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 Post subject: The Divine Cardinal
PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:15 am 

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The Cardinals were a happy people. They were a new Republic, were researching technological advancements in engineering and spaceflight. They could travel between Galaxies in decades, create a working colony in days. But their imagination caused them to want more. They soon began to look elsewhere for the answers they seek. Instead of looking on the outside of planets they started looking at the inside. Planets after moons were destroyed. But after a few decades into the "expedition", when the spark was dying, they made a discovery that created the foundation of every new and old race in the endless space of planets and stars.
It was a ship, and came from The Race. Soon civil war broke out in the Republic, with what to do with all the info stored in "the ship". The Templar was born saying that the info should be shared with all who wish to see it since all but a few paragraphs have been understood. But the remaining still loyal to The Cardinal wished to keep the info and decrypt the rest to profit from its riches. Soon both sides were bankrupt and in need of followers. So the Templar decided to hire privateers and launched an attack on the other side's capital ship. But the Cardinal's were already alerted and launched a counter-attack. Both side's leaders were captured in those skirmishes and a compromise followed. The Templar was left alone and The Ship's Databank's were painstakingly copied and sent to neighboring Factions. Word has yet to be received.

The Race:
Spoiler: show
From all that has been decoded it was found that the race somehow had a foothold in every planet gas giant or not. It was a surprise since few of the neighboring factions have reported anything, structure or ship alike. The race also had quick technological research since it was necessary to survive. They were brought into existence as the planets surrounding them were forming, so they had many asteroids pound their planet as they... that is the farthest Cardinal scientists have decoded of that paragraph.

Faction Name= The Divine Cardinal
Government= Socialist Republic
Standing Leader= Charles Hunter
Judicial System= Court
Population= 9,900,000,678,998{in civilized worlds}
Economic value= 1,246,000,000,000,000,000.{approximation}Credits
Trading= Corporations and Individuals
Currency= Credits
Home world= Tosev 5
Civilized Planets= 9,000,345
Uncivilized Planets= {unknown}
(more to follow, please comment and tell me how i could improve)

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