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PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:37 pm 
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Exalted Modern Log #2

Anna|Storyteller: Okay. It's the fourth night. Not yet late enough for most of you to consider going to bed, but the sun is down. Whispers is out standing at the balcony, staring out over the bright-lit city. Da-xia has already gone to bed.

Anna|Storyteller: What are your respective characters doing?

_Ember_: Ember herself is out on the balcony taking a smoke break, though keeping distance from Whispers so she doesn't bother her.

* Erin`Marias probably hasn't arrived yet! If she has and is up to speed she's probably working on her aim with these new-fangled guns or something, if there's a range handy.

Lionel: Lionel is sat on one of the big sofas, reading through some useful stuff he has printed off (printers are awesome

* Melua is looking up smutty sites on the internet, amazed at the incredibly odd range of subjects

Anna|Storyteller: (Probably hasn't arrived yet? What? Okay, everyone was teleported in by the same spell, Arca. o_o People who weren't participating in the session were on autopilot or whatever.)

Erin`Marias: (K. Wasn't sure. >>)

Anna|Storyteller: While everyone is doing their thing (and Melua is browsing porn), William steps into the apartment, loosening his tie a little as the door closes behind him and glancing about, "Arthur tells me you're all settling in. What do you think of this world so far?" He asks, "I've finished procuring IDs and weapons for you." At that same time Melua sees an instant message pop up in the lower left corner of the screen. It consists of an address, and the words "Come see us. Don't trust Blake."

* Melua tries to respond, typing, "Who is this?"

* Lionel looks up from his notes "Yes, you have been quite accomodating." He flicks the paper he is holding "I have to say a hell of a lot of your stuff is more advanced than what I have ever seen, and yet you have the inability to do things that... are quite frankly commonplace for me."

Anna|Storyteller: In response to Melua's question, she gets another IM: "Someone like you."

_Ember_: Ember turned around so she was leaning against the balcony, flicking her cig over the edge after putting it out. "Care to show us these ID's and weapons then? I'd like to know what I go by in this world then... and what I'll be using."

* Erin`Marias pokes her head out of the range doorway. "More interesting than Creation at least," she moves in to lean against the doorframe, "...bit of a shock adjusting and all, but I think we'll manage to survive here."

Melua: "When?" Melua types, focusing on her screen.

Anna|Storyteller: William nods to Lionel, "Well, supernaturals don't make themselves known publically in this world. If they did, I think we might have made leaps and bounds in some areas. But most of them fear persecution. Lots of humans with guns can make life difficult for even a powerful being, after all." He says, then looks to Ember and Erin, "I'm sure it is a shock to be in such a different world. And don't worry, Xia-he. Your ID has your real name on it." He moves to lay down a suitcase, opening it up and pulling out passports, licenses, etc, "The weapons, Arthur is bringing up."

Anna|Storyteller: Another IM: "Soon. We'll be there whenever you are."

_Ember_: She stepped forward from the balcony then into the room, casting a glance at whispers as she stepped inside and grabbing her papers once they were out. "Am I the legal guardian of my sister? Or am I going to have to contend with foster parents?" she flipped through the papers looking at them.

* Melua sighed and shook her head, finally looking up."I appreciate this, sir."

Lionel: Lionel accepts the documents with a smile, and begins flicking through them. "So which of these should we be carrying most of the time then?" he asks William.

Anna|Storyteller: "A drivers license or any other form of photo ID is what most people carry with them regularly." He glances to Ember, "You are your sister's legal guardian, yes. And you're quite welcome Melua." Then Arthur comes in, carrying several more suitcases, "Ah, excellent." They're set down. One is taken over to Melua, especially for her, the rest are opened up right there, displaying a large selection of firearms, mostly pistols and some submachineguns, as well as accessories for such weapons and a selection of combat knives, "How's this?"

* Erin`Marias wanders over to examine them as well. "Eh, we have the advantage of not being, y'know, barely educated peasants. And that sounds pretty reasonable." Ah, and then there's guns. Guns! Hundreds of them! Well, maybe not hundreds. She surveys the offerings. "I'm guessing we probably don't want to be waving all this hardware around in public, huh?"

* Melua picks one up and flips it over in the air, catching the handle. "They'll do, thank you." She then immediately starts taking 2-3 at a time, along with a sewing kit, securing them inside pockets and seams with thread.

* Lionel looks over the selection quickly, before pulling out a .45 semi-auto pistol of some variety, and shrugs before pulling out a knife as well.

_Ember_: She grabbed her sister's papers then as well and put them all away before looking to the guns. She had a hard time choosing between the revolvers and the mag loading pistols. "Mmm choices..." she lifted up a sub machine gun, inspecting it. "Last time I used somthing larger then a pistol I was... mmm 24 maybe?"

Anna|Storyteller: Melua was actually given her own suitcase of weapons, containing numerous specially balanced throwing knives and a pair of longer, stiletto blades as well. She doesn't need to settle for combat knives. She got her very own custom made arsenal of blades.

* Melua continues looking through the suitcase. "These are very, very nice. I highly appreciate it."

Anna|Storyteller: William nods his head to Erin, "No, you probably don't want to wave them about in public. That sort of thing draws attention." He says with a chuckle, glancing to Ember and Lionel, "Are they satisfactory?" He asks, then glances to Melua and gives a nod of his head, "You're quite welcome, Melua. I want you all to feel welcome. I understand I stranded you from your homes with my actions, and it may seem like I'm entirely self-serving, but I do want to keep you all happy."

* Lionel has wandered back to the couch and has already started looking at how the gun is put together, with a faint smile on his face. He glances at William and says "Yes, thank you." before muttering ideas under his breath.

_Ember_: She looked down the sights of a mateba auto revolver, breach loading varient, grabbing a 2nd one and slipping them both fully loaded into a torso holister she had hidden under her jacket, then looking down the sights of a AK74U briefly. "Very satisfactory... I wonder if I'd be overdoing it by taking one of these larger guns as well."

Anna|Storyteller: "You... might be." William says slowly, offering Ember a concerned look, "Perhaps you might also want to grab something that allows for a little more subtlety?" He suggests cautiously, worried he might offend her by suggesting she doesn't take something loud and high-powered. Another IM appears in the corner of Melua's screen, "Should we expect you?"

Melua: Stowing the longer stilletos in pockets of the cargo pants, she secures a few more throwing blades in the windbreaker, particularly around the base of the neck and sleeves. She then pulls out a piece of paper and pencil and writes the address down, placing those in pockets as well. "Alright! So, what are all of these cards and booklets for, again?" she asked, holding up the identification

* Erin`Marias tests the sights on a fairly hefty looking revolver, aiming off into space. "Not much of a change there then, I suppose." Setting the revolver down, she glances to William/Arthur. "So what's the catch? We can't sit around here forever, and I'm sure you're going to want returns on these investments eventually." Erin looks a little amused, rather than stern, at least. "Although at least you've been a better host than our last employer."

* Lionel mutters "I wouldnt call him an employer" under his breath

Anna: "You... might be." William says slowly, offering Ember a concerned look, "Perhaps you might also want to grab something that allows for a little more subtlety?" He suggests cautiously, worried he might offend her by suggesting she doesn't take something loud and high-powered. Another IM appears in the corner of Melua's screen, "Should we expect you?"

Anna: William looks to Melua, "They're identification papers. ID is important in this world. If you don't have ID, certain doors aren't open to you." He says, then he looks to Erin, "Yes, there is something

* Melua sits back down to the computer. "Alone? I'm interested in coming, but am unsure if watched."

Anna|Storyteller: "It is safe. This communication is encrypted and any attempts to follow you will be... foiled. Bring the rest of your group if you want, or come alone. Don't tell Blake."

Melua: "I'll see if I can get away."

Lionel: Lionel puts down the gun next to him and turns to William "That would depend what that something is." he says with a grin.

* Erin`Marias nods and glances over at Melua momentarily, then dismisses it, returning her attention to William. "I suppose it'd depend on what it is exactly you'd want doing. I can't imagine it being run of the mill work if you want to send us to deal with it."

_Ember_: Ember frowned at him slightly. "I like this one... and I was honestly never subtle when it came to bringing my claws out... but I am open to suggestions... I'll be taking this one though." she placed the Ak74u off to the side after placing a red dot sight on the sight rail, then picking up a knife and placing it with it as well.

Anna|Storyteller: William stuffs his hands in his pockets, starting to pace a little and turning his gaze up at the ceiling, "Well, to put it simply, there's a group of people who've taken something that belongs to me. A cult. They worship a demon by the name of... well, if I say his name out loud he might hear me, so I'll just tell you the name of the demon's host. Her name's Lauren, and she's one right hellbitch. She's gifted some of her followers with supernatural enhancements, so they'd be a problem for regular men. Not for you, though. All I'm asking is you get back the item. If you can do it without killing them, all the better."

* Melua looks up, interested. "Sounds simple. What do you need?"

_Ember_: "Is there a time limit?" she asked, rolling silencers around in her hand. She idly wondered what exactly would this man consider subtle amoungst guns, they were all loud.

_Ember_: Truth was she hadn't studied up on how to make guns subtle.

* Erin`Marias leans against the back of the couch, raising an eyebrow. "Aye, sounds simple enough. But without killing them, even? I don't think they're going to appreciate us stealing something they likely went to a decent amount of trouble to get from 'borrow' from you in the first place."

Melua: "...Sounds simple," Melua said with a smile.

Anna|Storyteller: "It's an amulet. Silver. Strange sort of silver. Shimmers. It's... rather potently magical. I found it during an archeological dig in South America. Two months ago it disappears from my vault." He frowns darkly, "I know that Lauren's group are the ones who took it, but they've ignored all my attempts to contact them."

Melua: "Do you have any suspicions on where it is now, or where they are?"

* Erin`Marias glances across again. Right. Night-caste. She'd almost forgotten that. Then shimmery silver! She barely suppresses her curiousity. "Shimmering? Like what?"

_Ember_: Ember was only paying attention to the bare details of all of this, still looking at the various acessories with curiousity, holding up a silencer for arthur to see. "What is this? Looks like a barrel extension or somthing."

Lionel: "And what does the amulet do? Wouldn't want something untoward to happen when we pick it up after all"

Anna|Storyteller: William glances to Ember, "How's 'as soon as possible' for a time limit? I'm not going to impose a deadline, but... sooner is better." He says, then looks to Melua, "I have the location of their church, two of their safehouses, and I have the address of one of their members if you need someone to question. Where they're keeping the amulet, I don't know. The amulet itself is completely inert unless used correctly, so you need not worry about odd effects caused by picking it up." He shifts from one foot to another, "It's silver, but it shines brighter the less light there is on it, instead of the other way around. In bright light it looks almost black." Then he looks to Ember and chuckles, "It's called a suppressor, or a silencer. It quietens the sound of gunshots."

_Ember_: She blinked. "Usefull..." she took 3 then. (Lets just assume these are universal and skip all the "fitted for X gun" bullshit)
Melua: "I'd like all 4 locations, sir," Melua says politely

* Erin`Marias nods. "It'd probably be kept close to their boss, best not to give them too much warning we're coming though."

Anna|Storyteller: William nods and hands Melua a slip of paper with all four addresses on them, "And while handling this quietly might be better... let's say I won't complain at all if you have to kill the whole lot of them." He says.

_Ember_: "That means I'm on reserve then unless you need someone to do some sniffing" Ember said, grabbing some extra ammo.

_Ember_: "Or someone shot a lot."

* Melua scans the list to see if any of the addresses look similar to the one from the IM

Anna|Storyteller: None of them match the address she got from the IM.

* Erin`Marias smirks. "I'm sure you wouldn't." She sets about securing and stowing the revolver/IDs/etc. "Guess that puts me on reserve too, unless you need some eyes in the sky or something."

Melua: "Do you have small forms?" Melua asked Erin.

_Ember_: Ember attached a strap to her AK and slung it over her shoulder, grabbing her papers and placing them in her folder, quickly darting off to her room before returning without them.

Anna|Storyteller: "I'm sure you'll all find some way to make yourself useful." William says with a little chuckle, stuffing his hands into his pockets, then raising his brows at the 'smaller forms' question, "Erin's a shapeshift?" He asks, curiously.

Erin`Marias: "I admit I never really bothered with anything /really/ small, that's an area I never really invested time in. I've got the raven and the cat, but that's about it for size. And neither of those are going to wiggle through tiny holes like a mouse."

_Ember_: She couldn't help but glare at him saying "make yourselves useful"

Anna|Storyteller: William caught Ember's glare and raised his hands defensively, "All I meant by that was that I sure you all have skills that could prove useful in some way to this situation. No offense intended, I assure you."

* Erin`Marias nods. "All Lunars are. I don't have as large a library of forms as others. Subtlety, disguise, infiltration... they're not exactly my areas of expertise."

* Melua shrugs. "Having friends nearby couldn't hurt. It's up to you if you feel up to it."

* Lionel leans forward looking thoughtful "Looks like we will have to split up somewhat to get everything done."

Erin`Marias: "Oh yeah, split up to deal with boosted cultists when... Lionel, did you stop using that fabulous brain of yours again? Or does it just shut itself off sometimes?"

_Ember_: "Or maybe he's plotting against us." she teased, grabbing a bag for her weapons as well since walking around with them out would be a bad idea. This place wasn't creation.

* Lionel gives Erin a condescending look "Oh, so you want to try sneaking into somewhere where getting detected is a bad idea? Sticking together isn't a great idea for that wouldn't you say."

* Melua shrugs. "I'd like to get started soon, guys. We should at least examine the targets before deciding."

Anna|Storyteller: William nods his head slightly. Whispers finally comes in from the balcony, glancing at Blake and the rest of the group, then at the suitcases full of weapons. She steps up and collects two knives, tucking them away, ignoring the guns, "I'm in too." She says, seeming in a better mood than any of you can recall seeing her in before, "Which location do you think we should check first, Melua?"

* Erin`Marias shrugs lightly. "For sneaking around, sure. But we can't spread ourselves too thin either..." She pauses mid thought, then nods. "Sounds like a plan to me. Guess we'll need a ride too." She glances over to William. "Do you know anything about what might be in the safehouses or the church?"

_Ember_: Ember took note smiling faintly. "You seem in a good mood today whispers." slinging her bag o guns over her shoulder and putting on her pink castro hat. She then turned to William "Yeah we're going to need transportation..."

Anna|Storyteller: "The Church, I can tell you about. From the outside it looks like your average new-age Christian Church. A fairly simple, modern building. During its normal services it even acts as a Christian Church, to lure in new members. When Lauren herself isn't preaching, usually it's her favoured servant Jessica who does the preaching. Members at the church are unlikely to be armed... publically, at least. There's not much security that I'm aware of." He shrugs, "I know nothing about the safehouses. And I've arranged two cars for you, so transportation is not a problem. Arranged drivers as well, since I doubt any of you would be able to function a car on your first attempt."

* Lionel wanders off, and comes back wearing a overcoat and holding a pair of leather gloves. He grins "Ready when you are."

Melua: "It doesn't seem that hard," Melua protested.

Anna|Storyteller: William looks to Melua and raises a brow, "Well if you're confident you can drive it, be my guest. Just... try not to damage it."

* Erin`Marias smirks. "I'm sure that's what they always say," then she wanders off to get an overcoat as well. It hides the revolver nicely, along with her Tell - oh, right, they might not be able to see that... heh - and keeps her warm too.

_Ember_: She stared a bit worriedly at Melua and William with that, since she wasn't really even sure she could drive yet.

* Melua shrugs. "Well, I guess I don't have time to spare getting used to it right now. Whatever you think's best. I'm going to say visit the church first, I'm interested in what your demons are like."

_Ember_: She winced. "I'm not but eh, whichever way we go..."

Anna|Storyteller: Blake nods his head slightly, raising his hands up and steepling his fingers together, looking thoughtful, "Perhaps if you can get Lauren in private you can... pressure her into giving up the amulet. But be cautious if you do. She's not weak." Whispers looks to Melua and nods, "I agree with the Church. Does anyone else think we should go elsewhere? We can always put it to a vote..."

Lionel: "It may be good to get some info first, but going straight to the source stops them being prewarned. The Church it is then."

_Ember_: She was extreamly surprised now at how... nice Whispers was being. "We'd probably be better off gleaming info from those safehouses before we go to the den... assuming we don't tip them off before we go to said den..."

Erin`Marias: "Church sounds fine to me. Fun place for a shootout if negotiations go south too," she offers casually.

Anna|Storyteller: "Ah, but the church is a public place where we can just walk in without drawing suspicion." Whispers points out to Ember, smiling, "The safehouses, however, don't offer that luxury. If we get caught there, they'll know us for intruders."

* Melua has a thought. Did any of the addresses seem particularly close to the one from the IM?

_Ember_: She sighed. "Fair enough... just not fond of churches..." she murmured.

Anna|Storyteller: One of the safe-houses is two blocks away from the address. Close, but also far enough away that it could just be a coincidence.

Anna|Storyteller: Whispers turns and looks to everyone, "Well, are we ready to go, then?"
_Ember_: She nodded. "Ready as I'll ever be..."

* Erin`Marias does a last check on her gear. A knife is grabbed, just in case things get up close and personal. "I'm good."

Lionel: Lionel stretches his arms "Yes, lets head off."

Melua: "More than ready," Melua smiled

Anna|Storyteller: Okay. Since you're all apparently ready to go and yet also apparently unwilling to roleplay the strenuous act of leaving the apartment and heading down to the cars, I'll do that for youArther leads you out of the apartment and too the elevator, taking it down to the underground parking lot. Then he leads you over to a pair of fairly plain black cars, "The drivers will take you wherever you need to go, or you can drive yourself. But if you damage them, Mr. Blake will not be able to replace them immediately."

_Ember_: Ember nodded and simply slipped into the shotgun seat of one of the cars, placing the bag of weaponry at her feet and closing the door.

* Melua simply got in the back seat of the lead car.

* Lionel looks at the car curiously for a second, before climbing in the back of the 2nd car.

Lionel: "Definately more comfortable than a carriage" he says with a smile.

* Erin`Marias piles in the lead as well! "Figure I'll wait outside unless things start going south. Last thing we want is to draw too much attention to ourselves..."

Anna|Storyteller: Ember, Melua and Erin are all in one car, Lionel and Whispers get into the other. The driver of the lead car looks to the occupants, "Where to?" He's a fairly non-descript looking fellow. Mid-twenties to early-thirties, short brown hair, brown eyes.

* Melua tells him the location of the church

* Lionel glances across at Whispers as she gets into the car and smiles fainly "I have to say, you definately seem a lot happier here than you did in creation."

Anna|Storyteller: The driver smiles faintly and gives a nod of his head, "Alright then. I'll take us there." The cars start up and pull out, starting towards the church. Whispers looks to Lionel and returns the smile faintly, "Well, I don't have undead primordials whispering in my ear anymore. Nobody's urging me to destroy this world. I think... even if you find a way back, I might stay here. There's no reason for me to destroy this world."

_Ember_: Ember just remained quiet, leaning against the window and watching the strange world pass by as they drived, fidgeting in her seat slightly. "Such an interesting place..." she murmured to herself.

Lionel: Lionels eyes narrow for a second, before he smiles broadly. "I can't say I blame you for that." He looks out of the window with a wistful look. "In this country, it seems far easier to live than it does back in creation. I don't think I'll ever get used to it here though."

Anna|Storyteller: So you all get to the church without anything especially interesting happen. Lots of pretty lights are seen, it's all very peaceful. The cars stop a short distance from the church and let you out. Melua is given a cellphone, "I'm on speed-dial under #2. Call me if you need me. I don't want to stay parked. Could draw attention." The Church itself looks pretty nice from the outside. It's a modern building, fairly nicely designed. The sign is labeled as the "New Anglican Church of Manhattan" and has underneath it a small message with a Bible verse about the virtues of Faith (I can't be assed looking up a specific bible passage). The doors are wide-open, and it appears a sermon is just wrapping up. It's about 9pm.

* Melua takes the cellphone gratefully and kisses the driver on the cheek. "Thank you! Who's on number 1?"

* Erin`Marias guesses she's getting out then! Oh well. He has a point about not drawing attention.

_Ember_: "Mmm so how're we going about this? The more diplomatic of us goes in first, the rest jumps in if things go sour?" she inquired to the rest as she stepped out of the car, slinging her bag over her shoulder again and stepping around the car to the rest of the group, the windy air blowing her hair about.

Anna|Storyteller: The driver kinda freezes up at the kiss, blushing faintly and looking a bit flustered, "Uhh... Mr. Blake is under #1."

Melua: "Ahh... thank you." Melua smiles cheerfully and turns to the others. "I'm okay with that if you are."

* Lionel climbs out of the car and brushes himself down, before walking over to the front car. "Diplomacy is best after all."

* Erin`Marias glances around to make sure no innocent bystanders are close enough to hear their badly timed planning. "Well if we all pile in there at once it might look a bit suspicious too. Might be best for some of us to find somewhere we can watch and be ready in case you need backup."

_Ember_: She snerked at Lionel. "I dunno, I used to be more diplomatic, now I think I like shooting my problems better." she then shrugged. "i guess that's the plan then... the support group needs a place to hide though, any ideas?" she scanned the surrounding area for a possible spot.

Melua: "Across the street?"

_Ember_: She took note of the alleyway leading to behind the church. "Behind the church looks good.." she said a bit more hushed.

Erin`Marias: "Lurking around in alleys behind churches seems kinda off to me... give us better watch of back doors though. Hm."

Anna|Storyteller: Whispers nods her head slightly, "While you're all planning, I'll go slip inside and join in the congregation." She says, "I'll be in there if any trouble starts." She blows them a kiss and smiles, pulling on a denim jacket and walking away from the group to the entrance of the church, slipping inside casually as though she regularly attends.

_Ember_: She stared flatly at erin. "Well frankly I'd rather not have anyone see us walking into the church armed if things go down... they'll hear gunshots but not their source if you get my meaning."

* Erin`Marias raises a brow at whispers, but nods. "Mmm... point taken. I get where you're coming from. Alleys it is, I guess."

_Ember_: She watched Whispers walk away all happy and smiley. "She's in a really good mood..."

Lionel: "Well, I'm going inside too, I want to have a look at the architecture before we start chatting" Lionel says with a grin and a wave backwards.

_Ember_: Ember shrugged. "Going behind the church then since everyone's going off wherever they please." she started walking in that direction in fact.

* Erin`Marias ambles off to the alleys too! Nothin' to see here, guv.

Anna|Storyteller: The church is a fairly modern building, as I said, not heavily decorated or anything, like a lot of churches are. There's a raised portion up the front, with a woman speaking from behind a pulpit, and rows and rows of pews with the congregation all sitting and listening to the preacher raptly. She's just finishing off her sermon, apparently, "I hope you've all learned a little more about God's love, today. Take that feeling with you, and remember that God loves you all, and you should all love each other too." She says, smiling. Lionel finds himself drawn to her. She's... very charismatic.

Anna|Storyteller: Behind the church, the back door is unattended.

* Melua enters shortly after Lionel, not wanting her hair to draw any attention towards Lionel as well as her

_Ember_: Ember just leaned against the nearest wall, watching the door and the alleyway as she listened, pondering if they should try to sneak in now or later...

* Erin`Marias finds somewhere with a line of sight on the back door, but so it's not too obvious she's watching it. No need to alert anyone who does leave that way.

* Lionel hesitates for a second upon seeing the woman, before shaking his head and smiling faintly. He glances around at the congregation, trying to spot whispers or anyone... interesting whilst making himself unobtrusive.

_Ember_: Ember decided to follow Erin's lead on that one, she doubted anyone would believe her if she just said she was taking a smoke break back there.

Anna|Storyteller: The congregation all start getting up and milling about, talking with each other, while the woman who was preaching moves to speak privately with a few members of the congregation. Whispers is doing a pretty good job of blending, sitting on the pews still and talking with a couple. A short blond woman catches sight of Melua and Lionel, approaching them and smiling brightly, "Welcome. Are you interested in joining our congregation? We're always happy to welcome new members into the fold." She says, her voice sweet, soft and soothing, a very kind sort of voice.

Lionel: Lionel smiles warmly at the woman before shifting slightly "Honestly... I don't know." he says with a sheepish smile. "It's been a long time since I've even set foot in a church" he says looking around at the people.

Melua: "Ah? M-m-me?" Melua stammers, acting like a child with a hand caught in the cookie jar. "I just...was walking past, and I heard some of the sermon and...well, I felt drawn in."

* Erin`Marias hopes it's a different wall or place or something. Two in the same place are probably even more suspicious than one, and she's hopefully not doing too bad a job of blending into the alley shadows.

Anna|Storyteller: The woman smiles and nods at Lionel's words, "I can understand that. I was the same. I never really felt comfortable with church, or felt close to god, but Lauren helped me to find my Faith again." She says with a little smile, looking to Melua and giving a short nod of her head, "You'd be surprised how often that happens here." She says, laughing softly, "I guess Jesus really has blessed this place. My name is Jessica. Perhaps you'd like to meet Lauren? She's always happy to speak to newcomers personally."

_Ember_: Ember actually thought the same and repositioned herself quietly, picking a different dark corner and crouching. She was no good at stealth but she'd try... better then not.

Melua: "Is that the woman who was talking?"

Lionel: "Nice to meet you Jessica, my name is Lionel. Yes, it would be nice to meet her." He says, looking around at the crowd.

Anna|Storyteller: Jessica gives a short nod of her head, "Yes. She really is amazing. I preach here sometimes to, but I can't inspire people the way she does." Some people are starting to leave now, while others stay in small groups, either talking with each other or with Lauren. Jessica looks to Lionel and nods, smiling, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lionel," She says, then looks to Melua, "Would you like to join us?"

* Melua gives an innocent smile and a small nod of her head in response.

_Ember_: Ember looked over to Erin suddenly and whispered. "I noticed you're not as... aggrivated with my presence as you were in the past. Why is that?"

* Erin`Marias glances up. "Hm? Oh.." She shrugs a bit. "I just... don't feel the same drive here, I guess? Besides, you didn't turn your sister over to the Isle. Most terrestrials..." there's still a faint emphasis on the word "...wouldn't have thought twice about it."

Anna|Storyteller: Jessica nods her head and leads Lionel and Melua up to Lauren, who was just walking away from a discussion she'd been having. She's... intensely attractive, tall with dark, deep blue eyes and long, dark hair, seeming somewhat erotic even with the rather conservative dress she's wearing, "Ah, Jessica, I see we've got some more walk-ins." She says, stepping up to Lionel and Melua, offering her hand to each of them and smiling warmly, potentially making their knees weak, "I'm Lauren. It's such a pleasure to have the chance to bring new members into my flock. Are either of you believers?"

_Ember_: "hmm..." she looked away at that. "Have always been a bit of a err... "bad egg" amongst my peers for my disenting views... it wasn't an easy decision believe me but... its not one I regret." she shrugged.

* Melua blinks several times. It's not often she comes across people more attractive than her, but... "N-no. At least, I wasn't. But your sermon was beautiful."

* Lionel takes Lauren's hand and smiles "Good to meet you Lauren." He glances at Melua "Indeed, it was quite a rousing sermon. I have to say though, belief hasn't been one of my driving forces for quite some time now I'm afraid." he says with an apologetic smile.

Anna|Storyteller: Lauren smiles and nods her head, "I understand. Many who come here found themselves lacking in faith and belief. In today's world it's so hard to find God, but I'm glad I've been able to help as many as I have." She murmurs, shaking Lionel's hand gently, "Would you both perhaps like to come to my office, and we can speak privately?" She asks.

* Erin`Marias nods, lightly, glancing at the street end of the alley. "Understandable, I suppose. The Realm is probably going to come crashing down in a few decades or so anyway, once the infighting really picks up. As if the Wyld and Shadowlands weren't enough trouble to begin with..."

Melua: "E-eh? You want to talk to me?! Sure!" Melua says, eagerly.

_Ember_: "indeed... hopefully it won't take creation down with it." she said with a hint of indifference.

Lionel: "Hmm." Lionel glances at Melua and smiles before nodding his head slightly "Sure, lead on."

Anna|Storyteller: Lauren smiles brightly at Melua's enthusiasm, letting out a little laugh, "My, your energy is infectious, isn't it." She says, seeming quite enthused, nodding and leading them to a door into her private office. Once they're inside and the door is closed, she sighs and turns to face them. Her clothing seems to melt away, her features becoming even more beautiful and elegant, her deep blue eyes becoming darker and sharper, and the air seems filled with an intoxicating, alluring scent, "Who sent you? You've got power... so much power. I can smell it... mmm." She steps up towards Melua, raising a hand to caress her fingertips over her cheek, gazing into her eyes, "Warm. Not a vampire, then. What are you?"

* Erin`Marias keeps an eye on the back door, but otherwise looks thoughtful. "Death and destruction on that scale? You'd probably see Shadowlands popping up on the doorsteps of cities. The Lords would drop their fresh armies into Creation and clean house once the Terrestrials have exhausted themselves. Pretty simple, assuming they don't start fighting amongst themselves as well... which could well happen. Then you've got the Fae going on their little Crusades..."

_Ember_: "Yeeeep definate destruction of all of creation... it hangs on my kin not being assholes... yet they're being assholes." she sighed. "At least here I won't have to watch it all die."

Melua: "You could think of me as a goddess," Melua said, not flinching, though a little surprised. "You're quite beautiful, Lauren. What's your secret? I use aloe when bathing."

* Lionel chuckles and spreads his arms to either side "I suppose this makes it easier."

Anna|Storyteller: "A goddess?" She actually laughs a little, "Oh sweetheart, I could almost believe that." She murmurs, "My secret? Well, I'm an angel, dear. Made by God himself. Don't you think I'd be beautiful?" Then she looks to Lionel, amused, "So, what is it you want, then? Wait... Blake sent you, didn't he?"

* Lionel looks past Lauren and smiles "Seems there isn't much to hide then. Yes, he seems to believe you have stolen something from him." He chuckles again "Can't say I wholly trust what he says, but he seemed rather put out about it."

* Melua furrows her brow. "...Angel? What exactly is that?"

* Erin`Marias nods, grimly. "It wouldn't be pretty... it's the lifespans and the upbringing, amongst other things. Candles that burn short and bright, that sort of thing. Aspirations and ambitions. One big clusterfuck. Sometimes literally, I've heard." Not at all alluding to what the royals are said to get up to in their free time. No sir.

Anna|Storyteller: Lauren nods slowly at Lionel's words, then looks to Melua and blinks, confused. Very confused. Baffled. Who doesn't know what an angel is? Furrowing her brows, she moves over to sit behind her desk, her heavenly and seductively beautiful form shifting back to her mundane, mortal, but still intensely attractive form. She gestures to the two chairs in front of her desk, "Not knowing what an Angel is... well that's something I've never heard of. And I've never seen anything like you. Come. Sit. Tell me about yourselves. Forget about the business William sent you here on for a moment. We can discuss that later."

_Ember_: "I dunno... I'd argue that old age could also breed madness due to extreme bordom... I'd agree on the upbringing though, they tend to think themselves more lords and less protectors..." she murmured, sighing. "... this is a little boring, not the talk I mean but sitting on our asses waiting..."

Melua: "Uhm, well, maybe I kinda know? Are angels a type of demon?"

* Lionel sits in the chair across from Lauren "An angel is the messenger of God, supposedly the opposite of Demons." he smiles faintly at Lauren "Though with us being told that you are a Demon I can't help but think you are one of the fallen angels, you are here on earth after all."

* Erin`Marias shrugs. "We saw that happen with the Solars, sure. But the Terrestrials don't last quite as long, so you see it kick in sooner. Assuming they don't go completely senile first." No comment on the boredom, apparently.

Anna|Storyteller: Lauren frowns slightly, "A demon is the name of a fallen angel, cast from heaven by god. Because we loved humanity more than we loved him... well, most of us did." She murmurs, frowning, "God created the angels, and we made creation, and all things in it. It's... complicated. But... how can you know of demons and not angels? What are you? Where do you come from?"

Lionel: "Where we come from? I don't know of any way of describing it in relation to here." Lionel says with a frown. "A different dimension maybe?" Lionel grins. "Makes this place look odd I'll tell you that much."

* Melua sits on the edge of Lauren's desk. "Well, where I come from, there are more gods than stars in the sky, grains on the beach, drops in the ocean. In fact, there's a god for each and every one of these things. Which is part of why I find the things you were saying earlier so interesting."

_Ember_: She frowned slightly. "I suppose... egh I think I'm just going to go inside." she grabbed her pistols out of the bag and slipped them into her holister but left the AK there in the bag. "Bring this in with you if I call for assistance." she then walked around to the front of the building and stepped inside quickly and quietly.

Anna|Storyteller: "My my... so William conjured creatures from another world? Amazing. His greed really does stretch further than the bounds of Creation. And I was just joking when I said that to him." She murmurs, lifting her gaze to them, "I notice you seem to be rather evasive on the subject of what you are, though."

* Erin`Marias nods. She'll come when the gunfire starts, if at all.

Melua: "Actually, you weren't correct. We call the land we're from Creation," Melua said with a smile.

Anna|Storyteller: The church is significantly more emtpy now when Ember walks in. Jessica lifts her head up from the discussion she's having, blinking in surprise at another new entrance and shooting her a smile, "Hello there."

_Ember_: "Hi." she said flatly placing her hands on her hips. "There was a dark skined girl with green hair and a guy who came in here earlier, they're friends of mine, I haven't seen them leave yet and they're not here. Where are they?" she asked frankly.

* Lionel tilts his head "Well, we are human. Though we do contain the Essence of a God" he says with a smile.

Anna|Storyteller: "Hm. That is rather amusing. And" Lauren says with a small smile, "And still with the evasiveness. You're a clever girl, Melua." Then she looks to Lionel and lifts a brow, "Hm. So you're sort of like angels too, I suppose. You certainly have a strong sense of power about you. Both of you do. Well, let's cut to the chase then. You want the amulet. Blake sent you for it. Yes, I have it. No, I'm not giving it back. That about sums it up, wouldn't you say? Now... why are you working for him?"

Anna|Storyteller: Jessica's smile slowly fades and she stares at Ember, looking rather shocked by this, "I... they went into the back room to speak privately with Lauren. They... they seemed interested in joining our church..." She murmurs, "What's going on?"

* Melua stops smiling. "I never told you my name. How did you know it was Melua?"

_Ember_: She shrugged. "Nothin, they just told me they'd be real quick and I stayed outside for a smoke break." she tried to be casual about it. "Got curious when they didn't come out with the rest of the group and came in to see where they were." she then plopped down in a pew sitting back. "I can wait here then till she's done with em." she idly wondered where whispers went.

* Lionel leans back in the chair "Hmm, an impasse." He sighs and looks to the side "Why does he even want the damn thing."

Anna|Storyteller: "Your driver did." Lauren replies matter-of-factly, "You see, your driver wasn't who he seemed to be at all. Some of my followers have gifts I have given them, and they infiltrate for me, act as spies, helping me to learn all I need to." Then she looks to Lionel, "Why does he want it? Because it has an enslaved demon soul trapped within it. One he could command without needing to form a pact with. One he could abuse. I will not allow that."

Anna|Storyteller: Jessica nods her head slowly to Ember, "Okay... take a seat then. I'm sure they'll be out soon." She murmurs slowly. Whispers is still sitting on the pews with a married couple, talking with them quietly, smiling.

Melua: "Never trust a cute guy, tch. That amulet seems cool, what kind of temprament does the demon have?"

* Lionel frowns "Indeed. Is there no way of removing the Demon from the amulet? ... Well, if it isnt too violent that is."

_Ember_: She blinked at whispers talking to the couple happily, waving jessica over. "Not much of a religious woman but tell me of your church hmm? Need to pass the time somehow." she popped a sucker candy into her mouth.
_Ember_: "And I won't be spending that time outside, too cold."

Anna|Storyteller: Lauren seems a little sad at that question, "Presently, not a very good one. Demons... well, we were angels. But being imprisoned in the Abyss, with all your senses deprived for millennia... it drove us mad. All of us. We all succumbed to madness, to varying degrees. Having a mortal host helps some of us to push the madness back, though." She shrugs a little, "I'm working on finding a way to free the demon trapped within it. Perhaps I'll be able to find it a host who could help reduce its suffering, but if not, I'll banish it back to the Abyss, where it can't hurt anyone." Lauren says, "So, since I know your name, it's only fair you know mine. I'm Eloriel, a demon of House Lammasu. That is my Celestial name. Do not use it frivolously. I could hear you from the other side of the world if you spoke my name."

Anna|Storyteller: Jessica blinked at Ember, furrowing her brows and sitting down next to her, "Well, what is there to say? It's a church... we preach God's love and forgiveness and all that other cr- good... stuff."

Melua: "That's a pretty enough name."

Lionel: "In that case, good to know Lauren" Lionel says with a grin.

Lionel: "I think we have done all we can here, shall we head back?" Lionel says to Melua.

* Melua sighs. "Not yet. May I have the amulet, Lauren?"

Anna|Storyteller: "So, what are you going to do?" Eloriel asks, leaning back in her chair, "I know William. He'll use you for his own ends, sending you out to kill or steal or do whatever it takes for him to expand his power." Then she snaps her gaze to Melua, "I thought my refusal was fairly clear. If I give you the amulet, you will give it to Blake. That's not acceptable to me."

* Melua shrugs. "Blake doesn't control me. No one controls me. Ever. I wanted it because it sounded cool. But if you want to shut up Blake for a while, make me a replica."

* Lionel looks between the two, and settles in to watch this unfold.

_Ember_: She nodded. "Been preaching here long? Your group seems like a happy people... though I'm curious about what sort of flavor of christianity you preach here..."

Anna|Storyteller: "A replica? It's a powerful magic artifact. It's fairly difficult to replicate that." Eloriel says, kind of staring in shocked and confused awe at Melua saying 'I wanted it because it sounded cool', "You're definitely... bold, though. I will give you that. As it happens I had a... friend, make me a replica that should be convincing enough. I thought someone might come and try to steal it, and it's always useful to have a fake on hand for such occasions." She says, staring at Melua intently, "But why not leave Blake? There are better options, surely. I'm not saying you should join me, necessarily, just... don't work with Blake."

Anna|Storyteller: Jess shrugs her shoulders slightly, glancing away, then looking back to Ember, "Oh. You know. Demon worship." She says flatly, staring at Ember, "You're sort of bad at this undercover thing, but I'm sure Lauren's getting along fine with them. If any trouble had started, we would have heard it by now."

* Lionel grins "He is a means to an end. An eager means to an end. As I said before, I don't trust him, and have no intention of following... someone again." Lionel looks off to the side darkly.

Melua: "I'll consider it. And even if you give him a powerless copy, maybe he thinks you'll already have succeeded...?"

_Ember_: She shrugged. "Not the first time I've been told that lady, still you probably shouldn't say that in front of the couple hmm?" she gestured to them. "Besides not trying won't help me improve." she then laughed. "Funny that... last time I was caught trying to be coy was in a chaple with a demon worshiper." she said in a more hushed tone. "You still didn't answer my question tho, I'm curious what sort of message you're filling these people's heads with." she looked at her more seriously.

Anna|Storyteller: "That's my hope." Lauren/Eloriel says in response to Melua, "It's not an entirely powerless copy, mind you. Imbued enough power into it to make it seem like it's the same thing as before with the demon removed. It's little more than a fancy magical trinket." She hands over the amulet, a shimmering dark silver in the bright light of the room. It tingles with magic, and is carved in the shape of a maned lion's head. Then she looks to Lionel, "Sounds like there's a story there."

Lionel: "Yes. There is." Lionel says flatly.

Anna|Storyteller: Jessica smiles faintly and looks to the couple, "Oh, they know. They're part of the circle too." She says, then looks back to Ember, "See, we do preach what I told your friends we preach. A message of peace, and love, and unity. But... not for God. We love Lauren. We worship her, and she gives us her love, and blesses our lives in tangible ways. What has God ever done for us? No, this is Lauren's church. She's just using God as a cover. And he doesn't care, because he stopped caring about the world a long time ago."

* Melua extends her hand. for the amulet. "Thanks, Eloriel. I'm not sure I'm on your side, but I don't have anything against you at the moment." She then glances to Lionel. "Any more questions for the beautiful woman?"

* Lionel stares at the amulet for a second before smiling. "Beyond what that is made from, no" he grins. "I guess our business is concluded."

_Ember_: "Mmm." she leaned back. "You'll pardon me if I don't take your word for it immediately concerning a message of peace and love, my last encounter with demons was either plans within plans or just stright up trying to murder me and everyone in the city." she shrugged. "Then again this is a different place afterall so you could just be telling the truth." she chuckled at the description of god. "Well doesn't that sound fammilar."

Anna|Storyteller: "It's made from regular silver. That visual oddness is a result of the enchantment." She replies to Lionel, then looks to Melua, nodding her head slightly, "Come see me again sometime, hm?" She suggests with a warm smile, then rises from her seat, moving to open the door, "It's been quite a pleasure meeting you."

Anna|Storyteller: Jessica shrugs her shoulders slightly, "I don't expect you to believe me. Your friends will tell you." She says, then looks to the door of Lauren's office as it opens, "Seems like their meeting is over."
Lionel: "Just silver, eh." Lionel mutters. He moves out and grins at Ember "I see you decided to join us, shall we head back?"

_Ember_: She looked over to the door, watching for them to exit. "Hey I'm open to the possibility." she responded.

* Melua comes out, giving Eloriel a half-wave. "Oh, hello."

_Ember_: She shrugged at Lionel. "I was bored, can't say I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the night cooped up again."

* Lionel shrugs "It's not like we have to go straight back, though where is there to go?"

Melua: "...Actually..." Melua fills them in on the IM

Melua: Privately. Away from Jessica.

Anna|Storyteller: Whispers finishes talking with the couple and rises to her feet, moving to join the rest of them, "Well, did you get what we came for?" She asks. Then she looks to Melua, blinking, "Well, that sounds interesting."

Lionel: "To a degree, yes" Lionel grins "Well now, that sounds intriguing."

* Erin`Marias meets up with the others once they're outside. \o/

_Ember_: "mmm... our ... host did seem a bit fishy to me. I'm inclined to believe these demons... I doubt that immitation is gona fool him for long though." she warned.

_Ember_: She took her bag from Erin when she met up with them.

Lionel: "I don't think its good to trust either of them. Whilst they seem wholesome, she herself said she was in some way insane."

* Lionel shrugs "Anyway, lets head to this meeting shall we?" He climbs back into the 2nd car and gets settled.

_Ember_: "Perhaps..." she grumbled and hopped into the shotgun seat of the first car again.

* Melua tells the driver of the first car to head to the safehouse closest to the meeting, and gets in the second car, telling that driver the same.

* Erin`Marias hops in the first car as well. So much driviiiiiing.

Anna|Storyteller: The drivers do just that. Whispers is sitting in the second car, looking thoughtful. She casts a look to Melua, "So, any reason you're riding in this car, this time?" She asks curiously.

_Ember_: Ember just remained quiet during the drive, sulking slightly.

Melua: "Actually, I was hoping to talk to you. Did you find out anything?" Melua smiled at Whispers.

* Erin`Marias bets Ember is just sulking about not getting to shoot anything.

_Ember_: She wasn't, more that she fucked up at doing undercover work again. It was a bit of a hit to the ego.

Anna|Storyteller: Whispers smiled faintly, "Plenty. It's pretty fortunate you were able to avoid a confrontation. Along with her ability to charm and change form, Lauren can apparently also transform into water and control the weather to a degree. Some of these gifts she's handed on to her servants. Fortunately, she didn't give them any sort of mystical immunity to mind-altering magic. Their wills were weak, they spilled everything easily enough."

* Lionel raises an eyebrow "Fortunate indeed."

* Melua nodded, slowly. "The power of water can be dreadful indeed."

Anna|Storyteller: And since you're all heading into another encounter which would probably take a fair while, this seems a good point to end the session to pick things up again next time.

* Anna changes topic to '[Exalted, 2nd Edition] Storyteller Anna | Campaign: Exalted 2011 | Current Events: HOLY SHIT EXALTS IN MANHATTAN WTF | Total Celestial Exp 98 - Total Non-Celestial Exp 120'

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Ranged Weapon Stats, work in progress:
                 Speed | Accuracy | Damage | Rate | Range | Clip | Tags
Heavy Revolver     5   |    +0    |   6L   |  2   |   35  | 6    |
Light Revolver     4   |    +1    |   4L   |  3   |   12  | 6    |
Heavy Pistol       5   |    +0    |   5L   |  3   |   30  | 7+1  |
Light Pistol       4   |    +1    |   4L   |  3   |   20  | 17+1 |
Rifle              6   |    +2    |   8L   |  1   |  200  | 5+1  | 2
SMG, Small         5   |    +1    |   4L   |  3   |   25  | 30+1 | Auto
SMG, Large         5   |    +0    |   5L   |  3   |   50  | 30+1 | 2, Auto
Assault Rifle      6   |    -1    |   7L   |  3   |  150  | 42+1 | 2, Auto
Shotgun, SawedOff  5   |    -3    | 6L/12L |  1   |   10  | 2    | 2, Double
Shotgun, Pump      5   |    -2    |   8L   |  1   |   20  | 5+1  | 2
Shotgun, Semi-auto 5   |    -2    |   8L   |  3   |   20  | 8+1  | 2
Taser              6   |    -1    |   6B   |  1   |   20  | 1    | Special, Stun 2, R/M
Pepper Spray       3   |    +1    |   3B   |  1   |    5  | 20   | Special, Stun 1

                 Speed | Accuracy | Damage | Rate | Tags
Taser (Melee)      5   |    -2    |   4B   |  3   | Special, Stun 1, R/M
Shock Prod         5   |    +1    |   6B   |  2   | Special, Stun 2

   * "Auto" means the weapon is capable of Automatic or 3-round burst. Rules for those will be added soon.
   * 2 means the usual. 2 handed.
   * "Special" weapons cannot be soaked with armor, or at all unless the target is capable of soaking lethal, but do not round around to lethal levels of damage. Specialised protective gear (i.e. sealed face masks or non-conductive clothing) could negate their effectiveness entirely.
   * "Stun" tag results in a penalty to DVs and all dicepools for five ticks after damage is inflicted. Stun effect can be negated with a successful Sta+Res roll, with the difficulty being the amount of damage taken.
   * "Double" tag means weapon can fire both shots at once, or single individual shots.
   * "R/M" means the weapon can be used for either ranged or melee. Doesn't expend ammo during melee. Different statistics apply.

    Pistols, SMGs, Rifles:
   Jacketed Hollow Point, +4L damage, target's armor soak is doubled
   Full Metal Jacket, +0L damage
   Armor Piercing, -2L damage, Piercing
   Rubber Bullets, +2B damage

   Buckshot, +0L damage
   Slug, +2 Accuracy, -2L damage, double range
   Flechette, +6L damage, half range, target's armor soak is doubled
   Beanbag, +2B damage

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Exalted Modern Log #3

Anna: So let's forget about that. So. >_> What will Aureus be doing I wonder.

Aureus_Sila: good question! \o/

Aureus_Sila: getting practical experience of earth and essence flows

Aureus_Sila: i'd imagine

Aureus_Sila: considering the amount of times I've been close

Aureus_Sila: I've never actually tried

Aureus_Sila: also possibly practicing the saxophone

Anna: Well, whatever he was doing, he was doing it in private and away from the rest of the group, so he wasn't with them when William sent them off on their artifact hunt. After they'd left, Aureus heard a knock on his door, then it opened and William stepped in, "Aureus. Are you busy?"

Aureus_Sila: Aureus, slightly startled, pulls out of a state of concentration where he sits on his bed. "Ah? Oh, mr. Blake. No, not particularly, why?"

Anna: "Your companions just went out on an errand for me." He says slowly, sliding his hands into his pockets and glancing Aureus over, "Now I have another errand I need taken care of as well, so I thought I'd send you. This one is significantly less dangerous than the one your friends are working on, but no less important. Interested?"

Aureus_Sila: "Mmmh. Still a little skeptical about going out there... but I guess I'm going to have to leave for the outside soon enough anyway. What do you need?" Aureus seems alot more cheerful and possitive to the idea of Earth than earlier.

Anna: "One of my contacts was meant to be procuring an item for me. He was dealing with supernaturals, so I'm not particularly inclined to send any of my men to deal with it, since they'd most likely just get themselves killed." Williams says, smirking faintly at Aureus's improved demeanor, "I'd like for you to go and check on him, find out if he's alive and if he is, find out why he's dropped out of contact. Sounds simple enough, right?"
Aureus_Sila: "If I don't get lost along the way" Aureus mutters but stands up. "But no, it doesn't sound that difficult. Where do I start?"

Anna: "Check his address." Blake replies, handing Aureus a manilla folder, "His address is there, along with his name, known aliases, and several photographs, and some known hang-outs," He says, "You'll be taking Da-xia with you. It doesn't look suspicious for two people your age to be out together, after all. Oh, and there's weapons, if you feel like you need them." He gestures out the door to the coffee-table that has open suitcases full of weapons.

Aureus_Sila: "I'd probably just end up hurting myself" Aureus shrugs with a small smile. "Besides I'm my strongest weapon, a little plus to looking like this is how people tend to underestimate you" He accepts the folder and has a look through it. "Alright, better bring the GP..N? Oh whatever, the navigator"

Anna: Blake chuckles a little, "I'll be loaning you one of my cars, and a driver. You just give him an address and he'll take you where you need to go. Manhattan's a big city. If you went walking the streets it would take you forever to get anywhere, even if you didn't get lost." Da-xia was already out inspecting the weapons, wearing a combo of blue denim jeans, pink t-shirt a shade darker than her hair, and a blue denim jacket. She's holding up a combat knife, inspecting it, but finally shrugs and puts it back down, not picking up and weapons. Then she looks to Aureus, "So, we're going on a date then." She observes wryly.

Aureus_Sila: "Seems that way, huh" Aureus replies, fairly optimistic. He throws on his jacket and cap and heads for the door. "Lets try and make the best of it?"

Anna: Da-xia smiles a little and nods her head, "Yes, lets... wait," She pauses at the door, staring at him, "You're really going out dressed like that?" She asks slowly, furrowing her brows, "Doesn't seem very uh... conventially, for this part of the world."

Aureus_Sila: "Oh they're just clothes they can't possibly matter that much. Besides I picked them up here, so people here have to wear them right?" Aureus chuckled loudly and opened the door. "Lets just go already"

Anna: Da-xia laughs a little and shrugs her shoulders, "Whatever you say. But you know, in that outfit you look girlier than I do~." She teases as she slips past him, heading to the elevator and swaying her hips. Those jeans she was wearing were rather... snug.

Aureus_Sila: "I uh.. I sincerely doubt that..." Aureus trails off before regaining his senses and following her into the elevator. "I really wish I didn't look like a girl, you know? But I can't really help it... and trying to wear things to look masculine just ends up looking silly"

Anna: And since I missed the part earlier about Aureus looking through the contents of the folder; It contains his place of residence, his name, Pete Fields, and a bunch of photos and some places where you might find him if he isn't home. He looks to be around 15, interestingly. Perhaps why Blake is sending them. He has short, shaggy dark brown hair and a rather ragged look about him, his skin fairly pale.

Anna: Anyway, they ride the elevator down to the parking lot and there's a car waiting for them. Da-xia slips into the back seat, smiling at Aureus, "Don't worry, I think you're pretty cute anyway... but then, I also think Melua's cute, so..." She sticks out her tongue. She seems to enjoy teasing him. The driver glances to them, trying to ignore their conversation, "Where to?"

Aureus_Sila: Aureus supplies the driver with Pete's home adress before turning back to Da-xia. "Melua really is very pretty, isn't she?" He laughs.

Anna: The driver starts up the car and starts driving, and Da-xia grins a little, "Yes she is. I really admire her, too. She's so smart. She's helped me learn lots of things."

Aureus_Sila: "Haha. It's strange, somehow whenever I'm feeling down she seems to be there to take care of me" Aureus looks down with a shy smile. "Somehow she's the closest thing I have to a mother"

Anna: Da-xia drops the teasing and smiles a little at that, "She has a lot of motherly qualities, yeah. It seems like she's a really caring person, though a lot of the time I think she hides that behind a mercenary attitude." She murmurs, then shrugs, "So anyway, how many people do you think the others have pissed off and had to kill by this point? I'm betting at least five." She says with a grin. They were driving through the streets. Bright lights, pretty scenery, etc.

Aureus_Sila: "Make that fifty!" Aureus exclaims, thankful for the change in subject. "Half of them by your sister and the other half by Erin"

Anna: "I dunno. Erin's pretty good at killing, but my sister has the shorter temper." Da-xia says, laughing. They were just joking of course. Or she was at least. She knew quite well her sister was capable of diplomacy, even if she was sometimes rather blunt about it. It was another 15 minutes until they got to the address Aurues had given, stopping outside an apartment building. Pete apparently lives in apartment 302.

Aureus_Sila: "302 huh... that's the third floor, if you think about it logically" Aureus gives the building an up-and-down with his eyes before holding the door open for Da-xia. "Ladies first?"

Anna: It's a four-story apartment building, and certainly not large enough to contain 300+ individual apartments, so Aureus's logical deduction seems sound! Da-xia smiles at Aureus, "Thank you. It's good that you know ladies should always come first." She says with a faint teasing edge to her voice, slipping out of the car and starting to walk up to the apartment building. Hips swaying, side to side...

Aureus_Sila: Aureus thinks that line over. Was it really that strange? He was taught basic manners, that can't be very rare can it? He follows her along into the building looking for stairs or an elevator.

Anna: No elevator. This place wasn't that fancy, evidently. There was a decent sized stairwell, though. A couple of guys are standing around it, smoking and talking trash. They glance to Aureus and Da-xia, one of them chuckling, "Check out the girls. Nice ass, babe." Da-xia just gives him the finger and walks past, up the stairs. Then the guy yells at her, "I wasn't talking about yours!" Laughing and flipping her the bird right back, then turning his gaze to Aureus again.

Aureus_Sila: Aureus' left eyebrow twitches momentarily in annoyance. "I'm a guy. Enjoy thinking that over" He passes by without another word or even slowing down.

Anna: The guy goes wide-eyed at that, starting to shout abuse at Aureus while his friends burst into laughter and start mocking him for complimenting another guy's ass. Da-xia looks back at Aureus and grins as they make their way upstairs, the rest of their trip uninterrupted, until they're shortly standing outside apartment 302.

Aureus_Sila: Aureus takes a deep breath to regain him composure before lifting his hand. "Alright, here we go" He knocks on the door.

Anna: There's no response for a moment. Then rustling can be heard from inside. Then banging around. Then the door opens and Pete stares out at them, dark rims around his eyes, his skin looking even more pallid and pale than it did in the photographs, "Wh-what do you want? Who are you? Hm!?" He glares at them.

Aureus_Sila: "Uh... Pete, right? Charming" Aureus raises a skeptical eyebrow. "Blake sent us"

Anna: Pete stares at Aureus, frowning intensely for a moment, looking to be deep in thought, "Oh." Then he steps back and slams the door shut in their face.

Aureus_Sila: Aureus twitch turned into a grimace of irritation and he slammed hard on the door once with his tiny fist. "Open the door before I blow it the fuck down!"

Anna: "Please, just try. Fuckin' punk kid." Pete yells back through the door, "Tell Blake he can suck my dick."

Anna: Da-xia blinks, "Well. That's not polite."

Aureus_Sila: "You can tell him yourself when I use your severed head for a sock-puppet!" Aureus bangs on the door untill his skin breaks.

Anna: Da-xia shoots a rather shocked look at Aureus, "H-hey Aureus, maybe you should... calm down...?" She murmurs hesitantly.

Aureus_Sila: Aureus breathes hard for a bit and puts his hands to his temples. "I'm sorry. There's just something about this place and how people seem to lack any respect whatsoever" He leans against the wall behind him. "You have any ideas of how to get him out?"

Anna: "A few." Da-xia says. Then steps up to the door, leaning against it and rapping twice, "Come on, Pete. Open up and we can all sit and talk about this nicely." "How about no, hm? Fuck off, you little bitch. I don't have time for smartass kids." Da-xia frowns and looks to Aureus, "Well. That was one idea." Then she grabbed the door handle and ripped the door off the hinges with one arm, tossing it aside, "I think I prefered Plan B anyway, though."

Anna: Pete is standing there, looking shocked. Then his eyes narrow darkly, "If you step a foot into this apartment I'm gonna rip you apart, whatever the fuck you are." He growls.

Aureus_Sila: "I don't have to step in to tear you limb from limb, we can talk just fine from here anyway" Aureus retorts. "If you don't mind us YELLING IN THE HALLWAY! How's that going to affect your comfortable living space?"

Anna: Pete scowls at Aureus, "I already told you, fuck off." He says, then turns around and walks into his kitchen, swearing loudly. Da-xia looks at the open doorway, then looks to Aureus, then shrugs, "Follow him in?"

Aureus_Sila: "Ladies first" Aureus shrugs. "Remind me to never try arm wrestling with you"

Anna: "Ladies first again, hm? Somehow it seems less chivalrous when you're suggesting I go first when threats of violence have been issued against all who enter." She mumbles, but steps inside anyway, starting towards the kitchen. She stops dead at the sound of a gunshot, then looks down at herself, raising a hand to clutch at her stomach, "Ow." She mumbles as her pink t-shirt starts staining red, staggering back a little and raising a hand, "Let's just... ahh... talk about this." Pete stands there, holding up a 9mm pistol, waving it back and forth between Da-xia and Aureus, barrel still smoking.

Aureus_Sila: Aureus snarls at Pete before his eyes light up like a purple crhistmastree surrounding themselves in flames. (Peacock Shadow Eyes)

Anna: Pete stares at Aureus' eyes, blinking a little and then shaking his head, frowning darkly, "Okay, magic? Really? You're going to try that shit on me?" He growls, baring fangs and raising his gun, firing at him, while Da-xia's caste-mark starts to glow and she starts chanting in Old Realm.

Aureus_Sila: Aureus flaming eyes flicker and die out, his face frozen in shock, with a hole punched straight through his chest, likely puncturing a lung on the way through.

Anna: Da-xia doesn't let the gunshot distract her from her spell, finishing the shaping and opening her eyes, staring at Pete hatefully, her hands warped and twisted into large oaken claws, "You really shouldn't have done that."

Anna: And then in a short but brutal fight that I don't want to bother rolling for because me rolling for a bunch of NPC combat would be boring, Da-xia messed his shit up, tossed him across the room, and pinned him beneath a refridgerator. Strength 6. Does wonders. Then she ran over to Aureus, attempting to treat his wounds as best she can with a complete lack of appropriate materials.

Aureus_Sila: Aureus lies on the floor in a pool of blood, taking quick and shallow breaths. "N, ne- Da-xia... I'm going to die aren't I?" He coughs hard once, blood staining his lips. "It hurts... Mom, dad, I miss you..."

Anna: Da-xia bandages up his wound using strips torn off from her t-shirt, patting him gently, "Don't worry, Aureus. I'm not going to let you die. You'll... you'll be fine." She whipes the blood from his lips, kissing him softly to reassure him and picking him up. She shoots a glare at Pete, "You'll go to Blake and give him what he wants or I'll be back for you. Or worse, my sister will." She growls, carrying Aureus out of the apartment and back to the car.

Anna: Session End.

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Exalted Modern Log #4

Anna|Storyteller: Session Start, then.

Anna|Storyteller: You're all in the cars on the way to the address that Melua was given. Except for Chiiro, who's on his way to hospital with Da-xia accompnanying even. The trip is once again relatively uneventful, and the cars stop outside a small, run-down looking building, with rather old archecture.

Anna|Storyteller: Nix that. You're dropped off outside one of the safehouses belonging to Eloriel's Cult, about two blocks away from the meeting place Melua was given.

Anna|Storyteller: Whispers rubs her hands together and raises them to her face, blowing into her cupped hands, then looks to Melua, "So, we're walking the rest of the way?" She asks.

* Melua nods. "I don't think it's very far."

* Erin`Marias stretches now that she's out of the car. "Lead on. You're the one with the address."

Lionel: As Lionel steps out of the car he looks up at the safehouse, before turning to Melua "I wonder what exciting people we will meet at this place." with a faint smile "Did they give anything more than an address?"

_Ember_: Ember was probably the last one out, sliping her hands into the pockets of her jacket and kicking the ground idly as she waited for whatever

* Melua ignores Ember's attitude and nods, leading the way after the cars pull away.

* Lionel follows.

_Ember_: She in turn ignored the hell out of melua! And followed, also wondering just who the hell they'd be encountering.

Anna|Storyteller: The trip from the safehouse to the address is short and uneventful. You all stop outside the meeting place, which as I mentioned, is a small, run-down looking building with old architecture, probably late 19th, early 20th century. The front door is slightly ajar.

* Melua checked the address, shrugged, and went in without hesitating.

_Ember_: "Well that's certainly omnious, hopefully this isn't a trap." she grumbled, pulling her hands out of her pockets and stretching her shoulders while following Melua in without further word.

* Erin`Marias looks up at the doorway. She's about to say something when Melua goes straight in... so she just heads in as well, not wanting to waste any time outside.

* Lionel looks at the building and raises an eyebrow "Nice place." he says sarcasticly, before walking through the door.

Anna|Storyteller: When Melua opened the door she came face to face with a faintly shimmering portal, distorting the air in front of her. If she chose the pass through it, she'd feel a faint wave of otherness and step out into a large, windowless room of concrete and wooden surfaces. At a computer desk, a slender, dark-haired person of indeterminate gender types away, before lifting their head and turning to face them, "Oh. Oh! You're here! You actually came!"

Melua: She did indeed choose to go through it. "Yes. I was told to try and come 'soon'..."

* Lionel eyes the portal for a second before continuing through. As he emerges, he glances around the room curiously before focusing upon the person at the desk. "So this is the curious messenger." he says with a wry smile.

_Ember_: Ember hesitated, didn't seem like a good idea but stepped through anyway, following melua because hey. She blinked as she was teleported. "At least I get to keep my clothes this time... getting sick of teleporting though."

* Erin`Marias shrugs. Through we go! And trying not to crash into the others at the exit... an Exalt pile-up would probably be rather undignified.

Anna|Storyteller: The figure grinned, "Hey Opheniel! You can drop the portal now! They're all here." He, or maybe she, it really was impossible to tell, stood up and waved at them, "It's such a pleasure to meet you all. She's told me all about you. If you'll wait a minute I'll go get her, and the others." He gestures to a couch, then over to a cabinet stacked with bottles and glasses, "Help yourselves, make yourselves comfortable, and I'll be right back, 'kay?" Then he moves to a door, opening it and stepping through.

_Ember_: She blinked at the friendlyness. "I ... don't think we've met anyone that happy to see us before." she decided to stand, reaching into the cabinet and pouring herself some drink called bourbon.

* Lionel glances over at the cabinet, shrugs and goes to sit on the couch, getting comfortable. "Opheniel, thats quite a name." He looks absently at the wall "I wonder if this is even in Manhattan anymore."

Erin`Marias: "I guess when you're kinda... outcasts or whatever like us, you'll take any company you can get." She shrugs and leans on the back of the couch. "Something like that, anyway."

* Melua leans against the desk, and watches the others, quietly.

_Ember_: Ember opted to lean on a wall while holding her drink, sipping it occasionaly and otherwise remaining quiet though watching melua stare at them out of the corner of her eye, wondering what the hell she was watching for.

Anna|Storyteller: "It is Manhattan, yes. More specifically, a small apartment in Hell's Kitchen. My companions thought the name to be amusingly appropriate. I'm afraid I don't share their sense of humour." Said a large black man who comes through the door, glancing over them, "Hm. You don't look as impressive as she made you out to be. Well, I'm David. Or Leonel, if you prefer my celestial name." Then he gestures to the other's following in behind him, "This is Opheniel, or Catherine." He says, pointing to a short woman with dark, frizzy hair and piercing blue eyes, "And this is Paul. Jusciel." He says, gesturing to the androgynous gentleman who greeted them, "And this... is the person who told us all about you." One more figure steps through the door, one you all recognise. Singer looks different with brown hair instead of black, a warm flush of life in her skin, but it's her. She smiles at them nervously.

Lionel: "Well, thats certantly unexpected." Lionel says with a blank look. "Good to see you again Singer." He says with a warm smile.

* Erin`Marias is now glad she hadn't picked up a drink, or else it'd probably be all over the couch. And maybe Lionel. She actually looks caught off guard, if only for a moment or two. "Well, we had some... difficulties getting here. Besides, it'd be a bad idea to draw too much attention to ourselves."

* Melua staggered and leaned against the desk. "Singer? ...No, Julie?" She says, softly.

_Ember_: She did have a drink though and spat it accordingly, her eyes going wide. "S-singer!? But... you're dead!" she cried out standing up fully now staring intensly at her. Ignoring the hell out of the rest of these strangers, turning to Melua for a moment. "Julie?"

Anna|Storyteller: "Not Singer anymore." She replies to Lionel with a smile, then looks to the rest of the group, trying to gauge their reactions. She blinks in surprise as Melua says her name, biting her lower lip, "You remembered. Yes, I'm Julie again now." She moves to sit in a chair, "It's a long story, but after I died I... hid myself. When you got brought to this world, my ghost was set hurtling into this world's version of the underworld, and... Jusciel here saved me." She gestures to the androgynous fellow, who grins sheepishly, "And then we rebuilt her!"

Anna|Storyteller: Whisper doesn't look pleased by this turn of events. Not at all.

Anna|Storyteller: "We have the technology!" The man exclaims suddenly, raising a fist to the air, only for the large black man to smack him on the back of the head, "Shut up, Paul."

* Lionel blinks "Rebuilt?" He looks at Juschiel after his outburst and smiles in amusement. "Good to meet all of you in that case" he says with a smile.

_Ember_: Ember blinked, she didn't get the joke, and instead raised a hand to her forehead. "That... that's good... I um... thank you for saving my sister back then..." she suddenly seemed even more down then she already was... turning towards the couch to sit on it and think... her mind was a mess with this revelation

* Erin`Marias quirks a brow at Paul, but turns her attention back to Singer. Julie. Whoever. "Well, I guess it's nice to see a friendly face for a change. Lemme guess; you have no idea why you got dragged along with us?"

* Melua dashes over and hugs ex-singer. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I can't believe it!" Melua cries out, with a high-pitched girlish squeal. "I never thought I'd see you again!"

Anna|Storyteller: Julie blinks in shock as Melua dashes over and hugs her, laughing a little and hugging Melua back tightly, "I've been following you guys the whole time. I hid my ghost in those bracelets of yours, before the Gentleman could grab me." She says with a little laugh, looking towards each of them, resting her eyes on Ember, "Oh Ember, don't thank me for that. I'm glad I did it. And now look at me! I'm alive again, and... that damn Abyssal Exaltation is gone. I'm free." She smiles. Whispers shoots Julie a glare, and the three people move to sit in a circle, with David speaking up, "So, Singer has told us of your world, and of your powers. At first we didn't believe it, but we were able to confirm most of it by observing Blake's home... and that's when we decided to contact you."

Melua: Slowly releasing Julie, Melua stands up straight. "Okay...Okay, I understand that much. But who are you people?"

* Lionel smiles faintly "And why do you want to speak with us?"

_Ember_: Ember raised a eyebrow, still seeming down. "So uh... did they remove the gentleman's taint? Maybe they could help the rest of you..." she avoided looking at Singer.

_Ember_: "And yes... who are you people?"

* Erin`Marias glances sideways at Whispers for a moment, then turns her attention back to the other group. "Understandable that you'd find things hard to believe. Still, we're here now."

Anna|Storyteller: "Well... it might be easier to show you than tell you that." David says to Melua, then nods to the other two. With a faint burst of light and magical energies, they all change right before the group's eyes. David became a figure wreathed in faint, flickering flames, his eyes glowing, his hair red and bright, his skin even darker, with veins of fire flowing across its surface, "I am Leonel, and we are Angels. What else? We know you met with Lauren before coming here." Catherine, meanwhile, had become a tall winged indigo figure, with an unspeakable number of bright lines tracing her flesh, while Paul was a tall figure all pale white and wreathed in shadows, black raven wings wrapped around his shoulders, "Together we made a new body for your friend, and removed the taint from her soul. Doing it to a living soul would be impossible, however."

_Ember_: "I'm guessing by your tone you're not happy about is meeting with Lauren?" she said flatly, frowning as they mentioned that they couldn't fix the rest of them. "I'd ask if you could just kill them first and then work but ... I suspect that'd be a stupid question." she looked over each angel, noting their different features. "A varied bunch aren't you?" she still keep her eyes away from singer, not because of anything singer did but more from guilt.

Melua: "Hmmm, more demons..." Melua said to herself.

* Lionel 's eyes narrow slightly as he looks between the three of them. "Yes, we met Lauren. Though she neglected to ... transform as you have." Upon hearing that the taint cannot be removed, he frowns slightly and mutters "Unfortunate." to himself.

* Erin`Marias stands up, nodding and folding her arms. "Worth a thousand words indeed..." She glances at Lionel. "Well, let's face it... we didn't expect it to be easy." Not that she heard his muttering. "But that's hardly a reason to call it quits just yet. We'll figure something out."

Anna|Storyteller: Paul frowns a little as Melua speaks, "We do not like that name." He murmurs quietly, spreading his black feathered wings a little, seeming hurt by the term. David lifts his head and chuckles a little, looking to Ember, "Oh, we're... not pleased with Lauren, but your meeting her is not necessarily a bad thing." He looks over them all, "We're working on a way to remove that taint from your soul, but... well, meddling with souls is not easy. Especially souls like yours. We made the souls of all living things in this world. We know how they work. Your souls are different. Similar, but... different."

Melua: Melua's eyes grow a little wide as she spots the wings. "I apologize, I didn't know it offended you."

* Erin`Marias smirks a bit. "We've heard that one plenty of times before. Everything here is similar to our own world, yet subtly different. Quite a coincidence."

Lionel: "It seems we were created by different things after all. Intersting that they are so similar however." he looks off to the side in thought for a moment. "Interesting indeed" he mutters.

Anna|Storyteller: "Mmm. Now, Julie has told us all about you Exalted. Servants of Gods, imbued with their power, correct? Well, what you call gods, we call angels... though we've not been as successful as your Gods were, evidently. We fought our Primordial master, to use a term you might understand. And for that, he cast us down and imprisoned us. We used to be great and powerful, but now we're... much less than we were. The whole world is." David mumbles, "But you, you are something amazing. We're trying to bring back light to this world, and who better to aid us in this task than you? You may not be angels, but you have powers some of us can scarcely dream of, while we are capable of doing things that are beyond even you... it seems like a partnership that would benefit both parties, don't you think?"

_Ember_: She blinked. "You... want us to kill a primordial? might take more then just us... if i understand correctly it took... many exalted of each type, especially mine... Dragonblood are most effective in large numbers..." she was pulling on her memories of discussing this with the group over her time with them and reading some books she found on her travels...

* Melua tilts her head and examines the reactions of everyone in her group, including Whispers

_Ember_: She then blinked. "Wait a minute... Singer? Whispers? Aren't your... former masters dead primordials? How can we be sure we can even kill this guy?"

_Ember_: She was just going off hearing one of them mention their premordial masters at one point on this one, she had barely a clue.

* Lionel leans forward, looking serious for once. "You are asking us to fight in a war. A war we are ill prepared to fight at this time." He looks down at his hands "The power in this world is so much ... weaker than what we are used to, and as far as I know the materials we used to fight the previous wars don't even exist here." he looks around the group "And by all accounts we are far from as powerful as those who destroyed the Primordials of our world, and significantly fewer in number."

Anna|Storyteller: Whispers has an amused look on her face, "Seems like in this world the right side won." She murmurs with a smirk. Julie turns and glares at her, and Whispers glares right back, her caste-mark burning upon her forehead, "You're nothing now, Singer. Don't push me." Julie looks away, disgusted. David raises his hands, "I don't think you understand. We're not asking you to fight a primordial. We already know the folly of that task. But it is not necessary. He's... gone. Or perhaps he's hiding from us. This world has been left to rot and decay, abandoned by God and with us, its creators and protectors, trapped in the Abyss for thousands of years. Dark creatures and forces have grown unchecked since then... we need to restore the world to what it was."

* Lionel leans back, mollified "Abandoned by your creator." He shakes his head "What could you have done to deserve that?" He thinks for a moment on what they have said "Dark creatures? What kind of creatures are you speaking of?"

_Ember_: She watched Whispers and Singer fight with a worried face before turning her attentions back to david. "And where exactly do we fit into that? Also I still think Lionel's concerns are still an issue."

* Erin`Marias stretches slightly. "Easier said than done." She glances to Lionel, then to Ember. "Yet if we try to increase the essence here for our own gains, there could be no telling what might happen. It could impact everybody - angels, demons, mortals... and whatever else is lurking in the shadows. A precarious balance... too strong a move could make things worse."

_Ember_: She did give Julie a sympathetic look though, opting to not ignore her this time... she wasn't going to side with whispers on this.

Anna|Storyteller: "Essence? Mm. I think I know what you refer to is what we call Faith. It's the spark of energy from which all things were made, in this world. It used to be more potent, to fill the world more greatly than it does now, but only traces of it remain now." He mumbles, looking at them, "We restore our pools of energy by forming pacts with mortals, or some, like Lauren, create cults of worship and gather energy from them." Then he furrows his brows over the other question, "Some of our kind are... no longer the angels they used to be. The Earthbound are... well, they lack mortal memories and as a result are completely mad, and are insanely powerful. They're one of our greatest obstacles in restoring this world, and lifting up mankind. Then there are Vampires... they're creatures who feed on human blood. Few things kill them. Fire, sunlight. Little else except destroying their body utterly. Most of them aren't a concern, but the older more powerful ones are a definite threat."

_Ember_: She grined brightly at the mention of fire, forming a small firebolt in her hand but not tossing it. "I think I have that weakness covered very well." she then frowned again. "But i refuse to make a cult or anything... I walked awak from the realm because of shit like that, my kin abusing mortals with their position..." she said firmly, poofing the fireball away.

* Lionel chuckles "And some are the chosen of the Sun, how nice. The Earthbound ... they sound dangerous, insanity can breed power." He looks thoughtful "What exactly do these pacts involve?"

* Erin`Marias nods. "That sounds... familiar. Worship was a strong source of essence... some Exalts like us formed cults for such reasons, or were worshipped without their awareness or even consent. We... 'regenerate' it naturally, though it seems that rate is slowed. Likely for the reasons you mention." She looks thoughtful. "Fire and sunlight shouldn't be an issue. They're called Solars and Fire Aspects for a reason." She nods to the others.
* Melua runs a hand through her hair. "I don't see why we can't help with some of that. There's probably quite a bit of time until we find a way home."

_Ember_: She stared at Melua. "Assuming some of us want to go "home""

Melua: "I don't particularly care if some of you want to stay," Melua replied.

Anna|Storyteller: Whispers shrugs, "I like this world. I don't see what's wrong with it, but if you think it could use our help... I might be interested. I go where they go." She nods her head to the rest of the group. David smiles faintly, looking thoughtful as he listens to Lionel, "Well, a pact is formed between a demon and a mortal. We give them a gift, usually magical in nature, to help them improve their lives, and in return we get their service, or a small amount of Faith from them every day." Then he looks to Erin and nods. Julie smiles as she hears Melua's words, "I'm glad. I'll be able to help you too. I'm no longer an Exalt, but... my body isn't exactly entirely human, and I formed a pact with David." She closes her eyes, focusing for a moment, her body shifting slightly, her skin darkening, until its the colour and texture of forged iron, her eyes burning like embers, fingers shaped into claws, "Ah... takes a bit of effort, though..."

Lionel: "Hmm, a gift? That doesn't sound like something I could do." He looks thoughtful for a moment. "That leaves worship ... I can't say I'm too comfortable with that, but the only other way would be, as Erin says, increasing the amount of ambient Essence. People in the past have controlled the flow of essence with Manses in my world ... though if that is possible here with so many structures likely of bad geomantic design ..." he shrugs. "And what it would do ..." he trails off.

Melua: "Actually, worship isn't a bad idea. It's terribly fragmented, and people have no idea what they're praying to, or what they're praying for... I think we could help fix that," Melua says with a smile.

_Ember_: "Unless you can find a way to share essence between exalts..." she murmured at Lionel. "I'm really against the whole worship idea though... unless you people have an idea for how we can give gifts to mortals..." she then looked at Julie. "That's... interesting. And you were quite human in the first place?"

* Erin`Marias glances to Whispers. "Not all scars are surface ones." She nods in return, then raises a brow at Julie. "Well, looks like we won't have to worry about you not being able to keep up with us." She grins a bit, then glances over to Lionel again. "The problem is finding the sources to cap, if they even exist here. Then there's the logistical concerns of constructing one... could be easier or harder depending on the technology and resources we can call on."

Anna|Storyteller: Julie blinks at Ember's question, shifting back to a human appearance, "They weren't able to make me a body wholy of flesh and blood. They had to make do with what they had. But I'm human enough." David looks at them all, pondering. He lifts a brow at Melua, "Well, if worship works in your world, it would work here. As to whether you can form pacts, I am dubious. And demenses, geomancy... such magics are unknown to me. Human mages might now how to work them. They're... probably the closest thing there is to Exalts in this world. They possess Avatars that gift them with incredible magic. We suspect these Avatars to be the shells of angels that were killed, but we're uncertain."

Melua: "Cool! Can I get one?!" Melua stops and thinks for a moment. "On second thought, that was probably not a good thing to ask."

_Ember_: She blinked at Julie first. "So... you're still a ghost then?" and then turned her attentions back to melua. "By not caring do you mean you'll drag us back if we want to or not? or we're free to choose as we wish?"

Lionel: "Geomancy is, well rearranging the land to direct the flow of Essence, and a demense is a convergence of that essence. So where would we find these mages." Lionel says with a smile. He smiles slightly at Meluas outburst and says "I would say not."

Erin`Marias: "More specifically a natural convergence. Usually easy to spot, since the results of essence buildup in such a fashion are anything but natural." Erin adds to Lionel's summary.

Anna|Storyteller: David raises his brows at Melua, "I find it doubtful that you could 'get one'." He observes sardonically, chuckling faintly. Julie blinks at Ember's question, "No, no. I'm not a ghost. I'm alive. My body just isn't entirely human, though. As I understand it, my bones are made of some sort of steel, and much of me was metal shaped into other substances, to replicate a human body as closely as possible. I'm a little more durable than a regular human, but otherwise I'm... still basically mortal." David looks back to Lionel, "They're very secretive, and they're not numerous. I've only ever met two mages, and I have no idea how to find them again. And I don't think I've ever seen anything like demenses in this world. Not since the War. Perhaps such places might be able to create... but I don't know for certain."

Melua: "I wouldn't mind being a stand-in religious figure to direct 'Faith,'" Melua says innocently.

* Lionel sighs "I guess that idea is out then." He chuckles at Melua's comment "I'm sure you wouldn't."

Anna|Storyteller: Julie blinks at that, laughing a little, "I'm sure you wouldn't." She murmurs with a little smile at Melua, "Planning on starting your own religion, then, or usurping someone elses?"

Melua: "Hmmmmm~, good question." Melua actually seems to ponder this seriously.

* Erin`Marias rolls her eyes. "Maybe we should just cut to the chase and form our own pantheon or something, instead of fighting each other for control."

_Ember_: Ember stared flatly as melua saying she wouldn't mind being a religious leader... she was hardly a person she'd consider good for such a position. She then turned her attentions back to Julie. "So that explains why your ... other form had metal skin... I see..." she wasn't sure how to feel about that one.

_Ember_: She then looked back to erin. "I'll just get my essence from my element... I have no intention in taking part of this whole worship deal..."

* Melua didn't even act like she noticed Ember's stare

* Lionel leans back on the sofa "This is a lot to think on." He glances around the group before delving back into his thoughts.

Anna|Storyteller: "It is a lot to take in, I understand." David says, then lifts his head, furrowing his brows, "Catherine. Do you sense that?" "Sense wha- oh... that's... bad."

* Lionel looks up sharply "Whats going on?"

* Erin`Marias tenses slightly. "...we have company?"

_Ember_: Ember didn't even waste time asking before drawing her guns, speaking only after they were in her hands and up. "What? What is it?"

Anna|Storyteller: The door flies off its hinges and hits a wall, and in walks a figure who looks like something out of a nightmare, flesh sloughing and covered in sickly looking tumours, eyes burning white, wings appearing black and leathery, a gaping maw filled with razor sharp teeth, "What David? No invitation to your party? I'm hurt." His voice sounds just as monsterous as he looks, and a large drooling tongue hangs out from his many-toothed mouth, and he looks to those gathered, laughing sickly. David pulls a face, "Get out Hykiel. Get out before we throw you out. Or at least assume your mortal form. You look vile."

* Lionel stares at the new arrival in revulsion.

_Ember_: Ember had her guns trained on the ... thing, tense as hell. "And who is this?" she said simply, trying to not let her stomach turn.

Melua: "I thought Angels were supposed to be beautiful in some way," Melua said.

* Erin`Marias folds her arms, watching the new arrival. She looks... whatever she looks, it isn't amused. Nothing to say for now!

Anna|Storyteller: The figure called Hykiel snorts at David, breathing out a sickly miasma, "What? Don't you think me Beautiful?" He asked Melua, "I'm hurt." David gestures to Hykiel and stomps a foot, a large spike erupting from the ground next to the demon, "This is what an angel who succumbed to darkness looks like, Melua. Not all of them are so blatantly twisted, but most are. Hykiel here is meant to be a healer and a giver of life. But now he's a spreader of illness, disease and suffering. And he will leave."

Anna|Storyteller: The demon growls, "I don't much want to. Looks like you're having a nice chat here." He says, smashing aside the spike of concrete with a swing of his arm and moving to sit in a chair, looking as smug as a twist lump of festering flesh can look.

* Lionel continues to stare at Hykiel in revulsion.

_Ember_: "It's not so nice with a corpse sitting around and talking... but dead bodies tend to burn really nice, and you're annoying me, get out." she said still aiming one of her guns right as his face from some distance.

_Ember_: She formed a firebolt in her free hand, readying it. (Elemental bolt)

Anna|Storyteller: "Corpse? Now that's just rude. I'm just as alive as you are." He spits, glaring at Ember. David in turn is glaring at him, "Not for much longer if you don't leave." Hykiel doesn't seem too bothered by either the gun or the firebolt, chuckling, "Go ahead. Free shot. I dare you. Find out what happens when you mess with a demon. It'll be a goddamn learning experience for you, whatever the fuck you are."

Anna|Storyteller: Cliffhanger endiiiing~.

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