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Download the Royal Navarchial Service




Her Majesty the Queen Anne IV


The Grand Commonweath is the inter-planetary evolution of the original Earth British Empire, and in recent times has become an amalgation of several smaller nations along with those already Commonwealth-allied, namely the Republics of France and Germany, whose exoplanetary ambitions far surpassed their capabilities as a lone nation.

The Supreme ruler of the Grand Commonwealth is Her Britannic Majesty Queen Anne IV of the House of Ascot, acting under the Grace of God in order to bring her peoples through the tremulous present and into a brilliant future. Several subsidary nations have had the honour of retaining their own royal families, who have very close links with House Ascot.

The Royal Navarchial Service, formerly known as the Royal Navy, has long been the pride of the Commonweath, and Britain's, armed services. For centuries it has held the responsibility of maintaining its status as ruler of the waves. In recent times, the Battleship design, abandoned at the turn of the 21st century, has enjoyed a revival, as magnetic-boosted gunnery systems enable large calibre ordnance to be delivered at ranges of hundreds of miles with metre accuracy, dramatically saving on the costs of expensive missile systems. As such the seas of Commonwealth and join-owned planets have witnessed vast fleets of mighty Superdreadnoughts armed with 15, 18.2, 22.6 and 30.2 inch guns, and a wide range of secondary artillery, close-in defence systems, vertical aspect Sea-to-Air and Sea-to-Sea missile systems, ICBM & Cruise Missile launchers and high-wavelength beam technology.

Since the lifting of NTO restrictions on Interplanetary Naval Operations, the Royal Navarchial Service has launched several highly successful starship construction schemes, and already has the foundations of a glorious space-going fleet. Funding these programmes has been possible thanks to the sponorship of large engineering and astronautical corporations.


-Subsidary Nations
United Kingdom of Great Britain
Republic of France
Democratic Deutschland Republic
Former French Empire of Gerastria
People's State of India
Oceanic League
Free State of New Kenya

-Sovereign Monarch
Her Majesty the Queen Anne IV

-Royal Anthem
God Save The Queen

-Commonwealth Anthem
Marche De La Garde Consulaire

-Suite of the Coronation
Zadok The Priest

-Anthem of The Royal Navarchy
Under The White Ensign

-Anthem of HM Army
Soldiers Of The Queen

-Anthem of The Royal Marines

-Government System
Constitutional Monarchial Commonwealth

-Majority Party
Allied Democratic

-Official Religion
Church of England/Christianity (34%)

-Other Main Religions
Hindu (25%); Islam (21%); Sikh (10%); Roman Catholicsm (5%); Protestant (2%); Judaism (2%); Anglican (>0.5%); Other (>0.5%)

-First Language
English (21%); French (20%); Punjab (21%); Urdu (10%); Arabic (9%); German (9%); Welsh (9%); Other (1%)

Londonia, Ashen V (Administrative/Legislative)

-Commonwealth Head of Government
Supreme Minister First Lord Edward Turnock KPCO OG

-Commonwealth Parliamentary Head
Secretary-General First Lord Edward Turnock KPCO OG

-Supreme Imperial Joint Commander-in-Chief
Complector Lord Peter Anson KPCO

-Joint Commonwealth Chief of Staff
Hierchon Lord Timothy Sudd KGCO

-Imperial Chiefs
Royal Navarchial Service - High Archimandrite Sebastien Nessingy
Commonwealth Homeland Navarchy - High Archimandrite David Laseby KBCO
Commonwealth Ground Army - Grand Marshall Gareth Belmont
Royal Marines - White Marshall Justin Rees

-Commonwealth Population
approx 76,000,000,000

-Joint Military Manpower
approx 195,000,000

5 settled claimed planets
-Ashen V
9 Partially claimed planets
-Terra Nova
-Gamma Prime
17 Unsettled claimed planets
-Ashen I-IV
-Ashen VII-IX
-Dreshdae I-III
-Upsion Planaso
5 Settled satellites
-Ashen Va
-Ashen VIb
-Wayland a
-Pandora a

Commonwealth Sterling Pound (£) = 100 Pence (p) = approx 769.633 Rupees (रुपया) = 240 Galactic Standard Credit (Cr)

-Gross Domestic Product Per Capita


-coming soon!-

-Provisional Alliances (trade, lend-lease, temporary military co-ordination)
The Movement to Restore the Alliance

-National Alliances (long-term trade, resource lease, infrastructure co-ordination, military co-ordination)
Union of American Territories

-Current military theatres
Garaday Uprising (Earth, Mars, Tutse I, Tutse III, Humberlong, Matrias VII)
Forces engaged:
-RNS: 5th, 6th, 8th, 15th, 17th Fleets, 1st-5th QO Fleets, 8-ED Fleet, 2nd Grand Fleet
-CGA: 1st SupDiv ED, Group SRNS II, Group Old Border
-GGF: 16th Grand Group, 18th-21st Major Groups

Teuton DMZ (Teuton II, Yottango)
Forces engaged:
-RNS: 31st Fleet, 40th Auxillary
-CGA: 405th Free Army, 800th Free Army, 7th SRNS
-GGF: 1st DMZ Group, 3rd Borders, 60th Grey Watch Army

THV Campaign
Forces engaged (planned):
-RNS: 40th Fleet
-JMA: KO 1st E-Force (RNS 50th Fleet + 5th KO Army)




The Royal Navarchial Service (RNS) is the primary armed fighting force for Her Majesty the Queen Anne VI's interests on interplanetary scales.

The main RNS battlefleets fly the Phillipian pattern, a regal blue on battleship grey, whilst home fleets fly the rarer grey on red Elizebethan pattern.

As the recovery from the losses of the '130 year war' continues, new starship manufacturers combine efforts with existing corporations to build new state of the art combat ships to replace the outdated original fleet, including ships such as the legendary Antelope class.

The basic form of new phase RNS ship utilises heavy non-ablative alloy armour, along with external and internal bracing superstructures. Recent technological advances have seen the introduction of energy shielding systems on RNS vessels, allowing most ships to absorb considerable firepower.

Standard weaponry includes the basic salvo gun in linear and gatling forms, astronomical cannons with varying range variants, differing kinds of missile tube and flak cannons excelling at offensive and defensive roles.


The two highest positions of command within the RNS are the Supreme Navarch, who represents the RNS in the Joint Supreme Command, and the Apparior, who has a seat in the JCHQ Council. Together they oversee the RNS Supreme Command, made up of 6 Archimandrites, who have effective general control over the entire navarchy. Beneath these, the RNS Director Of Operations, First Sea Lord and Admiral Of The Fleet all hold equally high ranks, and each havea general set of responsibilities. In addition, many smaller militaries and branches of the navarchy answer to one of these three men.

Next is the RNS Superfleet command, the first non-administrative group, made up of 8 Grand Admirals, who each command a Superfleet. Each superfleet is made up of any number of standard, reserve, specialized or grand fleets, usually around 13. Fleets themselves are commanded by Admirals, Vice-Admirals or Lance-Admirals (with the exception of the 2nd Grand Fleet which is the largest flotilla of navachy ships, and is traditionally commanded by a Grand Admiral).

Fleets are divided into subfleets commanded by Rear Admirals, which in turn are divided into groups commanded by Sub or Petty Admirals, or Grand Captains. Individual ships are commanded by captains, or High Captains in the case of larger or flagships.

During operations a Task Force may be formed from any number of elements from a fleet, or multiple fleets. The leader of this is a Force Commander, a temporary role usually taken by Rear or Vice Admirals. The Task Force may be split into Task Groups, commanded by a Task Commander, a role usually taken by Captains or occasionally Commodores when cooperation with the Star Force is needed.


Anders & Jenkins CC74 275mm Linear Salvo Gun
weapon|Blaster|45|-1|5|60|30|-1|1900|5|-1|Linear Salvo Gun|32896|150|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|0.30|0.30

Anders & Jenkins CC95 281mm Advanced Salvo Battery

Anders & Jenkins CX120 2x275mm Dual Salvo Battery

Supermarine Astronomical FB09 MkII 3x310mm Tri-Salvo Battery

Supermarine Astronomical H2 MkXIV 208mm Enhanced Salvo Battery
weapon|Repeater|90|-1|-1|50|60|-1|1900|-1|-1|Enhanced Salvo Battery|4227200|160|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|0.50|0.50

Anders & Jenkins RTU1001 166mm Anti-SAC Salvo Battery
weapon|GatBlaster|180|10|4|95|75|-1|850|-1|-1|Anti-SAC Salvo Battery|4227200|190|2|-1|-1|-1|-1|0.20|0.20

KRStevenridge KSS12G1 6' Compression Gun
weapon|MiningBeam|90|-1|-1|120|80|-1|2500|-1|-1|Compression Gun|-1|6|-1|10|-1|-1|-1|0.40|0.40

Yandall Series 10 Superfluous Compression Gun
weapon|Railgun|90|-1|1|120|100|-1|2700|2|-1|Superfluous Compression Gun|4227200|190|1|0|45|-1|-1|0.40|0.60

Kubertyall-Atzenn 1450 Type 19 Missile Launcher
weapon|Missile|1|-1|2|70|150|-1|2500|10|-1|Kubatz Missile Tube|4227200|140|1|0.20|10|180|-1|0.40|0.40

Vickers Adv 1770T IRSmebalm Missile Launcher
weapon|Missile|1|-1|1|450|450|2000|3000|-1|-1|IRSmebalm Missile Tube|6619131|170|1|0.25|-1|180|-1|0.70|0.40

Supermarine Astronomical AA21 Intermediate Astronomical Flak Cannon
weapon|ParticleGun|180|-1|1|8|5|-1|750|30|-1|Intermediate Flak Cannon|4227200|90|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|0.60|0.60

Anders & Jenkins EC216 2x68mm Deadrange Flak Cannon
weapon|PointMaser|180|-1|-1|-1|5|-1|350|-1|-1|Deadrange Flak Cannon|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|0.60|0.60

Royal BuWeps RNSZ2.305.112 8.5m Particle Compression Array
weapon|ScatterBeam|180|0|1|75|30|-1|3000|0|1|Particle Compression Array|-1|32|1|0|-1|-1|-1|1|1
weapon|Laser|180|0|1|75|250|-1|3000|0|1|Particle Compression Array|16711680|30|1|0|-1|-1|-1|1|1
weapon|ShockBeamer|180|0|1|75|10|-1|3000|0|1|Particle Compression Array|2763306|28|1|0|1|0|-1|1|1
weapon|MegaTachyon|180|-1|0|300|-1|2500|3000|-1|1|Particle Compression Array|0|0|0|1|0|0|0|1|1

RNS Fleet Forces

-HM 1st Household Fleet
HMS Coronation (flagship)
HMS Victoria
HMS Century
HMS Tristar
HMS Gala
HMS Ascot
HMS Providence
HMS Munificent
HMS Manchuria
HMS Oceanic
HMS Olympic
HMS Britannia
HMS Titania
HMS Altantic
HMS Pacific
HMS Aethelred
HMS Canute
HMS Herod
HMS Boadicaea
HMS Midas
HMS Jericho
HMS Vicount
HMS Viceroy
HMS Prinzregent
HMS Kaiser
HMS Czar
HMS Longsword
HMS Rapier
HMS Lance
HMS Halberd
HMS Castle
HMS Mountain
HMS Valkyrie
HMS Guardian
HMS Sentinel
HMS Sabre
HMS Scimitar
HMS Ozymandias
HMS Pathfinder
HMS Pioneer
HMS Spearfish
HMS Skirmisher
HMS Endurance
HMS Agile
HMS Gallant
HMS Herald
HMS Magnificent
HMS Triumphant
HMS Excellent
HMS Excelsior
HMS Invincible
HMS Victorious
HMS Fearless
HMS Courageous
HMS Indefatigable
HMS Glorious
HMS Honourable
HMS Superb
HMS Inflexible
HMS Bellerophon
HMS Brilliance
HMS Interceptor
HMS Interdictor
HMS Exalted
HMS Esteemed
HMS Dauntless
HMS Stallion
HMS Concorde
HMS Brabazon
HMS Reprisal
HMS Retribution
HMS Amazon
HMS Waterloo
HMS Alacrity
HMS Archer
HMS Stormkiss
HMS Thor
HMS Audacious
HMS Crown Prince
HMS Sultan
HMS Premier
HMS Shah
HMS Righteous
HMS Noble
HMS Exige
HMS Lexus
HMS Vantage
HMS Virago
HMS Equinox
HMS Tribunal
HMS Solstice
HMS Justice
HMS Montesquieu
HMS Tocqueville
HMS Beaumont
HMS Aurora
HMS Thrall
HMS Thane
HMS Thunderchild
HMS Conqueror
HMS Chieftan
HMS Centurion
HMS Challenger
HMS Predator
HMS Panther
HMS Tiger
HMS Lion
HMS Stinger
HMS Liberator
HMS Dignity
HMS Flanker
HMS Vigilator
HMS Inquisitor
HMS Praetor
HMS Proconsul
HMS Banshee
HMS Pandemonium
HMS Infinity
HMS Vagabond
HMS Eternity
HMS Celestial
HMS Vagrant
HMS Vampire
HMS Chivalrous
HMS Sundering
HMS Arbalest
HMS Antelope
HMS Ardent
HMS Warspite
HMS Barham
HMS Mary
HMS Furious
HMS Aggressor
HMS Vulcan
HMS Illustrious
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Indetsructible
HMS Immortal
HMS Mandator
HMS Arethousa
HMS Cyantar
HMS Dragoon
HMS Manticore
HMS Phoenix
HMS Carnifex
HMS Hierolath
HMS Chimaera
HMS Dominion
HMS Judicator
HMS Quaestor
HMS Eclipse
HMS Auroch
HMS Constellation
HMS Elizabeth
HMS Jubilee
HMS Hutchinson
HMS Boleyn
HMS Llantrisant
HMS Ben Nevis
HMS Scafell Pike
HMS Malaya
HMS Commercial
HMS Constitution
HMS Silver
KMCS Greiffen
KMCS Scharnhorst
KMCS Paternoster
CNS Rosalia
CNS Bluebell
CNS Ryder
CNS Farnham
CNS Revenue
CNS Yittreas
SRNS Cortes


Matterhorn class Command Monitor
Manufacturer: Supergalactic Drive Yards/Royal BuEng (RNS project 606.771)
-ship under construction: image pending-

Ozymandias Dragon Refit Superdreadnought
Manufacturer: 3rd Ein Imperium/Damudas Engineering (RNS project 613.999)

Ozymandias-A class Superdreadnought
Manufacturer: Damudas Engineering

Ozymandias-B class Superdreadnought
Manufactuerer: Damudas Engineering

Agamemnon class Heavy Battleship
Manufacturer: Supergalactic Drive Yards

St Helier class Main Battleship
Manufacturer: Allied Wicks & Dunstadd
-refitting in progress-

Midas class Missile Battlecruiser
Manufacturer: Supergalactic Drive Yards

Aberconway class Battlecruiser
Manufacturer: SGDY Advance Inc
-under construction-

Senghennydd class Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer: Supergalactic Drive Yards

Hardicanute class Cruiser
Manufacturer: Damudas Engineering

Innsbruck class Heavy Destroyer
Manufacturer: Royal BuEng

Rotterdam class Assault Destroyer
Manufacturer: Royal BuEng

Brynglas class Light Destroyer
Manufacturer: SGDY Advance Inc
-under construction-

Keynsham class Frigate
Manufacturer: Royal BuEng

Talybont class Frigate
Manufacturer: Supergalactic Drive Yards

Colum class Heavy Corvette
Manufacturer: Royal BuEng

Turbot class Corvette
Manufacturer: Royal BuEng


Whitebridge WI-35 Light Interceptor

Adrante WI-5 Medium Fighter

Gulliver WI-FRAM8 Heavy Fighter-Bomber

Hekahn RsKft-101 Interceptor

Julong AsKft-103 Interceptor

Stanford GCM4 Heavy Interceptor

Hadraada GCM7 Heavy Fighter

Hallmark 44MO-16 Command Fighter

Arsene NSI-M1 Heavy Interceptor

Keegan NSB-M6T Bomber

Lundy class Gunboat

Wight class Pinnace

Finley class Corvette

Amaclyne class Frigate

Hamlet class Destroyer

Redruth class Destroyer

Dunkerque class Destroyer

Morrisey class Light Carrier

Condor class Assault Carrier

Cromwell class Cruiser

Burchard class Cruiser

Teuton class Fleet Carrier

Banarosa class Fleet Carrier

Mr Brown class Battlecruiser

Birch class Battleship

Arbalest class Superdreadnought

Antelope class Superdreadnought




The standard infantry unit is the basic element of the commonwealth armed forces, and is the most commmonly used expression of power thorughout the GCHMS. With over 70 million soldiers, infantry units are dispersed widely, and on more backwater planets, are much more common than mechanised or armoured forces.

Infantry outfitting varies hugely, mainly according to army, but also according to positioning, whether it be in extreme cold regions, desert, urban, aquatic, or any other environment.

405th Inniskellin Guards Special Infantry Sergeant, equipped with relevant cold-weather gear.

Ulster 9 Commando Urban Assault Sergeant.

18th Army Infantry Regular.

SNRS II Vanguard 12th Army Scout.

6th Merkava Bt Jewish Regimental Sergeant.

Queen's Own Baltej Division Brigadier.

Army Group South Supreme Marshall-General Lord Richard Denn.


Key in supporting the standard infantry is the armoured unit. The general concept of the armoured unit has not changed dramatically since the introduction of the tank, in AD1916. The Commonwealth are one of the only galactic factions to maintain (and widely use) tracked and wheeled vehicles, mainly because of their reliabilty and cheap production and running costs.

Anti-grav armoured vehicles are occasionally used in the ground forces, but since the introduction of the all-terrain mech, research and investment into this area has dramatically reduced, whereas the standard tracked vehicle is sure to have a long future as a pivotal element in the ground forces, because of its simplictity and effectiveness.

AM780-a 145mm DiSabot Self Propelled Artillery.

Achninder MS10 Superheavy Battletank


Whilst armoured vehicles provise ground armed forces with the crucial all-terrain and heavy weapons capability required, many situations demand more maneuverability, such as the many sprwaling urban metropolises which lack the open space where vehicles such as tanks can excel.

Since mechanised 'walker' units involve relatively new technology in the Commonwealth, there are no 'standard' designs, and the below images show only a small selection of the types of mechs used. In the armed forces, there are thousands of models from many manufacturers, all fighting to gain footholds in this ripe, new market. In the future, designs will be standardised throughout the armed forces, but for now, mechs are as variable as they are awe-inspiring and morale-boosting.

Didaner 41 Assault Mech.

ALLS 3677 Skirmisher Mech.

Prototype BME-A1 Quadreped Assault Platform.

ALLS 3021a Skirmisher Mech.

AFRS 190 Medium Mech.

Dbz400 121TT Superheavy Quadreped.




The Commonwealth Ground Army is the land armed forces branch of the Commonwealth Joint Armed Forces. Despite much advancement in the use of starship warfare, the commonwealth continue to put huge investment in ground-based armed forces, and so have one of the largest and most advanced ground armies in the known galaxy.

Established in 2451 with the amalgation of the British Army, Royal Indian Ground Army, Commonwealth Oceanic Ground Defence Force, Armée de Terre and Deutsches Heer, the CGA forces see service in homeland defence, expedetionary activities, peacekeeping operations and of course major theatres of war.

Using close co-ordination with the Royal Navarchial Service, the Ground Army can be utilized for land invasion and assaults using the vast array of tactical insertion equipment and vehicles available.

The Ground Army is organised into a hierachy of groupings, the largest being the superdivision, composed of army groups. An army group typically contains several armies, each with around 800,000 servicemen and women. Thus a superdivision can contain anywhere between 1 million and 30 million servicers.

The organisational groupings of the army (along with their commanding ranks) are follows:

Defence Ministry - Complector
Joint Commonwealth Military Command - Archimandrite
High Force Command - Apparitor
Army Superdivision - Supreme Marshall
Army Group - Field Marshall
Army Subgroup - High/Grand General
Army - General
Corps - Lieutenant General
Division - Major General
Brigade - Brigadier/High Colonel
Regiment - Colonel
Battalion - Lieutenant Colonel
Company - Major/Captain
Platoon - Lieutenant
Section - Sergeant Major
Squad - Sergeant


Army Superdivision Homeland I
1st Queen's Army Group (AG1)
Army Group London (AGL)
Army Group Buckingham (AG2)
Army Group Shamrock (AGH)
Army Group Albert Line (AGLA)

Army Superdivision Homeland II
Army Group Mancunian (AGM)
Army Group Central (AGH1)
Army Group FarNorth (AGH2b)
Army Group CentralNorth (AGH2a)
Army Group South (AGH3)
Army Group Ederria (AGE)

Army Superdivision Outer
Army Group SRNS I (SAG1)
Army Group SRNS II (SAG2)
Army Group Supreme (SAGP)
Army Group Abbey Chain (ABAG)
Army Group Old Border (AGOL)

Army Superdivision Colonial
Colonial Army Division A (CADA A)
Colonial Army Division B (CADA B)

1st Grand Army Superdivision
1st Grand Army Group (SUP 1)
2nd Grand Army Group (SUP 2)
3rd Grand Army Group (SUP 3)
4th Grand Army Group (SUP 4)
Army Group Shock (AGsh)
Army Group Storm (AGst)
Army Group Tempest (AGtm)
Army Group New (AG00)
Army Group Victoria (AGV)

Army Expeditionary Superdivision
Army Group Charles de Gaulle (AGCG)
Army Group Victor Hugo (AGVH)
Amry Group Greater (AGGG)
Army Group Expeditionary I (AGEX 1)
Army Group Expeditionary II (AGEX 2)
Army Group Deep Expeditionary (AGEX D)




The Queen's own are an elite army branch of the Commonwealth Army, numbering some 900,000 strong, whose prime directive is to protect the life of Her Majesty and ensure her safety. However, the Queen's own are also used as an intra-homeland 'stormtrooper' force, and from the army, recruits are found for some of the GCHMS's many special forces and secret service organisations.

Likened to the Waffen-SS by the GCHMS's enemies, the Queen's own are in fact a force of great nobility and valour, whose recruits are expected to show steadfast loyalty, self-control, initiative and respect for not only their comrades and superiors, but also their enemies.

For many years, high ranking Queen's own generals have also been demanded to learn to play the highland bagpipes with expertise.


1st Queen's Own Army
1st Division Queen's Own Guardsmen
2nd Division Queen's Own Gatesmen
3rd Division Queen's Lancers
5th Division Her Majesty's Royal Guard
10th Division Royal Hussars
11th Rifles Division
13th Rifles Division
19th King's Sword Division
20th King's Royal Lancers Division
25th Dragoon's Division
100th Armoured Division
101st Armoured Division
106th Steel Cavalry Division
50th Paratrooper
101st Royal Pattern
201st Pipes

2nd King Richard Army
2nd Dragoons Division
3rd Rifles Division
4th Rifles Division
8th Rifle Specialized Division
10th Supermarine Division
11th Queen's Dragoons Division
110th Armoured Division
111th Armoured Royal Guards Division

3rd Grand Reserve
20th Rifle Division
200th Reserve Grand Division (13)
205th Armoured Queen's Reserve (10)
300th King's Dragoon Guard (3)
340th Black Guardsmen Division




Formed in 1908, the TA is undoubtedly the longest existing armed force in the Commonwealth. The Territorial Army (TA) is the principal and Volunteer reserve force of the Commonwealth Ground Army, and composed mostly of part-time soldiers paid at a similar rate, while engaged on military activities, as their Regular equivalents.

Despite their accusations of being a 'toy army', the TA have seen some of the most violent and decisive military theatres in the Commonwealth's history. Generally being used as an army force readily available for flexible use when the main regular army is used in wartime, the TA have taken part in such military activities as the Garaday Uprising, the Underton Massacres, The Battle for Ashen and the invasion of New Terra.

On frequent occasions, TA army untis have volunteered to be spearheads for tactical assaults and special operations, where regular units would prefer front line assignments.


Territorial Superdivision A
Army Group T1
Army Group T2
1st Territorial
2nd Territorial
3rd Territorial
4th Territorial
1st Armoured Territorial
1st Paratrooper Territorial
1 Commando

Territorial Superdivision B
Reserve Group Alpha
Reserve Group Beta
Queen's Own Reserve
Royal Signal Reserve
Commando Reserve
Grand Reserve Army
10th Territorial
12th Territorial
14th Territorial
15th Territorial

-Territorial Reserve
King's Territorial Reserve Infantry
King Louis XIV Reserve Army
Panzerreservieren I
Panzerreservieren II
1st Grand Territorial Reserve
3rd Grand Territorial Reserve
2nd Great Reserve



The Royal Armed Constabulary are the most efficient and experienced Military Policing force in the galaxy. Through expertise in all areas of warfare and combat, we follow specific orders on specialized missions to assist our main military forces. Some think of us as merely armed police going into warzones. What the RAC actually reperesent is the mobile and swift flanking force designed to launch small scale but devastating attacks on enemied asid from the regular battle line.

In addition to special military operations we also excel in army policing, ensuring that any mutinies, rebellions or disgruntlements are settled in the most efficient way possible.

Our force consists of some of the most experienced and brilliant soldiers from the Commonwealth Army, RAG Forces, RNS and other private armed forces.


RAC Group I
1st Constabulary Army
2nd Constabulary Army
1 Urban
2 Urban
King's Praetors
3rd Armoured Constabulary
4th Armoured Constabulary
1st Special Reserve

RAC Group II
3rd Constabulary Army
King's 1st Constabulary
Queen's Own Constabulary Army
Queen's Own Armoured Constabulary Army
5 Urban
7 Urban
2nd Special Reserve

Orange Constabulary
1st Royal Ulster Army
2nd Royal Ulster Army
1st Unification
Special Army Force A
Special Army Force B

Homeland Constabulary Group
Highland Constabulary
Brethwick Constabulary
Grand Constabulary Reserve
Territorial Constabulary
5th Constabulary Army
King's 2nd Constabulary

God save the Queen.


The Grand Commonwealth of Her Majesty's Star Systems - The "Cold" War

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