is Commander Leuia. Her job is to take care mostly of the trading between other races and most of the war bisnes. She origins from ACRP class and is not liked much between the other high commanders. She's a very mood swinging but usualy rather harsh person, though when it comes to doing her job, shes ready to take it seriously.

By Service, Merchating And Trading; Greed is Good!

Though the Original A and B class of the Riplatics allready gained their main living through merchanting and trading, ever since the C Class was taken in, the things were tricky by the first, seeing how the original C class was living off on raiding and piracy. Though in the end, the original C classers did start to agree with the merchantiveness thus their childs never had any problems with it. Ofcourse, the Riplatics did get effected by the C class aswell, the Riplatic order also agrees to sell out services to other races, whenever it is the need of workers, gargo delivery or military service. They are always ready to give a hand.. For a price!

In And Out, Military and Travel.

As stated on the intro, the Riplatics are not too fond on attacking imidiatly and usualy base their tactics on supportiveness, but ofcourse, the Riplatics are not only supportive on their military forces. The Riplatics are know for trying to act a bit cunning on their attacks, though does it always succeed? Thats for the target to deside. The Riplatics do not also worry too much for the prices of their ships, seeing how they roll a big number in the raw material dice and they can always hire pilots from other races..

The Riplatics beeing a merchantive race, usualy buy a lot of new areas and seek out more and more mineral rich places. Thus they have a lot of areas to move in out from. The Riplatics use a classical Hyper Space jump for their long FTL travels. Due of the nature of the Hyper Space jump.. Sometimes, it can cause some awfull problems, specialy when attacking, though they partialy solved some of them with a "HS Scout Drone".

The very old backstory of the very old times( the original backstory);

On the year of 1670 in Riplatic years (2505 human years), Riplatic race had reigned on lived on their peaceful home planet.
As their population and technology advanced, they of course had problems with their environment, but as they were on a planet that was generally cool on their tempoture and generally big on size, the problems were considered minor.
The Riplatics without a care, continued to live on. One day, the scientists noticed a problem with the trash and chemical outputs of their way, they were inculpable of storing them outside anymore due of the toxic fumes they contained.
The solution was simple, seeing how they couldn't dumb it out, they dumped it in, they started to dig up big trashing holes they filled and secured.
As they continued on with this way, the never though what would happen with chemical outputs and all the trash that was in the same place, as they kept dumping in trash and outputs from more and more advanced stuff, they started to cause out very bad effects..
What the Riplatics had done, was to create and very huge acid time bomb inside their own planet. As more earthquakes and sudden toxic fuming volcanic effects started to appear, the scientist were able to isolate the problem.
The solution was this; Dig up the trash and outputs and pour in chemicals that could possible neutralize the effects of the acids, due of this, the changes were that this could cause an nuclear winter which would block most of their light from their star.
As this possibility was very dangerous due of the change of killing off most of their nature, there was a very huge split up would it be even worth it anymore? The political powers split on the sides were the richer party suggested that we evacuate the planet immediately.
The other party strongly disagreed and wanted to preserve the planet saying that there are changes they could be able to save and rebuild their nature.
As the politics split up, so did the army and police forces, causing a lot of panic, during this time a certain group of Riplatics, mostly Mafia and criminals stole out and raided space outposts, making an escape, while the rest stayed on arguing.
After and year of pointless arguing and no action, the problem had went critical, the acid time bomb was already started to eat its way the molten central areas. Around these points, the planet saving party noticed it would be too late to start any operations now, and the mass evacuation started.
As they left the planet, the both parties still kept arguing and they split up, taking most of the army, the rich party left and never returned to the same solar system as their planet used to be at.
The planet loving party didn't go too far from their old planets site.
The party that separated early, wasn't heard too much from till later on.

As the time passed up, all three parties grew and made themselves stand out.
Each one refers to themselves as Riplatic Powers.[/b]

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:39 am 
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(Update log post)

-Remade the whole thing but kept the original for the far background history.

-Included The Logo.

Next up gona update with some images and more stuff once I get some more time for it..


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