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Author:  Tsakara [ Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  Stardust Evangelion

this RP was started on another forum I frequent but it died, I figured I'd restart it here.

History of the Future:
2153- the Jefferson-Pulaski stardrive built the Exploration Era begins.
2187- Skygate Colony started at Epsilon Delta, the first Colony built.
2199- Evangelion Colony settled.
2204- New Moscow settled.
2206- New Angeles settled.
2212- New Moscow declares itself to be leader of Colonies, attacks Skygate destroying it.
2214- Earth Forces defeat New Moscow.
2215- Earth declares sovereignty over colonies with its Capital at New York City.
2221- New London settled.
2229- Arkangel settled.
2232- Discovery of the first black hole in orbit of Eras VII
2235- New Sydney settled.
2239- New Washington settled.
2240-Earth increases taxation rates on the inner colonies.
2241- Stars Forge settled.
2248- Enders Wall settled.
2252- New Tokyo settled.
2253- Asteroid impact at New Sydney kills millions, Earth refuses to render aid.
2258- Arkangel states desire for additional representation in the Inter-Colonial Government.
2259- Arkangel breaks all ties with Earth, declares itself independent.
2260- Earth grants independence to Arkangel.
2260- Earth raises tax rates among colonies, places military presence on inner Colonies.
2261- Sanctions imposed on New London for trading with Arkangel.
2265- Settlement of Westside.
2268- Contact with Arkangel lost.
2271- Science vessel in vicinity of Arkangel is lost.
2272- Rescue ship locates missing vessel, crew shot, computer destroyed.
2273- Arkangel found destroyed by nuclear weapons.
2276- Information leak reveals Earth Military responsible for destruction of Arkangel.
2277- New London declares its independence.
2278- Blockade of New London leads to the starvation of thousands.
2279- The breakaway Wars begin, Colonies of New London, Evangelion, New Moscow, Westside, New Tokyo and Enders Wall declare war on Earth.
2280- New London destroyed.
2281- Evangelion attacks and destroys loyalist colony at Stars Forge.
2282- New Moscow and Evangelion launch attack on Earth. Blockade of Earth begins.
2284- Earth is rendered uninhabitable.
2285- Earth population evacuated to Colonies.
2286- All Colonies are declared independent, the settlement Era Begins.
2297- Formation of the Colonial Commonwealth of planets.
2301- Evangelion settles new world at Skyrail.
2302- Stars Forge renamed Hells Forge and is resettled.
2305- New Moscow starts the Colonization Initiative.
2310- The Colonization Initiative begins in earnest with 13 new worlds settled.
2311- New Tokyo joins Colonization Initiative settling 6 new worlds in a year.
2314- Tegusa I goes nova resulting in a radioactive wave that killed the populations of 3 worlds.
2316- Enders Wall withdraws from the Commonwealth and abandons homeworld for parts unknown.
2348- Colonization Initiative ends, during its course it settled 486 planets.
2374- First Contact with the former Colony at Enders Gate, now holding over 30 worlds and called the Syndi Empire.
2379- One of the Syndi worlds attempts to leave the empire to join the Commonwealth, negotiations break down and the Zone War begins.
2380- Syndi Capital blockaded and cities bombed from orbit.
2381- Syndi Attack New Moscow, other Colonies fail to render aid and the planet becomes a battlefield.
2382- Syndi Empire collapses and half of its Colonies break away. New Moscow withdraws from the Commonwealth with its Colonies to form the Gatekeeper Collective, citing the ineffectiveness of Commonwealth Military forces.
2398- Evangelion withdraws from the Commonwealth.
2406- New Tokyo withdraws from the Commonwealth.
2415- New Angeles leaves Commonwealth and declares war on Evangelion for resources.
2417- Evangelion is rendered uninhabitable by nuclear weapons.
2418- New Tokyo comes to aid of Evangelion and New Angeles is destroyed.
2420- Evangelion abandons their planets in motherships and exit known space.
2428- New Moscow Declares War on the Commonwealth beginning the Crucifix Wars.
2431-New Tokyo joins war on the side of the Commonwealth.
2432- Syndi join war on the side of New Moscow.
2441- Commonwealth collapses and the Imperial Era begins.
2449- Communism takes over New Washington and the surrounding colonies form the Red Republic of the People.
2478- Syndi begin retaking their former holdings.
2484- The Red Republic declares war The Gatekeeper Collective the Gatekeeper wars begin.
2496- The Syndi cut off relations with the rest of the colonies.
2501- The Gatekeeper Wars end with the Collapse of the Collective and the destruction of New Moscow.
2541- Midari Colony conquers 38 worlds and forms the Midari Empire
2613- Colony of West Heaven and Erazat form the Confederation of planets, the first interstellar Republic in over 100 years.
2628- by this date over a third of the Colonies have joined the Confederacy.
2655- Exploration ship finds Evangelinite Cruiser, trade established at neutral planet.
2672- three planets withdraw from the Confederation
2678- Yakura Empire is formed
2689- War breaks out between two Confederation member planets.
2726- Rain Artuga is born.
2701- Collapse of the Confederation
2745- Contact with Evangelion lost, neutral colony is found destroyed.
2799- Red Fang Collective is formed.
2859- War breaks out between the Syndi and the Midari.
2868- War ends with the Syndi destroyed.
2879- Skyy is born
2899- Current day.

in 2899 Skyy Rassmunsen discovered the wreck of the starship Saint Michael adrift at the edge of known space docked at an abandoned ring station and the site of a former trading planet between the the Confederation and the vanished colony of Evangelion, aboard it he found a strange battle scene between people wearing similar uniforms, he also found Lt. Rain Artuga frozen cryogenically in a pod, they repair the ship and rename it The Last Evangelion and immediately travel back to Evangelion to find the planet completely destroyed, blasted into an expanding cloud of debris. they return to known space and pick up a crew, and set out discover the fate of Evangelion before ts fate becomes their own.

I'll be playing as Rain. the story will start with the hiring of a crew, before anyone can do anything i need someone to play Skyy, we'll be co-captains of the Evangelion. everyone else won't join in the traditional way, instead of just creating a character they'll have to create a 'resume' and 'apply' for a position as a crewmember. this will allow me to start the story as soon as I have someone to play Skyy although you will need to speak to us before we know who you are it adds to realism
We're currently accepting applications for the following positions:
Engineers: 2
Pilots: 1
Medics: 1
Marines/turret gunners: 2
Once I have someone to play Skyy the story will open up aboard or ship currently docked at the space station Capricus III, In 48 hours after the game starts we'll be pulling out of port, regardless of how may people have signed on with us, I'll be acting not only as a character but as a GM to run things smoothly, only i can pause the game and i almost never will, even if i have to leave. for the most part you'll be traveling aboard the ship visiting with strange cultures and fighting various factions, but there will also be a hidden task: I will be throwing in clues either in the form of objects or nightmares my character is having. you'll need to discover the fate of Evangelion in time to stop history from repeating itself.


If your applying for a position as a drifter aboard the ship (someone who just kinda hangs out) fill out above form omitting the position your applying for and mark it as DRIFTER

As you can see we don't ask for a history of bio, you'll have to tell us these things or not since in real life you don't instantly know them. it adds to realism.
No Godmodding
No secret powers: as in no pulling tremendous cans of butt kicking out of thin air, if your character is in trouble and they die make a new one.
Only one character at a time per person.

thats me/Rain its my ship so i don't have to fill out an application. neither does Skyy but i can tell you he's 23 from the Colony of Hell's Forge and a certified klepto (someone who steals stuff) I'll let the person playing Skyy choose a pic for him.



Author:  ChaosTheory [ Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:15 pm ]
Post subject: 

I think this might turn out kind of interesting, but I want you to make sure it doesn't fall into the throws of epic unrealism like the Emergency Broadcast thread. Kay? I'll join then. However, I won't play as Skyy.

I am . . .

NAME: Ben Amyadon

AGE: 20


HOME COLONY: Myrr Empire, originally an outpost colony of Enders Wall that broke off in 2452 to form the Myrr Empire. The ME controls 3 planets in Sector Epsilon (yes, I konw I'm adapting my own plot/characters from the Myrr Empire, but hey, I like the story I built around ME), and is expanding rapidly. The ME restored contact with the Confederation in 2675, then broke off at the end of the war. They contacted the Midari and Syndi in 2836 for trade purposes.

APPLYING FOR POSITION AS: Engineer. Ben is the son of a trader, and is pursuing a carreer in Engineering. He graduated top of his class, and is known for fixing nearly anything any making what the can't buy/fix.

PICTURE: N/A, maybe soon.

ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Allergic to spicy food.

ANY GENE MODS: In an experimental sensory gene modification, Ben's vision was corrected to be 20/3, he was granted the smelling capacity of a dog, the balance/hearing of a cat, and an eerie kind of electromagnetic sense derived from sharks that tells him the exact positions of other living organisms in the room with his eyes closed. The second and thrid tries at the mod were a total faliure (read: the subjects died) and Poject Sensa was cancelled, the mod has been performed on noone else since. Sensory modification has since been outlawed by many colonies. Ben also has the side affect of feeling strange when he is near a strong magnetic field or metal, which some people point to as the reson for his engineering capacities. He considers it a severe disadvantage when working near live reactor systems and underground, because he tends to feel the wave patterns of magnetic fields along his skin.

So in summary, Ben has:
20/3 vision/nightvision
hyper-sensitive hearing and smell
balance of a cat
electromagnetic sensitivity


ANY OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION: Ben always carries a K-51 hand phase-pistol in his left pocket, a wireless audio system in his ear, and UV-sunglasses with HUD display to protect his sesitive eyes. He is cool and calm in crisis situations, a good chef, brilliant in most subjects, but a horrible sociologist. He perfers solitary work, and only signed on to this voyage because there was incentive of adventure. If given the option, he would rathar be a hunter in the forests of Galder 8 rather than serve in an office or government position.

Author:  Latooni [ Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Can you present the bio for Skyy?

Author:  Tsakara [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:58 am ]
Post subject: 

sure, in fact here are the sheets for both Rain and Skyy

NAME: Skyy Desolora

AGE: 23


HOME COLONY: Hell's Forge


PICTURE: (letting person who plays Skyy choose)



ANY CRIMINAL HISTORY: repeated cases of theft and pickpocketing, tax evasion, illegal cargo running, 5 accounts of murder

ANY OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION: Skyy was born on the poor colony of Hell's Forge. nestled at the edge of the Coalsack Nebula the planet's sun is partly obscured by the swirling dust clouds, giving the planet a dark cool climate. This is compounded by the mineral resources of the planet, as it is a major industrial hub the planet is cast in an almost perpetual twilight from over 700 years of smog and pollution. Skyy joined the piloting division of the Rekenbakar Corporation, government of the world. He betrayed them and escaped the planet where he is now wanted for treason. He was running from a gang of pirates when he found the asteroid complex holding Rain.

NAME: Rain Artuga

AGE: Apparent: 19 True age:173

GENDER: female

HOME COLONY: Evangelion


PICTURE: see above

ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS: memory loss, post traumatic stress syndrome, hallucinations

ANY GENE MODS: wetwired control interface, Rain was the "plug officer" on the ship, she would enter a special pod that would allow her mind to directly interface with the ships computer, she sees and knows everything the ship does when "plugged in" however because of the risk of the Plug Officer staging a Coup, the controls she can access are limited to navigation, sensors and other non-vital systems

ANY CRIMINAL HISTORY: 17 accounts of murder, 12 accounts of blackmail, numerous cases of illegal cargo running

[s]ANY OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION:[/s] Rain was born on the Evangelion world of New Jerusalem a one of the six worlds settled after their exodus to escape the problems of humanity at large, she joined the fleet at a young age and became a plug officer on the starship Saint Michael, she served aboard for 4 years before having a memory blackout, the next thing she remembers is being woken up from her pod by Skyy

Author:  T-002 [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:07 am ]
Post subject: 

I can has Skyy?

Well, I don't think I need to elaborate on the character, but does it matter what picture I put in?

Author:  Tsakara [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:00 am ]
Post subject: 

I think Mug might have wanted to be Skyy, I'll let you two fight it out, and no, the picture is of your own choosing.

Author:  Normandy [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:22 am ]
Post subject: 

NAME: John Faraday
AGE: 53
HOME COLONY: Not Istanbul (You'll get that if you know civ easter eggs. If not, It's New Constantinople)
PICTURE: None yet
ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS: He has a slight limp in his left leg
ANY GENE MODS: None yet, New Constantinople is a relatively small, simple colony.
Piloted the Destroyer SoR-31884 (Sword of Ragnarok) during the war, but only for a small amount of time. He was originally a grunt, but had been given a commission after a significant battle had taken place. However, he was relatively untrained and was held in the reserves for the majority of the rest of the war.
Now he wishes to join aboard a crew, stating that he was "bored" and missed the "good old days".

Author:  Tsakara [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:48 am ]
Post subject: 

Chaos and Normandy, your both in, all a small note Normandy my character will call you old man if you make yourself 53.
just warning ya :P

Author:  Da_Higg [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:55 am ]
Post subject: 

Okay, here goes..

NAME: Mic Tell
AGE: 17
HOME COLONY: New Britain
PICTURE: (coming soon)
ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Wears corrective lenses (glases)
ANY CRIMINAL HISTORY: Some of his 'modifications' aren't strictly legal
ANY OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION: Has a 6 inch 'pet' robot called Spanners to help with repairs. Spanners has the IQ of a 2 year old.

Author:  Normandy [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Well, that's sort of the point.

Can't have anything without the "old weathered veteran".

Author:  TrashMan [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:42 am ]
Post subject: 

Do answer one question - you seem to have a story and general idea of what happened (and will happen)..Yes?

So is the colony (and ship name) in any way related to the anime Evangelion?
Is there biologicial (cell-based. nano-tubes and stuff are normal tech) tech galore and uber-tech?

Asking, cause I hate all the things I mentioned. 8)

Hm..If I join this it will prolly be as a marine/gunner.

Author:  Latooni [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:48 am ]
Post subject: 

I'll pass on Skyy, (I was really asking because I would be willing to fill if no one else wanted it) and I think I'll create a character soon. If no one posts between this post and if/when I do make it, I'll simply edit this post.

Also, I'd like to snag the Medic position for the next 6 hours while I decide and prepare a possible bio. If I don't create one within that timeframe, feel free to steal it.

Author:  Tsakara [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:59 am ]
Post subject: 

TrashMan wrote:
Do answer one question - you seem to have a story and general idea of what happened (and will happen)..Yes?

So is the colony (and ship name) in any way related to the anime Evangelion?
Is there biologicial (cell-based. nano-tubes and stuff are normal tech) tech galore and uber-tech?

Asking, cause I hate all the things I mentioned. 8)

Hm..If I join this it will prolly be as a marine/gunner.

yeah I do have a story pretty firmly thought up.
the story is not connected to the anime, that anime sort of creeped me out for some reason. as for tech, if you've ever played EVE online then things are around there tech speaking. As for biological stuff, there are bioweapons used by some of the less...ethical groups but if you mean supersoldiers and weird hybrid creatures then no, again some of the less ethical groups have dabbled in human gene manipulation but if your looking for catgirls, supersoldiers, zombie viruses, strange mutants, and the like you've come to the wrong place.

Author:  TrashMan [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Oh good. Then I'll join (I lost count of all the RP's I've been part off..LOL )

The ships name is Last Evangelion? Hm..wierd name. I'd go for something more..poetic.

I dunno, something like..
Tearful Vengance
Litany of Sorrow/Redemption
Falling Star

Author:  Latooni [ Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:54 am ]
Post subject: 

NAME: Ariel Subota
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
PICTURE: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/ ... subota.png
ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Moderate psychological issues with interpersonal contact, but not crippling. Wears glasses, but has above-average eyesight.
ANY GENE MODS: Old military-grade cyber-interface port located behind her right ear, dendrite grafts at several points throughout the central nervous system, several unapproved hormone and drugs administered as a child, boosting response time and dexterity.
ANY CRIMINAL HISTORY:(DON'T WORRY WE DON'T COUNT IT AGAINST YOU) Currently wanted by Ares Corporation of New Tokyo for "Theft of Property"
ANY OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION: Highly suitable pilot candidate, but refuses to pilot craft. High natural intelligence, bolstered by education of a level in Universities, Officer Candidate Schools, etc. Was the esteemed Dr. Kawagami's unofficial apprentice and assistant for the past 4 years; during which Dr. Kawagami cared for Ariel. Possesses only a nursing license, too young for anything more advanced, though capable. Does not desire a higher license. Glasses in possession are standard HUD device connected to an old, battered analytic computer she carries around, but Ariel usually leaves them turned off and keeps them merely for keeping at least one more psychological barrier between her and the external world, helping her distance herself from others.

Meh. I suppose this is good enough. Tad cliche, but I didn't feel like going totally original. :P Original enough, I hope.

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