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PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:49 pm 
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Greetings all!

Now I've spent quite some time with BSF and it's shipmaker, and just like all of you guys, I blimmin well love it all.
So I've created my Army's, my Factions, my Galaxy s, my LORE.
And I figured, bit of a waste to let it just sit on my computer. So I've decided to share them on here.

Now I've posted the Factions and there individual lore.

Now I'm working on posting the: Archive Of Galactic Events.


This is the Semi-Complete Record of the Milkeyway Forever_Cold_War SO far.

A War witch saw such creations as the LSN Farolder, ZZ Crucible, and RB Grand Opulator

--< Terminology >--

Here is the Common terminology you must understand.

Fleet = 20 - 25 Ships
Company = 100 - 130 Ships
Battalion = 5 Companys; AKA 500 - 650 Ships
Armada = All Battalions under the control of the sepcific Faction.

Zone = A section of space often around a Solar System
Sector = 4 Zones.
Region = 5 Sectors

Now, the factions.

--< Factions breakdown >--

There were meany factions in this Galaxy wide Battle. I'll name the most important.

--< Main Factions >--

All in order of apprearence.


Spoiler: show
--< The LSN >--

The letters LSN stands for nothing really.
But people speculate that it might be:
Last Stand Navy.
Laporien Soldier Neadurtum ( Neadurtum = Team/Force/Army )
Lontrek Strike Net
They can get quite silly. I'll stop here.

The LSN are the military of the Human Race, they both protect, and expand Human influence around the galaxy.
They were an EXTREMELY powerful faction. The few that tango'd with the LSN were either powerful themselves, or insane.
But the bulk of the factions in the Galaxy used tp "let them through". And as dominating as that sounds the LSN
have Centuries of knowledge on benevolence and not oppressing the "public". But with that said they
do enforce some extreme laws, that they say are for the better.
Witch puts them at odds with other "liberal" factions.
But to there credit there systems have improved the standard living conditions of Humans 135%

The founder of the LSN is one 450 Year old Supreme Commander Luke.
Now you maybe saying 450 years old? That's quite something!
Well it's all help to the technology we take for granted now days. Cellular Re-stimulation.
AKA Cell Regeneration. Witch has kept him alive and spry since 2021 AD. He is effectively 34 years old.
A soft, and generous commander but if provoked enough, becomes a COLD, EFFICIENT, and HEARTLESS enemy, he
will throw his troops at you.
And with 337 years of Battle Experience he will throw them quite strategically.
He has single handedly designed meany of the LSN's Mightey battleships. Including the extreemly powerfull
Pointer, of witch is his Flagship.

The LSN Owned the Bulk of the Galaxy. But unfortunatly duto the RB's uprising, and IDD223. There Empire has been torn
in two.

The LSN Favour Offencive and defencive power. AKA, Heavy, slow fireing weapons. That pack a punch.
And armour that dosent care how meany missiles you fire at it.
However speed and agility aren't there key factors, witch leave meany ships, such as the Farolder open
to Back-Attacks, but luckely there armour usually allows them to survive.

There HQ is Terminal Prime in the Alpha Orion Sector.

Spoiler: show
--< The ZZ >--

The ZZ Or Zorzackian Zelots, are the FANATICAL human followers of Darklord ZorZack Mular.
The Leader of Course is ZorZack Mular, a ruthless, cold, ingenious and violent commander,
with little care of life in general.
His Flagship is The Crucible MK2 a HUMUNGUS amalgamation of death and power.
ZorZack founded his Faction on the idea that he alone was to destroy the Universe. He is
refered to by his Zelots as, the All-Destoyer.

The ZZ are decently secretive, but what we do know is that they began when ZorZack Mular at 18 years mannaged
to convince the less intellegent population of the F.L.Y Sector ( witch is his "hometown" ) that he was the
promised prophet, The All-Destoyer, of the BLACK-FLY religion.
( The Religion of the South-Eastern side of the Galaxy. Witch went unnoticed by the Christian based LSN. )
They rule over a militarized empire. Anyone with arms and legs and is "of Age" with out any "impuriteys" are
immediatly enlisted into there humungus armada.
And duto this Mass Enlisting ( and Mass Brain Washing ) there armada numbers surpass the LSN by a Country-Mile.

Anyone with "impuriteys" is purged without thought. The ZZ don't have time to care about your Epelepsy.

The ZZ are the only faction in the Milkeyway Galaxy who were capable of standing up to the FULL might of the LSN
*pre-defection Armadda.
* = Before the LSN Kongentalon Battalion, and some of there fellow companys who joined them became, the RB.

But it must be said, it was a losing battle for the ZZ. There VERY lucky the RB defected when they did.

The ZZ Favour vast numbers over superiour fire power and armour.
The ships that do have decent firepower are often the Flag-Bearers of the battle, commanded by skilled Captains.
However with vast numbers comes less individual damage and armour. So most ships are easily dispatched IF handeled
But usually there speed, mobility and general cannon-fodderness, allows the army to survive.

There HQ is Beta Ramas in the F.L.Y. Sector.

Spoiler: show
--< The RB >--

The RB or Rebel Battalion, is a group of rebels who defected from the LSN, and seek to over throw them and
establish a new empire, with a Galaxy wide democracy* and more individual freedoms.
* =( Luke is the Supreem Commader of the entire LSN Empire and no one can vote him down. OR change is Laws. )
The RB are still an LSN Battalion at heart, and will side with there people if the need ever truely arises.
They "simply" don't want Luke in power anymore.

More and more LSN forces are turning on SupCom Luke. Who knows if he'll stay in power.

The RB dose not have a known central Leader, since the Admiral of there Battalion was not
keen on opposing the full might of the LSN Armada. So they are instead lead by there Company Commanders.
: Albertan Zelbeest
: Mungordon Olomator
: Mark Galloway
: Sally Solomotor
: Isak Unember
Some of the fineist and most experienced Company Commanders in the LSN Armadda.

The RB favour Adaptability and Resourcefullenss.
They still use some LSN ships since they were originaly an LSN Battalion called Kongentalon-Battalion.
( More on Kongentalon Battalion in the Archive Of Galactic Events )

After they defected and took Kongentalon, the local Populus joined them with fleets and fleets of Civilian ships.
But once there engineers were left alone with a couple company's worth of Civilian Ships to make battle ready
agains the ZZ AND LSN, they quickly realized that with two different enemys and tactics, they needed ships that
could adapt to any situation. And after a little improvement, the small LSN Civilian ships pack a nice punch.
But from then on they designed there own ships from scratch, no more LSN blueprints.

The RB have no central HQ and prefer to operate out of multiple Command Centers.
They are VERY hard to exterminate for this reason.


----< Small But Important Factions >----

Spoiler: show
--< The MD >--

( This information is provided for your convenience. Since the writer ( Who is Human ) dosent know anything
about the MD ( besides the marked things = * ) duto there alien origins. )

* The Medorian empire is a race of Purple spiked aliens with extreem anger issues.
They hate the LSN with a firey passion, so much so that, anything that was once affiliated with the LSN is
considered a threat and is EXTERMINATED. This includes the RB whom still use some LSN ships, and ZZ and
of course any Humans, whom of course originally came from Earth witch belongs to the LSN.

As was mentioned before the MD race is extremely aggressive. But what was not said. Is that it's in a very
weird way... There species is SO aggressive that attacking there fellow Medorians looks like a HORRIBLE
WASTE, of "man" power. Since they could be used to annihilate whatever's irritating them at the time.
They have a strange sort of, Hivemind in that scence. So when a Medorian found it irritating that he
coudlent fly, the whole civilization went, and discovered AND then perfected flight, in 23 days.

And you can guess how there in space can't you?

* The MD have no known Leader. But there IS bound to be one. The Captains often refered
to THE VIOLETTA. Possibly a female Medorian, or the Medorian Mothership.

First of all the MD Favor EXTREME POWER. But fall short of it tremendously.
* Probably there most dangerous non-capitol ship is the Cush-Tefest Lazer Battleship.
( Also gose by, Cush-Tefest Lazer Dreadnought )
Witch, if I may say, is a VERY BADASS ship.
The most powerfull Capitol ship, is there only capitol ship. the -+ Med-Ori-Aan.

* Second of all The MD Favor mobility. And so there structures are perfectly mobile.
And infact, can prove a decent adversary.
The one exception to this rule are there Warp-In Beacons, witch need to be stationary for Health reasons.

* They hail from an unknown part of space some where to the "South" of the Milkey Way Galaxy.
However there HQ in this galaxy is a HUMUNGUS Mothership, capable of consuming small planets.

They hail from Medoriana. Quite a selfcentered race ay?

Spoiler: show
--< The GHD >--

The GHD Or Galaxy Hub Defenders, are a Human task force of neutral units that defend Turneblar Galaxy Hub
the neutral center of economy and science in this Galaxy.
As is made obvious they hold no eligence to any other factions and give jobs or help to any and all forces
who are willing.

Turneblar is probably the only place in the Universe that any and all factions can come to and
expect not to be shot at ( Bescides the ZZ ). However, many rowdy captains have "scratched the paint" of
enemy vessels, and started some of the most destructive "bar-room-brawls" ever seen.
And I'm talking about a Bar-Room-Brawl with BATTLECRUSERS. So now the Bar resides in a spot a short catwalk away
from the Main hub.

There leader is Admiral Thomas Campbell. A former LSN Commander. He is know to be a friendly chap.
He left the LSN to found Turneblar After the RB Uprising. When he claims that "The place was at a good price."
Even though the RB and ZZ were next door

Spoiler: show
--< FR Mercs >--

FR or FreeRoam is a mercenary organization who recruit experienced Captains with Powerfull battlecrusers or PatrolCraft.
They are close in power to the LSN. Not as in Land Control or Advanced Ships, But in allys.

Since the FR are a Mercenary Outfit they often offer free help to sertant factions inreturn for a vow of friendship.
Even then, they work for the highest bidder In_The_Long_Run. You can pay them 1 million But if the other guys been
paying them 100,000 every so often for a good bit of work, they'll side with the more consistent Customer.
AKA there help is an investment on there part that you'll give them more work, and sort of an investment on your
part that you don't get attacked by them.

Spoiler: show
--< The SG >--

( Once again, the writer can't possibly know about the SG's deep origins, so information is
provided for your convenience. The Writers knowledge is marked = * )

* The SG or STARGLOW is a relatively new faction in the BSF-WAR.

They were founded by and Argonian Neutrality Purist Salala Looloo.
She believes that no faction should control any sectors, and that systems should be independent
Even though her group is a faction itself in control of Galaxys to keep them "free".

The SG are present in MANY Galaxys throughout the Universe. Primarily since they are not Humans, they are
Argonians. A race with way more miles on the travel clock than most.

There mortal enemys are the Medorians.
They arrived here simply duto the Medorian presence, witch one of there Stealth Observers ( Fancy eh? )
had seen. The SG had been monotoring Human activity in the Milkyway galaxy ( To them it's name is FarLorn #224 )
Since the LSN had grabbed up about three quarters of it.

They were actually quite worried that the Humans would get too powerfull to EVER "emancipate"
and then "free" from there central faction. ( Since they are neutrality purists. )

I mean, the LSN controlled the bulk of a GALAXY. Most galaxys have 2 or 3 species in it, witch means the SG don't
have to strain themselves since the Factions will fight between themselves. And make it WAY easier for the SG
to come in and claim the place.
But the Humans... they were unhindered!
If the SG had any hope of ever getting them under control, they'd need to retask an entire
Galaxiom ( 30 Companys ) away from the fight against the Medorians in some of the more vital galaxys.

Since lets remember that back in the good old days the LSN had 1 BATTALION ( 650 Ships ) per region.
Now days it's about 2 companys per region.




--< Archive Of Galactic Events >--

Disclaimer: These contain ONLY the pure facts. and side information ( needed to allow the reeder to make sence
of the facts. )
and will leave out un-imporatnt data. E.G. Small skirmishes in a universal onslaught. As that would
be tedious for the reader.
But will sometimes include clearly marked speculation if it is of pondering importance.

And sometimes a bit of flavour text to liven things up.


----[ The Rise of The Black Fly ]----
Spoiler: show
Just finalizing the story


----[ Kongentalon's Uprising ]----
Spoiler: show
2450/7/23 = The day when the RebelBattalion ( RB ) became the RebelBattalion ( RB ).

Kongentalon Battalion were the defenders of Kongentalon, an LSN civilian Region right on the edge of the
LSN-ZZ Conflict zone.
Now For the LSN, sectors have "Mayors" or "Overseers" or colorfully put "Dumbass politicians" that are elected
by Civilians and Soldiers in that sector. Each 5 sectors ( Region ) are run by an Over-Overseer ( O-OS ) who
is elected from the old Mayors by the new Mayors/Overseers ( after a year of service ). And all the O-OS'ses
report to the Supreem Commander.

However there have been no elections ( or even plans for elections ) for a new Supreem Commander.
And this upset the KB quite a lot. Since Luke has been in power for about 98 years, and his ways were
getting irritating, since his laws couldent be vote-changed either, they were considerd so supreem.

So Kongentalon Battalion along with 3 Fleets of Civilian Ships witch had been refitted with militery hardware,
( 650 + 75 = 725 Ships alltogether ) attempted to destroy the LSN Command Center in the Region.

Admiral Ululam was in command of the LSN Garrison there, as well as Kongentalon Batallion.
( When his Company Commanders had told him of there idea to revolt, he said he'd have no part of it. )
(since it would mean putting them all up agains the entire LSN Armada. )

Unfortunatly, since there were only 7 ships in dock that day,
( One Alpha-Class Dementer Command Ship, 3 MK2 Rippers, 1 Driftwing, 1 Weltra Repair Ship, and one Ferolder )
Who won. is quite evident. But even then the KB lost roughly 89 ships ( 4 fleets ) before the Command Center
was destroyed. But now with an entire Region "liberated" from the "Corrupt" LSN they could begin there quest
to Free the whole of the empire.

Speculation: There have been rumors going around Turneblar Galaxy Hub, that Admiral Ululam was captured by the
RB during the battle. That they mannaged to board his Dementer-Class-Command-Ship and capture him alive.
And that this is the only reason they lost so meany ships.

----[ The Battle Of Kongentalon ]----
Spoiler: show

The battle of Kongentalon takes place after the RB uprising.

Following the destruction of the Command Center in the Kongentalon Region, the bulk of the LSN's Reserve-Armada
( roughly 77% Of it. ) Was sent into stop this Rebellion.
The Reserve-Armada units that were reasigned in total equaled 3 Batallions.
AKA Roughly 1950 Fully Functional BattleShips Versus roughly 578 Slightly Dammaged RB Battleships.

The Problem lay in the experience of the Company-Commanders Leading the Charge.
While they had roughly 1950 Ships commanded my average Commander.
The RB had roughly 578 Ships commanded by HIGHLY EXPERIENCED Company-Commanders, and massive civilian support.
Witch was the reason they could take the Region away from the Small Non-RB Garrisons in Kongentalon's
Systems so quickly. ( Obviously not everyone in the KB Defected )

----[ First Contact ] ----
Spoiler: show

The Medorians ( MD ) were first encountered by a lone LSN Outpost where they were field testing the * Dementer
When a MD Explorer Vessel entered the Zone. SupCom Luke was there to oversee the testing and apon realizing what
this ship was, ( This was the first encounter by the LSN. But he had met the MD before on a deep space exploration
mission with the Old-Earth-Defence-Force. ) decided to test the * Velnought on it.

Needless to say the decently armed Explorer was destoyed, but in a very short amount of time
( 30 Earth minutes ) an enire fleet of MD Ships warped in encluding two ( 2 ) Cush-Tefest Lazer Dreadnoughts.
They Tore the Science team apart. The test was aborted, and a considerable chunk of the
LSN Battalion in that region was scrambled.
He knew the danger that awaited them if they dident stop the MD quickly and violently.

* The Ship that was acctually being tested has been long forgotten, and it has been speculated that it was the
Velnought OR Dementers Testing sight.
And obviously the bulk of the research was obliterated. And subsequently, the tests had to be redone.


Thanks for Reading guys!
I'll be adding more of my stuff here in time.

And I'd appreciate Creative Feedback!

When the world gives you Lemons.

Spoiler: show

Make a Universe.

LSN, RB, ZZ, MD, SG, FR, GHD. All Factions of my creation.

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Sounds pretty cool!
also, hi. Welcome to the forums. They're kinda a bit dead. Maybe.
I take it that you've worked out roughly how shipmaker and stuff works, but in case you haven't already found them, there are a number of sprite packs and modified versions of the game.
To start off with, TheBuilder's repack of the majority of sprites you'll even see or need to use
TheBuilder's Repack
Kaelis' sprites are damned pretty. Most of them are in the repack, but I think one of these isn't. not sure.
Kaelis sprites
ini's are really useful - they prevent you from needing to get sections individually into shipmaker.
Zalausai's ini's

now, modified versions.. (Not, strictly speaking, new versions, but close enough)
Bubbleshield release
Meta 2 test build
MIRV release

Bubbleshield is the newest, so you should be ok to use it for pretty much everything.

now that the link spam is out of the way..
Post some of your ships in the custom ships section if you want, even with stock sections people are fine checking them out and helping you improve.

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Forums are definitely dead. I still lurk though, as I assume many others do. Honestly, so much of my time has been here its hard to let it go entirely.

...I may make a few ships for old times sake...

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Doogie12 wrote:
Forums are definitely dead.

Last time someone said that, lurkers appeared to say that they're not dead.

Kinda like what I'm doing right now. :P

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It's dead.

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Thanks robots rock!

And yes, I shall be putting some of my ships into the custom ships section.

When the world gives you Lemons.

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Make a Universe.

LSN, RB, ZZ, MD, SG, FR, GHD. All Factions of my creation.

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